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There's something about Thailand that arouses our sense of adventure. Whether its the country's verdant national parks, the colourful hill tribes of the north, the abundance of exotic wildlife or welcoming local people, we just want to pack our bags and head to the Land of Smiles. And these great short films certainly aren't curbing our desire to travel there either.

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With a destination like Thailand it can be easy to have your senses overwhelmed. This short film picks up on just one sense - sound, whether quiet or loud, making for an incredible short film.


Ever wondered what Thailand would look like in 158 cuts? Well thanks to Christian Grewe, now you can find out. It really is amazing how much you can get into five minutes of footage!


Nicknamed The Land of Smiles, there's something about Thailand that just makes you show off those pearly whites. This wonderful film offers a glimpse of how Thailand makes us smile.


A popular escape from the hustle and bustle of Bangkok, Kanchanaburi is a wonderful peaceful retreat. But what really puts it on the map is its infamous Bridge over the River Kwai.


One of our favourite things to do on any trip abroad is to try out the local cuisine, and in our opinion nothing beats street food. Just watching this video is getting us taste buds tingling!


We're always amazed at the different techniques film makers use to portray a country. This great short film uses tilt-shift camera angles to give the appearance of a tiny Thailand.


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