• 7 UNESCO World Heritage Sites to Visit for Couples (6 minute read)

    Many couples harbour dreams of seeing the world together. And what better way to that once-in-a-lifetime trip with your significant other than planning it around some of the world’s most spectacular (and romantic) historic attractions? But with more than 1,150 sites in 167 countries on UNESCO’S World Heritage list, it can...

  • Five reasons why East Africa should be on your bucket list

    Extraordinary landscapes, world-beating safaris, captivating cultures and idyllic beaches, East Africa really does have it all. Add to that once-in-a-lifetime experiences and cosmopolitan cities, and you have the perfect adventure guaranteed. Here are five reasons why we think East Africa deserves a place on your bucket list… 1. Wildlife...

  • Rest, relaxation and zany dance moves in Zanzibar

    Katie Powell won our Get Rid Of Me competition last year, and recently completed her 6 month round-the-world adventure. Read about her adventures in Zanzibar on her 57-day Great African Expedition. Prior to winning this grand adventure, I had only been to China and Las Vegas a few times...

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