A Mature Traveller’s Experience in Egypt

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2021)

Globe trotting is no longer the reserve of younger generations. The recently retired are increasingly taking time out to explore the world and, if anything, discovering that travel only gets better with age. Jonathan Look, Jr. began travelling after his early retirement and this February we invited him to try out our Sunchaser group tour in Egypt as a ‘mature traveller’. Here’s what he had to say about his experience.

Traveller on camel back by the pyramids

I am a retiree that loves to travel – a mature traveller if you will! From South America to Southeast Asia, I spend about half of my time on the road in pursuit of pleasure, education and adventure. My travel style varies from solo backpacking trips in Southeast Asia to ultra-luxury river cruises through Europe. I am as comfortable flagging down a tuk-tuk in Thailand as I am being chauffeured around Moscow in the back of a luxury SUV.

One of the joys of experiencing the full spectrum of travel is trying new things and doing them in different ways. Yes, I am fully capable of getting to places on my own, using public transport and waiting in line to buy tickets (and I still do that). But, by going with On the Go Tours for my Egypt trip, I was able to sit back and let them take care of the logistics. On this trip, I also took advantage of their plan for ‘solo travellers’, where you book with no single-supplement and they arrange a same sex roommate for you. I was a bit apprehensive, but my roommate and I became good friends. And he is even planning to visit me in Portugal later this summer!

A group tour by a Felucca on the River Nile

Authentic experience

Egypt was the second trip I have made with On the Go Tours. I like traveling with them because we share the philosophy that when you travel, it’s important to experience a country the way it really is, with people who live there and know it inside out. All of their guides are locals who not only know the highlights – they know the details and secrets of a place that can make you feel like an insider. The variety their trips encompass – in Egypt, we stayed on everything from feluccas floating on the Nile to luxurious five-star hotels – allow you to experience the full spectrum and truly experience a place.

Range of travellers

I also like travelling with On The Go because of the diversity of their clientele. On our last trip to Egypt, we had people on board from places as far apart as Cape Town and Canada – and ranging in age from thirties to seventies. Although we were all of varied backgrounds, we all shared a love of travel and the excitement of being on a trip with new people, many of which also turned out to be new friends.

Mature Traveller by pillars in Egypt

Benefits of group travel

On The Go Tours take all of the worries out of planning a trip. Their itineraries are designed to efficiently make the most of your time, without the feeling of being herded from place to place in a giant group. Their groups are large enough to be friendly and sociable (there were 20 of us on the Egypt trip), but small enough that you can visit an attraction without ruining the atmosphere. Another advantage, especially if you’re a bit apprehensive about trying out a new place, is that their professional guides are available to assist you with any eventualities that may crop up.

On my blog I work to demonstrate that having personal travel experiences is a fundamental part of understanding the world. I am grateful to be working with On the Go Tours because it’s clear that, not only are these people professionals, but they love sharing their expertise in making travel fun and accessible for everyone. As a ‘mature traveller’, I had a great time and enjoyed experiencing Egypt without having to arrange everything myself!

World traveller Jonathan Look, Jr. took early retirement in 2011 to explore the world, take pictures and write about it on his blog LifePart2.com. He believes the world is a better place when people leave their comfort zones and discover new countries and cultures.

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