Celebrating World Wildlife Day

This Tuesday 3rd March 2020, we come together on World Wildlife Day to celebrate and cherish all the breathtaking biological diversity the world has to offer. Formerly called the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITIES), back in 2013 the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) dedicated this day to the awareness and celebration of the world’s wildlife.

This year’s theme – ‘Sustaining all life on Earth’ – hits the nail on the head. With extinction rates on the rise (according to the UN nearly a quarter of all species face the risk of extinction in the coming decades), the time has come to value and conserve the fascinating flora and fauna around the globe that that has captivated explorers for thousands of years, and continues to do so.

On The Go Tours offers an extensive range of tours that celebrate and embrace beautiful wildlife. Including adventures to see Borneo’s orange orangutans, immense elephant herds in Sri-Lanka, Indian tigers, East African safaris and the astonishing Amazon rainforest (and much more!) – On The Go Tours provides group, family, private and tailor-made tours across countless global locations to whet the appetite and drop the jaw of any wildlife enthusiast.


Where’s the wildlife?


Tucked away on the north-western corner of South America, Ecuador is home to some of the world’s most biodiverse ecosystems contributing to truly awe-inspiring variety of wildlife.

Hike through tropical amazon rainforest and expand your mind with an explanation of the fauna and flora from one of our expert guides. Drink in moist air as you trek under heavily concentrated cloud cover and marvel at the condor, cara-cara and vicunas on a 5000m hike to the Chimborazo Volcano (the highest volcano in Ecuador at 6130m). These alpaca/llama-like vicunas were formerly extinct in Ecuador but have remarkably reappeared as a protected animal. Our 10 Day Highlights tour of Ecuador offers a unique opportunity to experience wildlife such as this.

Delve deeper in the Ecuadorian rainforest on our Wilds of Ecuador 16-day tour. Spend the day wildlife hunting before drifting off in your cosy jungle lodge serenaded by nature’s soothing sounds. Embark on a night-time boat tour and gaze at the menacing orange eyes of black caiman crocodile. Take in glistening glacial lakes, volcanic peaks and Andean cloud forests at El Cajas National Park. Travel to the eastern tip of the Galapagos and enjoy a view of sea lions at leisure on the beach. Ecuador really is as good as it gets. Click here to find the ideal tour for you, or create your own!

A small group of vicunas notice our gaze


Project Tiger at India’s Ranthambore National Park provides a shining example of the what World Wildlife Day’s ‘Sustaining all Life on earth’ ethos is all about. Here, gaze at the gorgeous Bengal tiger, plus wild boar, nilgai, sambar deer and more. Set foot on the site of over 350 species of birds at the Keoladeo Ghana National Park and cross your fingers for a sighting of the rare Siberian crane. Journey on to Bandhavgarh National Park – the highest density population of Bengal tiger in India. Admire the leopards, nilgais, jackals, sloth bears, gaurs and sambar deers here on our game drives.

Set foot on the same soil that inspired the iconic ‘Jungle Book’ at Kanha National Park and say hello to beautiful Bengal tigers and leopards, as well as chital, blackbuck, gaur, and more. The wonderful wildlife in this region really must be seen to be believed.

A graceful Bengar Tiger takes a moments pauseIn the spirit of World Wildlife Day, the Chambal River highlights a purposeful effort to converse and propagate endangered species of crocodile. Delight in a boat safari here as part of our Birds Eye View – 12 day tour.

Click here for a look at all our Indian wildlife tours.

Sri Lanka

Situated just off the southern tip of India and the gulf of manner, touch down in Sri Lanka and come face-to-face with some most remarkable wildlife in the world. Open your eyes to the enormous Sri Lankan elephant (one of the most imposing in the world) and the flamboyantly coloured greater flamingo in Bundala National Park. Couple this with sightings of the Sri Lankan Sloth Bears, deer and crocodiles on our Wild About Sri Lanka 10 day tour.

Explore an extraordinarily elaborate range of flora and fauna at the woody Wilpattu National Park, where you’ll journey via jeep in search of bears, spotted deer, wild pigs, crocodiles and leopards as part of our Safari in Sri Lanka tour – which also offers the unique chance to see the mighty Sri Lanka elephant swimming in its natural habitat with an adventurous boat safari in Gal Oya.

Sri Lankan elephants in late afternoonTo find your dream Sri Lankan experience, click here.


Home to some of the most diverse eco-systems on the planet, Borneo provides a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to admire endangered orangutans nestled in the trees, pygmy elephant, Proboscis monkeys, wild lizards, and more.

Step foot in the idyllic Bako national park in Sarawak and soak in one of the most vibrant flora and fauna ranges in the world. Famous here are proboscis monkeys with their abnormally large noses and long tails, as well has flying squirrels (yes, you read that right!), and monitor lizards. Plant enthusiasts will enjoy the angroves, strangling figs, carnivorous pitcher plants and symbiotic ant plants.

Mention must go to the Semenggoh Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, where you can wonder at the sight of semi-wild orangutans who have been rescued from captivity. Walk alongside our nature guide in search of birds, insects and snakes on a night jungle tour. All this (and more) – as part of our Wild Borneo 15 day tour.

Enjoy entrancing tropical rainforest and jungle trails at Kundasang National Park, eye-catching rhododendrons, carnivorous pitcher plants and orchids. Visit an Orange rehabilitation centre and go crystal-clear snorkelling on our Naturally Sabah 8 day tour.

A mother and daughter are sightedMeet the orangutans and explore beautiful Borneo with any one of our tours.

East Africa

East Africa is rich with exuberant wildlife with travellers flocking to see the World-famous Masai Mara game reserve (over 1,500km large), Ngorongoro Crater and UNESCO-Listed Serengeti National Park. Elephants, lions, cheetahs and giraffes and more go about their daily lives. Desperate to see The Big Five? Head to Kenya or Tanzania for a life-changing safari.

A stunning male lion is sighted on safariFor more information on how to explore them, click here and here.

A celebration of wildlife

Cemented in the annual calendar because of the intrinsic, ecological, educational, cultural and scientific value of wildlife, World Wildlife Day resonates the message that international trade should and must not endanger our species. At On The Go Tours, this Tuesday we drink a toast to the jaw-dropping wildlife that captures the imagination of world travellers and inspires many to book flights across the globe.

Use the following hashtags to spread awareness for this year’s celebration: #WorldWildlifeDay #WWD2020 #SustainingAllLife #Biodiversity2020 #SustainableUse.


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