• Madagascar

    When you think of Madagascar, it’s probably the cuddly lemurs, transforming chameleons, prowling fossa and all the other fascinating indigenous wildlife the island holds that comes to mind. Ladislav Bittner’s video however focuses more on the country’s diverse destinations, from the busy hectic cities to the quiet idyllic beaches and the lush tropical...

  • Orangutans, Gorillas & Lemurs (3 minute read)

    Whether you are going in search of orangutans, gorillas, or lemurs, here is our pick of the best places around the world to catch a glimpse of these three very different primates. From the rainforest of northern Borneo to the lush African jungle in Uganda and the wilds of...

  • Land of the lemurs

    This week’s guest blog is by Cathy Winston, (www.mummytravels.com) a freelance journalist and travel writer who tweets (not just about lemurs) @cathywinston. As soon as I produced the banana, there was a rustle in the trees and two furry inquisitive faces appeared. Yes, show a lemur even the sniff of...

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