Felucca Sailing

Updated: 18th January 2019


What is Felucca Sailing?

Felucca's are simple, traditional Egyptian sailboats, that have plied the mighty Nile since ancient times. Our feluccas are proudly owned and crewed by friendly local sailors and they have been adapted to comfortably carry our travellers.

Being a wind-powered craft with no motor, feluccas are dependent upon the wind to propel them forth. The itinerary is not rigidly defined, for this reason. However, during our cruise, we make plenty of stops at points of interest and ideal places for swimming. The felucca sails during the day, taking in the colourful sights of the Nile village life en-route with various stops, planned or impromptu. The peaceful routine of life aboard allows us to escape the stress of everyday life! Prior to sundown, the anchor is dropped and we moor at the riverside for the night. Nothing beats the experience of sleeping under a blanket of stars!

Felucca sailing on the River Nile, Egypt

What's on board?

Feluccas carry between 8 - 12 persons comfortably and there are also some larger feluccas which can accommodate up to 18. The boat’s deck is draped with soft colourful cushions that serve as your lounging and meal area during the day and as your sleeping area at night. Relaxing under the shade of the canopy, you can top up your tan in the sun, share evenings with new found friends, after whiling away another leisurely day.

You need to bring a towel with you and can opt to bring a sleeping bag/sleeping sheet if you wish, though we suggest hiring locally a freshly laundered winter warmth blanket for USD$15 (total) for the 2-night stay. The crew, as well as being experienced sailors, are responsible for the preparation of the included meals, though they welcome helpers! The food is simple but there's plenty of it. Water, soft drinks and beer can be purchased aboard at a very reasonable cost, a tally for which is kept. On the last day, everybody pays his or her drinks bill.

To give you more of an idea of what to expect on our feluccas, check out this video by our friends Stephen and Jess at Flying the Nest.

Support boat on River Nile, Egypt

Felucca Support Boat

On all of our Signature range tours we include a support boat which accompanies our sailing feluccas. Our support boat offers two toilets, running hot and cold water and washing facilities. There is also a cosy seating area at the rear of the boat, outfitted with colourful fabrics and cushions and a table offering an alternative location (in addition to the deck on your felucca) to share a meal or cold drink with fellow passengers.

Preserving the natural state and beauty of the Nile basin and in support of reducing environmental damage on board our felucca cruises, we operate a simple yet effective and hygienic waste disposal system. Please ensure that you abide with our request that all toilet paper and sanitary items are deposited in the waste paper baskets provided. Drink cans should be compacted and cigarette ends disposed of responsibly.

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