Snow Monkey Hot Tub

Travel to Nagano in Japan and you will stumble upon an incredible sight – a snow monkey hot tub. Japanese macaques, also known as snow monkeys, spend the night in the surrounding mountains. They come down to the hot springs during the day to wash themselves and chill out – much to the delight of visitors.

These adorable primates are fascinating creatures with many unique and interesting qualities to them. Snow monkeys live the furthest north of any non-human primate and have been known to inherit human traits after spending prolonged amounts of time around scientists studying their behaviour. This includes creating snowballs and carrying them around to stop other monkeys from stealing their precise snow treasure.

GoPro have gotten up close and personal with these inquisitive creatures, filming them going about their daily antics. These shenanigans include grooming each other, sitting back in the steamy waters and climbing over the snow covered landscape. This place is a wonderful example of the country’s diversity – a great addition to any Japanese adventure.

You can watch these adorable primates monkey around on our Snow Monkey Explorer tour. 

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