Why You Should Visit Thailand on a Group Tour

With its jungle-clad islands, tropical beaches and glittering temples, there’s no doubt why Thailand is one of the world’s top travel destinations. And for those looking to explore ‘the Land of the Smiles’, there are plenty of ways to do so. But if you’re struggling to decide how to travel, here’s why you should visit Thailand on a group tour.

Group Tour at Erawan National Park in Thailand

You’ll learn more

Whilst you can learn much about a place from a guidebook or Google, nothing compares to having a local teach you about their own country. And on a group tour of Thailand, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Led by an expert local guide, you’ll gain a far deeper understanding of Thailand’s main sights. Whether you’re exploring the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya and the Grand Palace of Bangkok or the temples of Chiang Mai and the Bridge on the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi.

Not only will you get a unique insight into the history and culture of Thailand, but you’ll also get lots of useful travel tips and pointers too – many of which you wouldn’t discover without a local guide to give you the insider knowledge.

You don’t have to plan

One of the main benefits of travelling Thailand on a group tour is the fact your itinerary is already sorted for you. You’ll never wake in your hotel room worrying about how to get from A to B or where to book your next night’s accommodation.

Instead, you can sit back and enjoy each stop along the way. Well-planned itineraries will make sure you visit Thailand’s main highlights as well as have plenty of time to do your own thing.

As part of a group tour, you’ll also have your tour guide to offer their expertise and help if anything is to go wrong. Which might not only calm your nerves, but those of your friends and family back home too.

Tuk tuk driving past Grand Palace in Bangkok, ThailandTravel’s not always by bus

Most people already have an idea of what a group tour is like in their head. But if you thought it involved being bussed from place to place – you’d be wrong. Travelling on a group tour in Thailand, you’ll be exploring this country’s sights and landscapes on a variety of transport types.

From cruising rivers in traditional longtail boats, taking a tuk tuk around captivating Bangkok and riding the notorious Death Railway, the journey between destinations is very much a part of your experience.

You’ll instantly make friends

Thailand has long been established on Southeast Asia’s backpacking route. And attracts millions of tourists each year. But if you’re the type that gets nervous introducing yourself at a hostel or bar, then a group tour is the perfect way to make some new friends.

Travelling with 10 to 14 other people, you’ll find yourself in a ready-made friendship group. And as you’ll all be sharing the same sights and experiences, you’ll have plenty to talk about from the get-go.

Meeting travellers of different ages and from across the world, you’ll get an insight into life in other countries as well as Thailand. As each person offers their own perspective on your journey, you may well find you learn something new along the way.

Li Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand

You’ll have some unique experiences

As well as visiting Thailand’s biggest sights, award-winning group tours offer the opportunity to get off the beaten track and experience something a little different. You could be perfecting your pad thai with a cooking class in Chiang Mai, encountering a hill tribe in Thailand’s northern villages or spending the night in a jungle raft hotel floating upon the River Kwai.

You’ll also discover tours timed to coincide with Chiang Mai’s annual Li Peng Festival. This festival of light sees the release of thousands of rice paper lanterns into the night sky to symbolise the sending away of bad luck. And experiencing it as part of a group tour means that you’ll have your guide’s expertise on how best to witness this spectacular event.

If you’re feeling inspired to visit Thailand, take a look at our range of group tours.

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