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Updated: 06th March 2018

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Visit the island of Roatan during the dry season for perfect beach weather

Seasons and Weather

The climate in Honduras is tropical with a wet and dry season. The mountainous interior of Honduras is more temperate and cooler than the coast. In this region temperatures peak during the dry season between February and June. The rainy season hits the interior of the country between May and November.

The Caribbean coast is hot, with showers throughout the year and the wet season is from September to January. Although it's drier than neighbouring Nicaragua and Belize. The Pacific Coast is also hot year-round with less rain. The climate on the Bay Islands is slightly different to the coast and the rainy season is from July to January, peaking between October and December. The islands are usually dry from February to June and hurricanes are most likely in September and October sending heavy rains over the country.

Climate | Tegucigalpa

Temp Min °C141415171818181717171615
Temp Max °C252729303028272828272625
Rainfall (mm)1221261801777074151873814

Festivals and Events in Honduras

While it might not be at the top of everyone’s to go list, Honduras packs a punch for those who venture there. From religious observances to raves on the beach, this country has it all when it comes to festivals and you can be sure that they are all celebrated to the max. Expect good food, bright costumes, Latin music and more.

Punta Gorda Festival

This is an annual event that celebrates the first Garifuna people arriving in Punta Gorda on the island of Roatan. During the festival there are re-enactments of the settlers arriving and the reception with which they were met by the islanders. A march also takes place in commemoration of when the Garifuna escaped the slavery of the British and Spanish and became free people. Traditional songs, costumes and food are all part of the festivities.

Day of the Americas (Pan American Day)

This day dates back to the late 1800s when the idea of a unified America, encompassing North, Central and South America, was first brought about. It was first celebrated in 1931 and has been a tradition all over the continents ever since. In Honduras, people are particularly dedicated to the events with many offices hanging the flags of the member countries of the Pan American Union.

San Isidro Fair

Taking place in La Ceiba, the San Isidro Fair consists of a buzzing carnival and numerous parades marching along the main boulevard of Avenue San Isidro. Notable features of this event are the traditional costumes that are worn by the locals and the distinctly Latin music that floats through the air. There are also plenty of options for shopping during the festival as market sellers line the streets, hawking food, clothes, trinkets and more. This is the number one event in the Honduran calendar.

La Feria Juniana

Dedicated to the patron saint of San Pedro Sula - San Pedro (Saint Peter), this festival is an exciting event that sees the city erupt in an explosion of activity for an entire month. Generally, attendees can expect to see float parades roll through the streets, fireworks light up the sky and fairground rides eliciting screams from youngsters and adults alike. This festival is considered the second biggest festival in the country after the San Isidro Fair.

Sunjam Festival

When it comes to partying, Honduras shows it can go just as hard as anyone else with its annual Sunjam Festival. The event takes place on a tiny three acre private island called Water Cay, which is virtually untouched for the rest of the year. There is always an impressive line up of DJs and thousands of attendees who are ready to dance and party for a whole 24 hours. Ferries and private boats take festival-goers from Utila to Water Cay and bring them back afterwards.

Corn Festival

Corn plays a huge role in many rural areas across Honduras so it only makes sense that they have a festival to celebrate it. Not only is it consumed in vast quantities here but it is also sold and, therefore, has a huge impact on the local economies. During this festival, costumes and jewellery are made from corn husks, fireworks are set off and there are all kinds of corn-inspired competitions and performances.

2018 Calendar

To help plan your visit to Honduras, here's an overview of some of the most popular festivals and events taking place in 2018:

April 12th - Punta Gorda Festival (Punta Gorda)
April 14th - Day of the Americas (Pan American Day) (Nationwide)
May 26th - San Isidro Fair (La Ceiba)
June 1st-30th - La Feria Juniana (San Pedro Sula)
August TBC - Sunjam Festival (Utila)
August TBC - Corn Festival (Danli)

There's also a number of national holidays in Honduras and on these dates many businesses and some tourist sites will close for the day so plan your visit accordingly.

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