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About Hakuba

Located in Japan's spectacular northern Alps, Hakuba is one of Japan's premier ski resort. Blanketed in pristine white snow in the cold winter months, Hakuba attracts skiers from all across Japan and increasingly from further field. The ski resort of Hakuba came to prominence when it hosted several sporting events during the 1998 Winter Olympics. The resort offers seven distinct ski areas, all of which provide incredible views of snow-capped mountains, deep valleys and winding rivers. As one of the country's most popular resorts, Hakuba offers ski activities to suit all ages and levels with a variety of terrains and ski runs perfect for beginner, intermediate and advance levels

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Each of the seven ski areas has its own character to appeal to a range of tastes meaning it's a perfect winter holiday destination for families as well as the more intrepid. Hakuba Highland and Hakuba Minekata are popular family resorts offering great beginner and intermediate runs, extensive childcare facilities and sweeping views. Happo-one is the oldest ski area in Hakuba and along with the newest resort of Hakuba 47, offers world-class runs for advanced skiers. For those looking for a challenge the area of Sunalpina Hakuba Sanosaka offers fantastic snowboarding runs and thrilling freestyle skiing courses.

Dining options in Hakuba are great and there are a number of onsen in the area where weary skiers can soak their tired bones after a day on the slopes. Hakuba is equally appealing in the summer when the beautiful natural surroundings come alive with colour. There's plenty of hiking opportunities with easy access to some of the higher mountain peaks.