The UK’s Most Adventurous Cities

(Last Updated On: February 4, 2021)

When it comes to adventure, we’re all about it, we love to get out and about and experience new things. But as a nation how adventurous are we? Well, we did a little digging and some research of our own to take a look at the UK’s most adventurous cities and regions.

We spoke to a number of people from across the UK, asking how many countries people visited, how adventurous they were, and what activities they had taken part in. The numbers have been crunched and you can view the findings in all their glory below.

For us patriotic Brits it may, or may not, come as a surprise that our capital city has come up trumps, topping the leaderboard as the UK’s most adventurous city. However, our capital did back themselves even before the results came in, as a large amount of Londoners were self-proclaimed daredevils, so it’s good to see them living up to their reputation.

When it came to the least adventurous, the city of Norwich took the crown with none of the respondents having done a number of our listed activities, and claiming they never would.

Moving away from adrenaline-inducing activities, we also looked at which cities and regions were the most travelled, and the Scots have outdone themselves here, with one in 20 people visiting more than 21 countries in their lifetime so far. The Glaswegians were victorious for the most travelled city, giving the Scots a double whammy win.

But we didn’t stop there – we also looked at comparing men vs women. And here it is, the big reveal…

The men came out on top for most travelled, as 1 in 10 women haven’t left the UK and and have only visited, on average, six countries in their lifetime, with men having visited, on average, eight countries.

On average, men are also more adventurous than women. Out of a list of 20 activities, including skydiving, parasailing and bungee jumping, the men came out on top for 17 of the activities, with the women only conquering three. The three activities that women conquer are ziplining, rock climbing and climbing a mountain.

Infographic showing UK's most adventurous cities






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