• The World’s Most Unusual Beaches (8 minute read)

    We all love those powder white sands lapped by crystal clear waters, but there’s also a few beaches out there with a more quirky beauty to them. We’ve searched high and low for the world’s most unusual ones. 1. Chandipur Beach, India While the best beaches of India are...

  • Top 10 Cruise Journeys

    Whether it’s sailing around a volcanic archipelago, along a coast of a hard to navigate country or on a magnificent river, cruise journeys are guaranteed to be exciting expeditions. We take a look at our favourite water bound options, our diverse list including entire trips spent on a cruise...

  • 10 interesting facts about the Galapagos Islands

    Every year the Galapagos Islands tempt many travellers to its shores in search of the unique wildlife and otherworldly landscapes that captured the intrigue and imagination of Darwin himself – but how much do you really know about these fascinating islands? Read our top 10 interesting facts about the UNESCO awarded Galapagos...

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