Missing Travel (3 minute read)

Missing travel? You bet I am! It is in my blood and even if I’m not travelling, I’m talking about it or at least planning the next trip. My last trip to Mexico, took over 40 hours from New Zealand, thanks to some cancelled flights and the slow processing time in the USA. I swore then I was in no hurry to travel again and that I was “over it’’. Then Covid 19 hit and now we can’t travel anywhere, I am more desperate to get on a plane and I’ll promise I won’t complain about long haul travel ever again!

What is it I miss? I miss that sense of adventure, the new culture, a different language, new foods, the desire to see and do differently than at home and even that smell of aviation fuel. I love that thrill of completing a transaction in a foreign language, where you never quite know if you actually got a deal but you’ve walked away with a souvenir and feel great that you’ve bartered them down to probably double what it’s actually worth! I love that feeling of ticking off another bucket list activity and meeting new people from all over the world, learning what their way of life is like. It makes you appreciate home, the home you were desperate to leave.

One day soon, we will all be exploring again. Whether it be near or far, I am determined to hit the road. I won’t moan about the overpriced taxi fare, the crazy foreign driving habits, the fact I got ripped off at a local market or the exuberant tip that we felt obliged to leave. But if you are that person, that forgot to take coins out your pocket when going through security, takes an age to fumble through your bag looking for your boarding pass, holds up the entire plane while you store the tiniest bag in the overhead locker – I will moan about you! That is what we want to eliminate from travel memories!

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