Take the Trans-Siberian Railway from Moscow to Beijing

The Trans-Siberian Railway reaches right across Asia, connecting Moscow with the Far East, cutting through the fascinating lands in between. Crossing a third of the globe, the Trans-Siberian Railway heads through the natural wonders of the Gobi Desert, the Ural Mountains and the grassy steppe of Mongolia. Available throughout 2019 and 2020, our adventures are inclusive of rail travel, budget accommodation and rail station transfers.

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Our Trans-Siberian Railway journeys also offer a range of exciting optional activities, including dog sledding in Yekaterinburg, diving beneath the surface of Lake Baikal, staying in a traditional ger in Mongolia and plenty more. If our featured itineraries do not exactly suit your requirements, we're also more than happy to tailor-make your Trans-Siberian Railway journey for you.

This is the ultimate train journey.... all aboard!

Upcoming Trans-Siberian Trips in 2019 & 2020

Our Trans-Siberian Tours

A Trans-Siberian train | Trans-siberian Railway Red Express - 9 days Map

Red Express

Trip Type : Journeys from Moscow
9 days | FROM £1,360

Spend a few days in Russia's capital city, then jump on board the...

Ger Camp Terelj National Park | Trans-siberian Railway | MongoliaGenghis Khan  - 13 days Map

Genghis Khan

Trip Type : Journeys from Moscow
13 days | FROM £1,780

Jump aboard for the ride of your life! From one capital city to...

Lake in Mongolia | Trans-siberian Railway | MongoliaHighway to China - 15 days Map

Highway to China

Trip Type : Journeys from Moscow
15 days | FROM £2,410

Riding the Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian from Moscow east to...

The Circum-Baikal railroad | Trans-siberian RailwayBig Ticket - 19 days Map

Big Ticket

Trip Type : Journeys from Moscow
19 days | FROM £2,935

Bolshoi (Russian for BIG). Go large on our sensational big ticket from...

Bay Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok | Trans-siberian Railway | RussiaDestination Vladivostok  - 19 days Map

Destination Vladivostok

Trip Type : Journeys from Moscow
19 days | FROM £2,880

The original Trans-Siberian journey all the way to the end of the line...

Snowy Railway | Trans-siberian Railway Trans Express - 8 Days Map

Trans Express

Trip Type : Journeys from Beijing
8 Days | FROM £1,045

Explore China's bustling capital city, then jump aboard and wing your...

Mongolian Ger Tent | Trans-siberian Railway |  MongoliaKublai Khan - 10 days Map

Kublai Khan

Trip Type : Journeys from Beijing
10 days | FROM £1,675

Jump aboard for the ride of your life! Take the train from Beijing to...

Boy riding horse in the countryside | Trans Siberian RailwayHighway to Moscow - 14 days Map

Highway to Moscow

Trip Type : Journeys from Beijing
14 days | FROM £2,410

Riding the Trans-Mongolian, from Beijing to Mongolia - the legendary...

Lake Baikal | Trans-siberian Railway | RussiaBig Rail Tripper - 18 days Map

Big Rail Tripper

Trip Type : Journeys from Beijing
18 days | FROM £3,040

The Big Rail Tripper, an epic journey from Beijing to Moscow, offering...

Bayanzag (Flaming Cliffs) Gobi Desert | Trans-siberian Railway | MongoliaDiscover the Gobi - 8 days Map

Discover the Gobi

Trip Type : Private Tours
8 days | FROM £2,865

The Gobi desert is a treasure chest of fossilised dinosaur bones and...

Terelj National Park | Trans-siberian Railway | MongoliaHorseback Journey - 9 days Map

Horseback Journey

Trip Type : Private Tours
9 days | FROM £2,310

Horse-riding with a difference - trekking through remote steppe, along...

Lake Baikal | Trans-siberian Railway | RussiaYekaterinburg Baikal Journey - 12 days Map

Yekaterinburg Baikal Journey

Trip Type : Private Tours
12 days | FROM £2,080

Take the Trans-Siberian all the way through from Moscow to Irkutsk '...

Camel in Mongolia | Trans-siberian Railway |  MongoliaNomads & Deserts - 11 days Map

Nomads & Deserts

Trip Type : Private Tours
11 days | FROM £1,510

Explore the sights of Russia's capital city, then journey the Trans...

