Wind surfers scattered across the dazzling blue lagoon in Dahab

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About Dahab

Settled originally by the Bedouin, Dahab - which means 'gold' in Arabic - is a small, somewhat unspoiled and almost intimate coastal resort town on the magnificent Sinai Peninsula. its wide boulevards lined with palm trees invoke a serenity that is not found in other areas of Egypt. Sitting a mere 90km from Sharm-el-Sheikh and roughly 7 hours by car from Cairo, Dahab has developed from a hedonistic hippy village to a respectable beach haven with a solid infrastructure for SCUBA divers, snorkellers and travellers seeking sun, sea and relaxation.

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Located alongside some of the best reef waters on the Red Sea coast, Dahab offers mostly shore-diving to around 30 diving sites for both beginners and more experienced divers, some of which are located just a few miles north of Dahab. Divers are usually driven along the coast by jeep, to 'gear-up' at water's edge and commence their sub-aquatic experience. One of the most popular dive sites is the Blue Hole, which is fringed with a rich and diverse coral reef, featuring an abundance of colour and marine life.

Dahab is also a great destination for windsurf enthusiasts. The water here is always temperate making it ideal for watersports, swimming and snorkelling. On terra firma, popular activities and pursuits include camel safaris to neighbouring Bedouin villages and 4WD excursions to the Coloured Canyon. The canyon gets its name from the vivid striations on its steep walls. The area is a good spot for hiking and there are some impressive views to be had from the peaks and troughs of the area.