Step Into the Houses of These 6 Renowned Artists for Bucket-list Trips That Will Make Art Lovers Swoon

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Visionaries of the art world are often celebrated today; their pieces lauded at internationally acclaimed exhibitions globally. What if I told you, you could take your experience one step further and delve into the dwellings of these pioneers?

Step into the world of five artist extraordinaires to understand the heart and soul of their work. Starting with one of the world’s most famous creators of art – Claude Monet.

Claude Monet (Giverny, France)

Shy of an hour-drive north of Paris, you can stroll in the shoes of the Impressionist founder at his maudlin residence.

Monet is endeared by many, remembered through his idyllic art portraits, many of which were inspired by his enchanting abode. He was a maven in manipulating reflections and colour to paint the subtlety of nature and sunlight.

An avid admirer of Japanese art himself, Monet echoed this love in his water garden. The old Japanese bridge in his oasis was the subject of his masterpiece “Water Lily Pond”.

Water Lily Pond (1899), Claude Monet

Tranquillity overwhelms you as you revere your surroundings. Gingkos, bamboos, oriental trees and colourful water lilies will feel as though you’ve plunged headfirst into one of Monet’s Nympheas.

Nympheas (1906), Claude Monet

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