A Constellation of Stars Underwater: 10 Glow in the Dark Destinations That Truly Are Nature’s Most Beautiful Mysteries

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As night falls, things that go bump in the dark tend to scare and provoke nasty thoughts. But in the dark, Nature gets to show off her other side, seizing the stage in the absence of light. We marvel when something happens that’s out of the ordinary, and beyond our imagination. And at these particular places on Earth, creatures have an ability that you could call a superpower.

Bioluminescence. The secret light show of the underwater world. Certain species of flora and fauna have a survival mechanism that causes their bodies to produce light, or at least reflect what little of it there is in the depths. We might have seen demonstrations of these abilities online from time to time, like a mythical bedtime story. But you can witness these incredible displays of light and life without having to plumb the ocean’s vastness.

If you can get your timing just right, you’ll get a peek into a wild water show unlike anything else.

Glow in the dark destinations

Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego, California

Torrey Pines State Beach, San Diego, California

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Dinoflagellates, the uncanny organisms that create this light, have gravitated to the shores of San Diego, creating algal blooms, or red tides by day. As night falls, the breaking of the waves along the coast aggravates these massive congregations of dinoflagellates, transforming the waves into beams of light that travel across the beach.

Keep a close tab on the scientific discussion surrounding this topic at this area to get the best sense of when to check it out. Click the link below to discover more glow in the dark destinations.

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