• Festival Spotlight: The Lake of Stars Festival – Malawi, Africa

    With obvious parallels to the summertime tradition of European music festivals, the Lake of Stars Festival in Malawi nonetheless retains a strong African identity. With a strong and diverse musical line-up, the Lake of Stars festival brings international attention to one of Africa’s poorer countries, and unifies a worldwide...

  • Bollywood dancing: embracing India’s colourful heritage

    Music, dancing and folklore are a huge part of the traditional Indian way of life and modern Bollywood-style dancing and music have a lot to thank their forebears for. Before it really made its mark on the international film scene with many a western homage to the genre, I...

  • Musical memories from the road

    Music and travel go together. From the earliest days of family road trips around my native South Africa, my trusty Walkman played non-stop until either the feeble AA batteries reduced the audio to warbled garbage as the tape slowed down, or my ears began to ache from my low-quality...

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