Terelj National Park | Trans-siberian Railway | MongoliaRing of Mongolia - 14 days Map

Ring of Mongolia

Trip Type : Private Tours
14 days | FROM £3,570

Kicking off in the 13th century capital of Mongolia, camp out in a ger...

Our Trans-Siberian Trip Types


Trans-Siberian Journeys from Moscow

View 5 Journeys from Moscow

Travel from one red city to another by hopping on the Trans-Siberian Railway in Moscow and expressing it to Beijing, or opt for a longer journey with stops en route.

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Discover the sights of Yekaterinburg, Irkutsk and mighty Lake Baikal, Ulan Ude and Ulaan Baatar with one of our many optional activities, or explore each port of call your own way. Alternatively, take the original Trans-Siberian Railway journey from Moscow through to Vladivostok on our epic 19 day adventure.

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Trans-Siberian Journeys from Beijing

View 4 Journeys from Beijing

Cross a third of the globe on board the legendary Trans-Siberian Railway, from one capital city to another, with one of our exciting adventures from Beijing to Moscow.

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Stop off and explore fascinating towns and cities en route, from Ulaan Baatar and beautiful Terelj National Park, to Ulan Ude, Irkutsk – home to Lake Baikail, and Yekaterinburg. Or for those short on time, express rail it on the Trans-Siberian from Beijing to Moscow in just 9 days.

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Trans-Siberian Private Tours

View 5 Private Tours

If you’d like to spend a bit more time exploring the sights of Mongolia and Russia on your Trans-Siberian Railway journey, why not take a look at one of our private tours which can be built into your trip for a special tailormade holiday.

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Whether you want to explore the Gobi Desert, witness the competitions at the colourful Naadam Festival, ride a Przewalski horse in the Mongolian countryside, visit the Pacifici Ring of Fire or hike around Lake Baikal, here are just some of the options available for your holiday of a lifetime.

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Semi Independent Travel
About travelling aboard the Trans-Siberian

Our Trans-Siberian Railway journeys are semi-independent and not group tours, so you'll normally be travelling by yourself or as part of your own private group. We organise all of the elements necessary to make your journey smooth and hassle free, from the train tickets and accommodation en route to the rail station transfers and optional sightseeing tours and excursions.

If you've got time to spare, consider breaking up your epic train journey with these must-see destinations from historic cities to stunning countryside for the best of culture and outdoor adventure.

Sheep Lake Baikal - Trans-siberian Railway Journeys - On The Go Tours
Countryside Bliss

Lake Baikal

Located in eastern Siberia, Lake Baikal is the world’s deepest lake. In the summer it is a fantastic place to trek and camp as well as a very unique place to scuba dive- it is relatively unexplored so perfect any budding Jacques Cousteaus! Come winter when the deep snow has settled, the is winter wonderland is perfect for dog sledding, skiing, ice fishing and snow mobiling!

Ulaan Baatar Nighttime
Mongolia's Capital

Ulaan Baatar

Capital of Mongolia, Ulaan Bataar is a pulsating city of modern and traditional architecture. Located in the north of the country it is where most trips to Mongolia will start or end. With lots of monasteries and palaces to explore as well as modern bars and restaurants to enjoy – it is the perfect place to spend a few days whilst on your Trans-siberian adventure.

Europe & Asia


Located on the eastern side of the Middle Ural Mountains, Yekaterinburg is a colourful city with a somewhat tumultuous history. While a visit must be paid to Church on the Blood – where the family of Tsar Nicholas II was murdered, the city is also a centre for culture and arts with several fine museums and theatres. Yekaterinburg is also excellent for outdoor sports, like cross-country skiing in the winter months and trekking in the summer. For something truly unique, stand with your feet over the Europe/Asian border.

End of the line


As the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway, if you are ending your journey here then you’ll want to head to the Sporivnaya Harbour for a stroll along the promenade – enjoy the fresh sea breeze and grab a bite to eat from a street food stall. The Central Square, is a good place to relax and people watch, plus you can also see a massive pair of memorial statues. For history buffs there are several interesting museums dotted round the city.