Latest Travel Updates and Advice for Egypt

Updated: 20th May 2019

Travel Alerts

On 19 May 2019, at least 16 persons suffered minor injures in an explosion targeting a tourist bus in front of the yet to be opened Grand Egyptian Museum.

In Dec 2018, a roadside explosive hit a tourist bus in Cairo. The bus was carrying 14 Vietnamese nationals and sadly 3 plus their Egyptian tour guide have been killed. The incident took place on a narrow side street (called El Lebany street) off El-Maryouteya street, a 10 minutes’ drive from the Pyramids. For clarification - the incident did not take place at the Pyramids of Giza but in a suburb near the Pyramids. There would be no reason for us to ever use this small side street.

This is the first attack against foreign tourists in Egypt in more than 2 years. The FCO (UK), Smart Traveller AU and other national security agencies have updated their websites to include the incident, but have not changed their overall level of advice for visiting Egypt.

All On The Go travellers in Egypt are safe and well and have not been affected in any way by the incident.

Travel Advice Summary

All of our holidays to Egypt follow travel advice offered by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO). All of our trips to Egypt run along the Nile Valley stretching from Alexandria in the north to Abu Simbel in the far south, and reach as far east as the Red Sea, specifically the resort of Hurghada. There are no travel restrictions whatsoever against travelling to these locations and the tourist areas along the Nile River, including Cairo, Luxor and Aswan, are deemed safe to visit.

The Egyptian Government is committed to increasing security measures in the key tourist sites with a sizeable budget dedicated solely to this goal. Egypt's Minister of Tourism considers the security of visitors to Egypt the highest priority and believes that the new measures in place will further add to the security of Egypt's resorts while not being intrusive.

Should you be requesting tailor-made arrangements, or any holiday with us, we will only ever include arrangements that adhere to good advice offered by the FCO.

Should you wish to read more travel advice offered by the FCO for Egypt including advice on health, money, Safety and Security and entry requirements, you can do so here.

Travellers should familiarise themselves with the latest travel advice for the country they are visiting and make a personal assessment as to whether the level of safety is satisfactory to them, prior to booking.

Cairo skyline - Egypt Tours - On The Go Tours

Travelling to Cairo

Many of our group tours start in Cairo and end in Cairo. Currently there are no travel restrictions in place for Cairo and our tours have been running as scheduled for more than 2 years now, visiting the Egyptian Museum and its many treasures which is located close to Tahrir Square. Although Tahrir Square was the scene of demonstrations and protests, this is now well in the past.

Travelling to Luxor and Aswan

The popular tourist spots of Luxor and Aswan, which feature in the vast majority of our group tours, are located along the Nile River in a region that is deemed safe to visit by the FCO. For this reason our tours have been running as planned with passengers visiting the not-to-be-missed Valley of the Kings, the temples of Luxor, Karnak and Abu Simbel.

When travelling between Cairo and Luxor/Aswan we use the comfortable overnight sleeper train. The particular train we use is escorted by Tourism Police and considered a perfectly safe means of transport in Egypt.

Travelling to Hurghada

The Red Sea resort of Hurghada has remained a safe and welcoming place throughout the recent troubles in Egypt. As it is one of the safest spots at the Red Sea in Egypt we have been using Hurghada for the beach stay portion of our group tours for the last few years without any issues. To reach Hurghada on our tours we travel overland from Luxor and then onwards to Cairo overland also, by private modern vehicles. There are no travel restrictions in place in Hurghada or the areas that our overland journeys to and from Hurghada cover.

Travelling to Sharm el Sheikh

On the 31st October 2015 a Russian plane departing from Sharm el Sheikh crashed shortly after take off and the investigation into what exactly caused the crash is still ongoing. As a precaution the FCO now advises against all but essential travel by air to or from Sharm el Sheikh airport. None of our group tours include Sharm el Sheikh and so our group tours remain unaffected by this latest travel alert. For the time being we will no longer be offering tailor-made touring arrangements to Sharm el Sheikh as it's not possible to fly there. We will be monitoring the situation closely and will reassess tailor-made arrangements to Sharm el Sheikh once flights resume.

Travelling to the Western Desert

At present we do not offer trips that include travel to the Western Desert including Siwa oasis as there are travel restrictions placed upon these areas. The FCO advises against all but essential travel to the remote desert region in Egypt due to the threat of kidnapping.

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