Where Should you Travel According to Your Star Sign? (11 minute read)

(Last Updated On: July 19, 2022)

With a countless list of jaw-dropping destinations to choose from, sometimes settling on where to jet off to is an impossible task. Let fate sway your decision with our personalised star sign destinations!



Imagine picturesque winding streets, countless coastlines, stunning snow-capped mountains, world-class wine, astonishing architecture, captivating churches and more. Aries simply must try Chile. Considered by many as the 8th Wonder of the World, Torres del Paine National Park lets explorers hike, horse ride or drive through a surreal scenery of glistening glaciers, soaring mountains, bright blue lakes – and the three colossal granite towers which give the park its name. Or sail serenely past sea lion colonies.

Food enthusiasts flock to Santiago’s Mercado Central for a taste of mouth-wateringly fresh seafood including fish, molluscs, crustaceans and algae. Alternatively many head to Chile’s southern Pacific Coast, home to five penguin species! There’s bucket-loads of adventure to be had in Chile! Let our tours take you there.


With a romantic touch, Argentina is right up the street of any Taurus. Here the beauty of nature shines bright – with the Iguazu Falls and the awe-inspiring Perito Moreno Glacier flooding travellers’ bucket lists. UNESCO listed Iguazu’s 2.7 km stretch of 275 wonderful waterfalls makes it the largest waterfall site in the world. Surrounded by dense forest and bursting with tropical aromas, Iguazu begs to be seen to be believed. At 250 sq km, UNESCO World heritage site Perito Moreno glacier shows colossal chunks of ice crashing into each other and floating away. Plus, you can even trek on it! Throw in succulent steak, wine, and a friendly culture – and you have Argentina!


With a rich cultural history, idyllic beaches, tasty food and wonderful wildlife, South Africa has more than enough to fulfil the adventurous curiosity of a Gemini. Covering over 19,485 km2, the immense Kruger National Park is home to a simply incredible variety of wildlife and offers travellers a strong chance of catching ‘The Big Five’ in the flesh. Take a moment to enjoy the gigantic Blyde River Canyon with its lush subtropical foliage. Enjoy sunset game drives through Marakele National Park where large game species including elephant, rhino and lion have settled, plus an amazing variety of birds including the largest colony of endangered Cape Vultures in the world! Enjoy an adventure of a lifetime on our South Africa tours.



A country packed full of cultural nuances, Japan offers immense excitement for explorers – and Cancers in particular. Immerse yourself in trendy shops and calming cafes. Stand before the superb Sensoji Buddhist Temple. See for yourself ‘The Scramble’, where thousands fly across The Shibuya Crossing – the world’s busiest pedestrian crossing – somehow without touching each other. Check out a Sumo tournament. Slurp local tea. Salivate over succulent sushi. Enrich your historical imagination with a Tokyo Edo Museum tour, which lays out over 400 year of Tokyoite life. Cherish Lake Kawaguchi glistening under a backdrop of snow-capped Mt Fuji mountains. Explore UNESCO Listed Himeji Castle, Zen Buddhist temples in the Ancient Kyoto World Heritage Site, or the sobering Hiroshima memorials. Hike; let your muscles relax in hot springs; enjoy theatre. Japan contains an endless list of unforgettable cultural brilliance to explore.


Brazil has got what it takes for any arty, outgoing and charismatic Leo. Think postcard worthy white-sandy beaches, sexy samba, sensational street parties and more. Hop on a cable car to the top of Sugerloaf mountain for breathtaking city views. Take in the world-famous Lapa arches (a beautifully constructed 18th aqueduct), the staggering Salaron Steps, magnificent Macarena stadium – and of course, the iconic Christ the Redeemer statue that stands meaningfully on top of Corcovado Mountain, at nearly 100m in height. Jet-off to brilliant Brazil on one of our tours!


Wellness hunting Virgos must throw themselves into the heart of green and gorgeous Laos, home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world. Soak in glorious Vang Vieng with its rice paddy fields and idyllic, peaceful landscapes. Walk, bike, or tube down the winding river. Head to Tham Jang to explore the captivating caves. Travel in style in a traditional tuk-tuk around Luang Prabang and duck into the exotic Morning Market for some grilled insects or caramelised pork’s head (yes, really!). Travellers would be mad not to float in the crystal-clear blue waters around Khouangsi Waterfall – a truly priceless experience. For such a small country, Laos offers so much to be admired.



