• 4 African Adventures Everyone Should Experience (6 minute read)

    Africa is a fantastic continent for once-in-a-lifetime experiences. Because of this, many people choose it as a honeymoon destination, or somewhere to visit after retirement. Options in Africa include spotting the Big Five on a wildlife safari and exploring the colourful souks of Morocco. Moments of wonder and vibrant...

  • The best Vic Falls experience – Zimbabwe or Zambia?

    Largely considered one of the planet’s greatest natural wonders, Victoria Falls is an unforgettable sight to behold. It may not rival the world’s highest waterfall – that accolade goes to Angel Falls in Venezuela – nor can it claim to be the widest with the little-known Khone Falls in Laos...

  • Beautiful Waterfalls Around the World (5 minute read)

    Everyone likes a waterfall. They are one of nature’s most incredible spectacles, a waterway plunging off a sheer drop and cascading down, throwing up spray and thunderous noises down below. If you’re travelling and there’s a famous waterfall nearby, the chances are that you’re going to go and see...

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