Website gives foodies a taste of Jordan

16th Aug 2013

Foodies who enjoy gastronomy-based Middle-East specialist tours are having their appetites whetted by a new Jordan tourism website.

Visitors to the 'Nothing Tastes Like Jordan' site are welcomed with a beautiful arrangement of a Jordanian Mezze with a piece of bread.

A huge tagline of 'Nothing Tastes Like Jordan' arches over the bread, heralding the endless recipes, videos and food options that Jordan and this site have to offer.

The website is promoting Jordan as a food destination; a country where mealtimes are not just a biological function, but also a time of celebration.

Food is a key factor in Jordanian culture to convey hospitality and generosity.

Jordanians are intrinsically very hospitable people and food is usually presented within minutes of a guest arriving at a local house.

Dr. Abed Al Razzaq Arabiyat, Managing Director of Jordan Tourism Board, said: "We have been working to increase our connection with both our current fan base and our potential consumers by creating platforms that showcase more of what Jordan has to offer, in this case, Jordan's gastronomy."

The tourism chief added that he hopes tourists will engage with this niche further, as it will create more personal memories using their sense of taste.

The doctor added: "By focusing these specialised interests, we hope to demonstrate how relevant Jordan is to these niches, and thus further foster tourism to Jordan."

You can snack on Jordan's other delights between meals without ruining your appetite for the country.

It boasts an array of world-class historical and cultural sites, such as Petra - one of the New Seven Wonders of the World - and the ancient city of Jerash, as well as exquisite beaches.

Petra is among the Middle-East's great attractions, a huge, distinctive city carved into the sheer rock face by the Nabataeans, who settled here over 2,000 years ago.

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