South Korea

An ancient country steeped in history and tradition, but also a modern economic superpower. South Korea is a fascinating country, with the restrictive North Korea to the north, and the lesser-visited but naturally beautiful island of Jeju to the south. From the glittering skyscrapers of Seoul to the beaches of Busan and the fascinating DMZ, uncover the best of South Korea on our group tours.

Famous for

People travel to South Korea for all sorts of reasons. Here are three of the most popular!

Living history

The Korean War ended in 1953, and an uneasy peace has hung over the Korean Peninsula since. This truce has held largely thanks to the DMZ, a demilitarized buffer zone between the two countries. A visit here allows travellers to peek into the reclusive north, meet defectors and experience a truly unique place.

Fabulous food

Largely based around rice, vegetables and seafood, the cuisine of South Korea is delectable. Kimchi is probably the most well known dish, served with almost every meal. It’s a spicy and sour dish made with cabbage and other fermented vegetables, known for its unique flavour and high fibre content. Bibimbap (mixed rice) and bulgogi (grilled meat) are other staples.

Natural wonders

Jeju Island is home to many of South Korea’s natural wonders, including the UNESCO-listed Sunrise Peak and Jeongbang Waterfall. But mainland Korea also boasts the peaks of Seoraksan National Park. And if you visit during the spring you will be treated to the colourful pink cherry blossoms, which carpet the country for a few weeks each year.

Our tours help you discover the best of South Korea, from Seoul to Jeju and the DMZ. We’ll do the planning, you focus on exploring!

South Korean Express – 7 day tour

See the best of South Korea, from vibrant Seoul – the nation’s captivating capital and the intriguing Demilitarized Zone, to the cultural and historic sights of Andong and Gyeongju – the museum without walls…

Best of South Korea – 10 day tour

Discover the main highlights of South Korea on this 10-day group tour. Enjoy panoramic views of Seoul from N Tower, see Gyeongbokgung Palace and visit the Demilitarized Zone to meet a North Korean…

Essential South Korea & Jeju – 12 day tour

Take in the highlights of South Korea on this 12-day group tour which starts in Seoul and ends on Jeju island. Meet a North Korean defector at the Demilitarized Zone, see the Blue House and Gyeongbokgung Palace…

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