Backstreets of Delhi by Bike (3 minute read)

(Last Updated On: May 17, 2023)

Who would have thought that a cycling trip in India would be my most vivid memory? Seeing the Taj was amazing, and of course expected to be at the top of the highlights list, but cycling? Seriously, I had not been on a bike for over eight years but this short cycle trip in India made me realise what I was missing.


It may be an early start to the day for this morning tour that finishes by 10am but it is a great way to see Old Delhi wake up. It also gives you time to gain confidence on the roads without the hustle and bustle of local traffic. By the end of the tour I can guarantee you will be taking on round-a-bouts the wrong way, winding in and out of other vehicles and ringing your bell – all with confidence


Do i need to be fit to do this?
To be honest, you do spend a lot of time OFF your bike, so no need to be a fitness freak or lycra wearing cyclist on this tour! Exploring Old Delhi by bike ticks so many boxes.

What will I see?

You will visit mosques, Sikh temples, see an old style bakery, visit and help in a community kitchen – well in my case, I just gave the locals something to laugh about as I try to flip traditional breads like a pancake!

Dodging your way in and out of the local cats and monkeys and a visit to the massive spice market is jaw dropping. But word of warning, keep your mouth shut and a scarf over your nose as, even though the spices aren’t visible, the smell of them will make your eyes water and the cough start! Amazing views over the city while sipping traditional chai is hard to beat here. How could this get any better? Finishing with a big traditional Indian breakfast at a local cafe – that’s how.


Tell me more about this adventure

If you are ready to start exploring on two wheels and want to really understand a unique culture, this tour is for you. It can be added on to any On The Go Tour that starts/finishes in Delhi. You won’t be disappointed and you will be supporting a small local company with the friendliest staff around!

Backstreets of Delhi by bike