Idealistic and peace seeking Libras should flock to the Maldives for a holiday of serene bliss. For Maldivian must-dos, unwind with a chat chilling in a local ‘holhuashi’ (little wooden resting places found only in the Maldives) and get involved in game of cards as the cool breeze kisses your face. Revel in paradise swimming, snorkelling and admiring the sparkling seas. Hop on a glass bottom boat ride. Try your hand at reef diving, fishing, and surfing, or just laze about in the sun. Delight in the cool first sip of a refreshing cocktail. Tuck into seafood and saunter down the flattest beaches in the world. You may even spot a celeb!


Independent Scorpios should consider touching down in Armenia. There are medieval monasteries, dramatic landscapes and a rich culture to explore – as well as the stunning 1,242 km² Lake Sevan, situated 1,900m above sea level. Camp here surrounded by soaring mountains and enjoy an otherworldly sense of calm. Look forward to a scenic drive through Dilijan National Park, home to a remarkable 902 species of vascular plants. Stroll through the Soviet style streets of Yerevan, one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Wild camp in the Armenia highlands with the towering Mt Ararat in the background.


Brimming with energy, Sagittarius’s will be dying to witness the famed, spellbinding northern lights. Gaze in awe as an ethereal mix of colours dance across and illuminate the night sky – the breathtaking colours caused by electrons colliding together in the magnetosphere. The tiny town of Hella in southern Iceland, the icy Arctic depths of Finland, and the mystical Lofoten Islands in the Norwegian sea (flanked by colossal snowy mountains) all provide excellent locations for Northern Lights spotting. All available on our stargazing and northern lights tours.



Packed with cultural intrigue and historical fascination, Egypt caters for Capricorns. Learn about one of the earliest civilisations on our award-winning tours. Stare spellbound at the remarkable Pyramids of Giza, standing proud as sole survivors from the ancient Greek-listed Seven Wonders of the World and made from a staggering 2.5 million stone blocks. Gaze at Tutankhamun’s glistening golden mask in the 490,000 sq.m new Egyptian Museum (due to open in 2020). Take in the temple of Philae; stroll through sweet-swelling souks; marvel at the majestic temple of Abu Simbel and its four statues revering 13th century BC Pharaoh King Ramses II, commonly hailed as Egypt’s ‘Great Ancestor’. Marvel at the lavish tombs of ancient pharaohs, hidden in the Valley of the Kings. Sail blissfully down the Nile by felucca. Scuba dive, snorkel, or float in the Red Sea. Make your Egyptian dream come true on one of our tours.



Jet off to Botswana for a glorious moment of relaxation, nature appreciation, and reflection. Spend the evening serenaded by wildlife noises in Chobe National Park and admire enormous elephant herds. Expect to find buffalo basking in the Chobe River during summer, as well as humongous hippos, lions and antelopes roaming the surrounding wild vegetation. Nearby is bucket-list worthy Okavango Delta – the world’s largest inland delta (uniquely flowing into the Kalahari Desert without reaching the coast). This UNESCO listed site is simply stunning. Cruise by traditional mokoro canoe down a labyrinthine of waterways running through dense vegetation as you spot a mind-boggling variety of wildlife and birds. Let an On The Go Botswana tour place you in the heart of Botswana’s pristine wilderness.


Idyllic Iceland is a natural fit for nature-loving Pisces. Fly into Reykjavik – the northern most capital in the world – and explore this ancient Viking land littered with thundering waterfalls, vast volcanoes, fascinating fjord landscape, lively geysers and inviting hot springs.

With a friendly feel and a plethora of geographical and natural brilliance, Iceland feels like you are on another planet. Discover Icelandic history and customs at a natural history museum. Witness local life at a fishing harbour. Climb up the Grábrók volcano crater which formed 3,400 years ago in a fissure eruption. Admire exceptional architecture at Vídimýri turf church. Let an On The Go Tours adventure place you before the Waterfall of the gods (‘Godafoss’) and the golden falls (‘Gullfoss’), a towering 34 metre double waterfall. Hike, bathe in nature baths and tread volcanic craters. Gaze at Europe’s biggest glacier (Vatnajökull), making up 8% of the country’s surface and concealing the several active volcanoes that lurk under the surface. Oh, and why not add a northern light experience to your adventure? Iceland truly is magical. Go see for yourself!

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