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Tibet Travel Guide

Politically sensitive and sitting on the roof of the world, a trip to Tibet demands careful consideration and plenty of planning. Prepare for your trip with our handy travel guide. Get started with the top attractions to include on your itinerary and a guide on when best to go for the most enjoyable weather conditions and most colourful festivals. Cover the essentials with our Top Travel Tips and check what visa you'll need before you go.


Best Places to Visit

Don't miss these top attractions that include magical capitals and mighty monasteries

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Best Time to Visit

Plan when to go with our overview of the seasons, weather and festivals


Top Travel Tips

Plenty of info on everything you need to know from health to money, food to voltage


Tourist Visas

Visa requirements for travellers to Tibet and information on getting your visa

Get to know Tibet

Recommended Reading

  • My Journey to Lhasa
    by Alexandra David-Neel
  • Freedom in Exile
    by Dalai Lama XIV
  • Seven Years in Tibet
    by Heinrich Herrer
Did you know...?

Facts about Tibet

  • Around 5% of the entire world's population is dependent on water that flows from Tibet.
  • The Dalai Lama, along with 100,000 Tibetans, established a government in exile based in India's Dharamshala.
  • Tibet is the world's highest region and is commonly referred to as the 'Roof of the World', sitting at 4,500m.

Tibet Travel Advice

We stay informed of the latest travel advice to Tibet and follow the regulations laid out by the British Foreign Office. The safety of our travellers is paramount and we recommend that you check the latest travel updates from the relevant advisory body in your country.

Useful Online Resources:

The official Tibet Tourism Administration site and the latest China Weather Updates from the BBC.