One For the Bucket List: Husky Sledding in Finland (6 minute read)

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2023)

What is the main highlight of a winter trip to Finnish Lapland? Is it the chance to spot the magical Northern Lights dancing across the night sky? Taking the children to meet Father Christmas at Santa’s Village, before he sets off on Christmas Eve to the delight of children around the world? Snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, or relaxing in a traditional steamy sauna? All of these activities are deserving of a mention, and you won’t forget any of them in a hurry.

But do any of them trump a husky sleigh ride? Meeting a pack of adorable working dogs and rushing through the frozen countryside aboard an old-fashioned sleigh, is the main highlight of a trip to Finland. Or so we are reliably told by our customers! Read on to find out more about husky sledding in Finland.

Petting huskies in Finland

What does a husky sleigh ride involve?

Many of our Finland tours in Rovaniemi and Kuhmo include a husky sleigh ride as standard, and you will always have the opportunity to book additional sleigh rides in your free time, if you so choose!

You will be transferred to a local husky farm. Here you will be provided with additional warm clothing and blankets to keep out the winter chill. The friendly barks of the huskies will welcome you to the farm. You will meet the dogs (and possibly even some puppies…) and enjoy an important safety briefing before you set off on your sleigh ride. There will usually be between 6 – 8 dogs per sleigh. Huskies are not pets; they are working dogs but extremely well cared for. And even a working dog likes a pat!

Each sleigh holds two people – one passenger and one driver. It is possible to swap around at the halfway point, so everyone gets a chance to drive. And expert guides are on hand every step of the way. A typical husky sleigh ride lasts for around 1 – 2 hours, though longer tours can be booked. You’ll get to take in the view of the Finnish countryside and enjoy the surreal experience of being pulled along by the dogs, as has been a tradition in Finland for centuries.

A couple enjoy a husky sleigh ride in RovaniemiIs husky sledding ethical?

Because dogs are regarded as pets in most western countries, husky sledding in Finland and elsewhere can seem cruel to some people. However, huskies are working dogs, not pets. And running in groups pulling a sleigh strongly replicates the pack antics of their wild ancestors. The welfare of the huskies is the most important factor to consider when booking a husky ride in Lapland or elsewhere in Finland. The country has stringent animal rights laws, meaning it is near impossible to find an operator that isn’t fully licensed. Our partners in Finland meet the highest animal welfare standards, so you can rest assured that all of the dogs involved in your husky ride are well cared for. And when they’re barking at you impatiently to get a move on, you’ll come to realise that they enjoy sledding just as much as you!


When is the best time for husky sledding in Finland?

Northern Finland only really has two seasons. The bright summer from May to September and the dark, cold winter from October to March. Winter is the peak tourist season in Finland. The countryside is blanketed in snow, and the long nights are spent cozying around fires and in saunas. Husky sledding is available in Finland throughout the winter months. As long as there is snow for the sleighs, you will be able to book a husky sledding experience of your own.

Petting a husky in Kuhmo, Finland How much does husky sledding cost?

We offer a range of Finland group tours to cater to all sorts of needs. On trips including Lapland & Husky Highlights, and Aurora & Glass Igloo Explorer, your husky sledding experience is included in the cost of your tour, so you don’t need to worry about any hidden costs, or the logistics of trying to book a sleigh ride on the ground in Finland.

On other trips, such as Lapland & the Arctic Circle, it is an optional activity, so you have the flexibility to do something else, if husky sledding isn’t to your taste.

For your interest and in case you are travelling solo, prices for a typical Rovaniemi husky ride are below. These prices were industry averages at the time of writing in September 2022. Prices are based on two people, as two are needed per sleigh. Solo prices may be significantly higher.

1 – 3 hour husky safari: €150 – 200 per person

Half-day husky safari: €200 – 300 per person

Full-day husky safari: €300 – 400 per person


Can children join husky sleigh rides?

Finland is a popular family destination and children will understandably want to enjoy the experience of husky sledding in Finland. Our policy and the policy of our partners in Finland is that children are permitted to join husky sleigh rides, as long as they are able to sit with a parent for the duration of the experience. Children aged up to 12 must remain seated at all times, and won’t be able to drive. But they can certainly enjoy the ride!

A family with children husky sledding in Finland

So, what are you waiting for?

If you’d like to experience a husky sleigh ride of your own, then there’s no better way to do it than with one of our Finland tours. We take all the hassle away from the experience so you can focus on enjoying yourself. As well as husky sledding, you’ll get to enjoy reindeer sleigh rides, Northern Lights hunting, tobogganing, snowmobiling, cross-country skiing, and all sorts of other winter activities for kids and adults alike. And if you visit Rovaniemi, you can take the kids to meet Father Christmas at Santa’s Village!

Head to our website to browse our range of Finland tours. They run from November – March each year. And you can even travel over Christmas for a 25th December to remember.