How to Visit Petra from Israel (4 minute read)

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2022)

If you’re travelling to Israel, it’s highly likely you’ll want to visit the ‘rose city’ of Petra. Located across the border in the southwestern desert of Jordan, this spectacular site is a popular excursion for many travellers. Here we take a look at the different ways to visit Petra from Israel.

The Treasury at Petra, Jordan

How to get to Petra from Israel

There are several ways to get to Petra from Israel. However, the best one for you will depend on both your budget and the amount of time you have available.

By land

The first option for visiting Petra from Israel is to take a land transfer. Crossing at the Allenby Bridge Border is the easiest route and recommended if you’re in cities such as Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in the north of Israel. Note that you can only cross if you’ve had your visa pre-issued in your country of origin.

It is also possible to cross at the Arava Border close to the city of Eliat in the south of Israel. The journey takes just over two hours and Jordanian visas are issues on the spot.

Travelling by land, whether in a hired vehicle or private taxi, offers greater flexibility for independent travellers. However, it can be pricey and crossing into Jordan often takes longer than planned. Factor some extra time into your itinerary for any border delays.


Cold Canyon, Siq al-Barid, Little Petra, Jordan

By plane

The second option to get to Petra is to take a flight. You’ll find domestic flights available from Tel Aviv to Eliat for around $90 USD per person. You can then transfer by land to Petra.

Tel Aviv also offers flights to the Jordanian capital Amman, with Royal Jordanian Airlines operating two to three per day. These cost a little more but only take around 45 minutes. A transfer to Petra then takes around 3 hours by land, with a taxi costing around $120 USD.

Day tours

If you’re short on time, the best way to visit Petra from Israel is by joining a day tour. You’ll find full-day excursions departing from cities such as Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Eliat.

Whilst one, action-packed day trip to Petra can be tiring, these tours tend to be fully guided and include transfers to and from your hotel in Israel. This takes the hassle out of planning the trip yourself, allowing you to simply be wowed by Petra’s ancient wonders.

Group tour at the Treasury in Petra, Jordan

Group tours

If the thought of a fully-guided day tour sounds appealing, then another option could be to take a group tour of Israel and Jordan. Our 11-day ‘Road to Jerusalem’ group tour takes in the highlights of both countries, visiting Petra, the Wadi Rum, and the Dead Sea in Jordan before taking in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Our Israel and Jordan group tours have many inclusions, including private transportation and accommodation. So similarly to day tours, you don’t have to stress about the logistics.


Town of Wadi Musa near Petra, Jordan

Where to stay near Petra

If you aren’t visiting Petra on a day tour, you’re going to want to stay nearby for a least one or two nights to make the most of the amazing hikes on offer. The town of Wadi Musa sprung up around Petra in the 1990s and is the main gateway to this famous ‘lost city’.

Stretching around five kilometres from Moses’ Spring to the main entrance of Petra, the town offers a selection of hotels and resorts to suit a range of budgets. There’s also plenty of shops and restaurants, with many signs in English.

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  1. Can we pls arrange a round trip flight from Tel Aviv to Petra for the same day?
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  3. We don’t want to do a plane but a drive to Jordan What one day tour do you recommend

  4. I want to visit Petra for 1 day from either Jerusalem or Tel Aviv. Which is the best shortest way to accomplish this. I am female traveling alone

  5. Hello. We are planning a cruise which will spend one day in Jerusalem and one day in Haifa. We want to take a day trip from either city to Petra and back. Is that possible without flying? Thank you for your kind attention.

    • Hi Ruth, thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately, I think this would be tricky. A land tour from Jerusalem or Haifa to Petra would be a very early start, say 3/4 am when factoring in border crossings and travelling time. I imagine your cruise will not dock this early, and it would also depend on what time the ship moves on. Kind regards

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