10 Solo Female Travel Bloggers You Need to Follow (9 minute read)

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2023)

Whether you’re planning a holiday, seeking travel advice or looking for destination inspiration, many of us now turn to blogs for the answers. Particularly when it comes to solo female travel, which can sometimes be a daunting (as well as incredibly exciting) experience.

So to get you prepared for your next solo adventure, we’ve found the ladies to help you out. In celebration of this year’s International Women’s Day, here’s our pick of best solo female travel bloggers that you need to be following.


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Be My Travel Muse

Originally from Southern California, Kristin worked as an investment banker for four years before pursuing her passion for travel. She quit her job, sold her possessions and booked a one-way ticket to Bangkok in 2012. And it’s fair to say she’s never looked back.

Kristin has been travelling the world for over seven years now and visited six of the seven continents. The vast majority of her adventures have been solo and include impressive feats such as hiking the spectacular Annapurna Circuit in Nepal, skydiving in Namibia and hitchhiking across China. Kristin has dedicated her life to travelling solo and her blog is sure to inspire you to want to do the same.

‘Solo travel is such a gift because it gives us all a chance to be totally selfish for a while. I know that word usually has a negative connotation, but how often in life do we really get to do whatever we want to, changing our minds at a moment’s notice if we feel like it, in a place where nobody knows us and we are totally free? It’s such a wonderful gift to give ourselves.’

‘Solo travel has taught me that I’m resourceful, braver than I thought, more capable than I imagined, and that I truly don’t need anybody else to be happy. I think it makes us healthier individuals who can show up in our families, relationships, and jobs with more confidence and self-agency, and that’s a win for everyone.’

– Kristin, Be My Travel Muse


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My Adventures Across the World

Claudia’s love for travel began with childhood trips around her home isle of Sardinia and the rest of Europe. In 2013 she set off for South America and was inspired to start her blog after a trip to Cuba. Claudia first started writing to share her adventures with her friends and family, but soon decided to pursue travel blogging as a full-time project.

Whilst her blog continues to offer fantastic local features on Sardinia, you’ll find articles ranging from accommodation guides to tales of her own misadventures. With an Amazon River cruise and the Mount Fitzroy trek still on her bucket list, she’s a solo female travel blogger you definitely want to follow.

‘With age, I came to realize that travelling alone is actually my favourite way to travel. I get to pick the people I want to spend time with, and I hardly have to get annoyed by those whose company I don’t enjoy. I love the feeling of being accountable only to myself, and of only having to please myself: I can eat when I want, sleep when I want and do what I want all the time, no compromises involved!’

‘If you like the idea of traveling solo but still feel the need to be sociable, stay at a hostel. You’ll find plenty of like-minded travellers you can spend some time with, and company for a drink or two. And there won’t be any hard feelings when you’ll go your own way.’

– Claudia, My Adventures Across the World


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The Blonde Abroad

Back in 2011, Kiki took a three-month break from her corporate career to travel through Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. And after discovering the empowerment of solo travel, she soon ditched the office and has gone on to travel over 70 countries since.

Now split between California and Cape Town, Kiki shares her journey and travel tips to inspire other women to live a life they love. She’s also an excellent photographer and shared her passion for this on her blog, Instagram account and on the all-female photography tours she runs.



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Teacake Travels

If you’re looking for someone to encourage you to push your boundaries, Alice is the travel blogger to do it. Previously a psychologist in the UK, she felt like something was missing. Then, after meeting a girl who had been teaching English in India, Alice said goodbye to her old life and went to teach in South Korea.

After taking a solo trip to Seoul, Alice discovered what she was truly capable of and, in every country she has visited since, she aims to push her comfort zone that bit further. Her blog is packed with girl power passion, sure not only to inspire you to travel, but to give you the confidence and self-belief to do it solo.

‘Every morning when I wake up I recite to myself these 3 mantras:
Face your fears.
Push your boundaries.
Reach your full potential.
No matter how small or big your next adventure is going to be, embrace the challenges and opportunities presented to you on this journey. Travel can be one of the most transformative experiences you undertake: make sure you make the most of it.’

– Alice, Teacake Travels

Wild About Travel

Self-described as a ‘50+ girl young at heart’, Simon has been solo travelling around the world for over 20 years. Born in Italy, she grew up in Switzerland before moving back to Milan at aged 18. In 2009 Simon left her corporate career behind and combined her passions for travel, photography and story-telling in her blog ‘Wild About Travel’.

