The best time to visit New Zealand

New Zealand Seasons

In New Zealand summertime is from December to February and marks the peak tourist season. Temperatures are at their warmest and rainfall to a minimum offering the ideal conditions to sightsee and explore. Autumn then kicks in from March to April and is a wonderful time to travel as tourist numbers begin to wane but the weather stays comfortable and clear. Temperature averages and rainfall do vary across the North and South Islands, especially in Milford Sound which experiences the heaviest rainfall in the country, so it is always wise to check the weather forecast before you travel.

NZ Climate | Auckland

Temp Min °F737572686359575961646670
Temp Max °F616159555248464650525559
Rainfall (mm)262022474047575731323427

NZ Climate | Wellington

Temp Min °F575957545248464648505255
Temp Max °F666664615754525455576164
Rainfall (mm)444342435064745452474746

NZ Climate | Christchurch

Temp Min °F545450453934343639434650
Temp Max °F727268635754525459636670
Rainfall (mm)171317191921192116131619

NZ Climate | Queenstown

Temp Min °F525248464339373941434648
Temp Max °F666663615754545455575963
Rainfall (mm)223214238221237281194227263311255296
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