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Travelling with us? Would you like to blog for us?

If you’re going on one of our trips and fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith or a photographer, please get in touch and we’ll let you know the sorts of blog posts that we’re after. Your work will reach a wide audience, and will appear alongside the work of renowned travel writers, photographers and journalists.

Or perhaps you’re a successful blogger with a dedicated following and are interested in one of our tours, in which case we are happy to discuss the possibility of a special blogger discount in exchange for guest postings. Just get in touch with details of your blog, social media channels and the trip you are interested in.

Guidelines for guest bloggers

If you have anything edgy, topical and travel-related that you’d like to blog about, let us know. We love receiving well-written travel blogs and other content from our community and to help your chances of being published on THE INSIDE TRACK, please read these guidelines before you submit any material.

– We are primarily interested in blogs that cover the destinations that we travel to. Blogs about travel in other destinations will not be considered for publication.

– We welcome pieces that deal with other aspects of travel, such as food, helpful travel hints or even newsworthy pieces, but we generally do not accept pieces written about specific travel-related products. We’ll review this on a case by case basis though.

– Please make sure that you have written your piece with attention to basic details such as grammar and spelling. If your initial mail to us is poorly written, we probably won’t bother to read your post.

– When you write for us, try to write with one of our categories in mind. This ensures that you’ve submitted unique content that is interesting to our readers and that enriches our blog.

– If we decide to use your post, we reserve the right to edit it as we see fit. Please keep your piece under 350 words, and if you are submitting images (which is preferred) please send high-quality images (nothing under 300 dpi).

– We receive a high number of submissions and cannot guarantee that we will respond to each one. If you have sent a blog post, our team will read it, and if it fits in with our guidelines, we will get in touch before publishing so that you can promote it too.

– We’re happy to link back to your work, but we won’t link to sites that represent any conflict of interest to On The Go Tours. Feel free to check with us first before you submit your work.

Safe travels!

3 comments on “Contribute to our blog

  1. I’m a fellow traveling writer with a blog but I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate your blog. Your post lengths are superb for a quick in-out read, and I almost always write an original tweet for the posts I get to.
    Love the photography too. Keep up the stellar work!
    Nichole L. Reber

  2. Hello Friend,

    I went through your site ( while surfing in Google, am very much impressed with your site’s unique information.

    I work as a content writer in many travel site and love the opportunity to guest post for your readers. I would like to give you a unique article on any travel related theme. No duplication or copying of the article is done. I assure you that the article will be published only on your site.

    The best part is I won’t be charging you a penny, but in return all I need is just two links within the article.

    Looking forward for a positive reply.

    Best Regards,

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