Being a lover of nature and the outdoors, her blog offers plenty of advice on stunning hikes. You’ll also find articles on cities, arts, culture, food and wine – so there’s a little something for everyone.

‘I believe that every woman should travel alone at least once in her life. Solo travel pulls you out of your comfort zone, and therefore it’s an empowering experience. You’ll be surprised how many things you’ll find out about yourself, and how much stronger you feel.’

– Simon, Wild About Travel


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Adventurous Kate

At the age of 26, Kate embarked on a six-month adventure through Southeast Asia. This has since turned into seven years, visiting all seven continents and a total of 77 incredible countries.

Nowadays she’s one of Forbes’ ‘Top 10 Travel Influencers’ and her blog aims to bust the myths putting women off solo travel. Whilst Kate travels a lot with friends, she continues to take solo trips not because she has to – but because she loves it.



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Jessie on a Journey

Born and raised in New York, Jessica faced plenty of resistance from her friends and family when she decided to leave her 9-to-5 job to travel. But two weeks of holiday leave a year was simply not enough to explore the world the way she wanted.

Stumbling across a travel writing class, Jessica realised that she could make a living doing what she loved and created her travel blog in 2011. She now splits her time between New York and being on the road, empowering travel-loving women to take on their own solo adventures.

‘Traveling solo may seem scary at first, but the truth is once you do it it is so liberating. You grow your relationship with yourself and learn what you’re truly capable of. Those mishaps that occur on the road — lost luggage, missed trains, etc — aren’t as scary as they seemed before, and you become more confident and capable when you’re responsible for yourself.

If you’d like to starter easier, book a popular backpacking city where you don’t need to worry about driving or finding your creature comforts (think NYC, London, Sydney, etc) and then get more adventurous from there.’

– Jessica, Jessie on a Journey

Lisa, owner of Girl about the Globe

Girl about the Globe

With a total of 125 countries under her belt, and 90 of those travelled solo, it’s no wonder Lisa is the owner of an award-winning solo travel blog. Since the age of 21 she has been living, working and travelling all over the world and her blog sets out to prove that solo travel isn’t as scary as it may seem.

Lisa is also a proud supporter of War Child, an organisation working to protect children living in war zones. 10% of all affiliate sales on ‘Girl about the Globe’ go to support this organisation, making her blog even more of a worthy read.

‘What I love about solo travel are the serendipities. The times when you cross paths with someone who changes your course of travel. The times when you smile at an old lady who smiles back at you and changes your mood for the day, and the times when a local person comes to your aid in your time of need and changes your perception of a place. Those are the moments when I love travelling alone. The moments that shape your memories of a destination and the moments that only you will ever experience. The serendipities of solo travel.’

– Lisa, Girl about the Globe

Leyla, Women On The Road

Women on the Road

At the age of 43, Leyla had what she describes as ‘a mid-life crisis the size of a minor planet’. Unsatisfied with various aspects of her life, she decided to do something about it and took off to see the world.

After spending more than three years exploring Africa, Asia, the Baltics and Cuba, Leyla returned home to document what she’d learnt and inspire other women to travel independently. Her blog is a testimony to the fact that women of any age can travel solo and enjoy every minute of it.

‘Don’t ever let anyone tell you’re too old to strike out on your own. Yes, some of us have to be a bit more careful with strenuous exercise but many of my peers will happily jump on the chicken bus with the best of them. Most recently, in Malawi, a 68-year-old woman, the only foreigner in town, was teaching English in a rural village: water shortages every day, electricity breakdowns for weeks at a time, no connectivity – and she was loving every minute. Solo travel has little to do with age and everything to do with curiosity and confidence.’

– Leyla, Women on the Road


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Alex in Wanderland

Self-diagnosed with an incurable case of wanderlust, Alex called it quits on her conventional life in New York and has spent the last five years on the road. And with no end date in sight, she’s set for a lifetime of globetrotting and adventure.

Alex is passionate about photography and featured on the Forbes list of ‘6 Female Travel Photographers You Need To Follow On Instagram In 2017’. She’s also got a big love for scuba diving, with her underwater ventures including a dive in the salty waters of the Dead Sea.