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Best time to visit the Middle East

Updated: 11th December 2020

The Middle East can be simply summed up with two adjectives: hot and dry. In many of the main cities, the difference between winter and summer simply means that the temperature rises from hot to even hotter. However, in the mountains and desert areas, there is some real seasonal change as the climate drops to freezing during the winter months. Check out our guide below to find out which season will allow you to make the most of your trip to the Middle East.

Petra monastery with spring flowers - Jordan - Best time to visit Middle East
Spring brings wild flowers into bloom making some spots particularly pretty

Spring in the Middle East

Roughly falling between the months of March to May, spring is largely considered the best time to visit the Middle East thanks to the lovely, warm temperatures and blooming of wild flowers in the mountainous regions. This makes it the perfect time to tackle a trek through Jordan's Dana Nature Reserve to arrive at the Rose City of Petra. It's equally a good a time for sightseeing around Israel's many religious monuments with speckles of colour provided by hydrated foliage. It is often a short shoulder season with the mercury rising early May in some destinations. The month of May also marks the first bi-annual migration of the Berbers as they make their way across the Atlas mountains in search of greener pastures - another great trekking opportunity for intrepid travellers.

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