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If your ideal adventure involves getting off the beaten tourist trail and using your two legs to do so, our exciting collection of walking and trekking holidays are just the ticket. Ranging from leisurely walking holidays around Croatia's beautiful Istria Peninsular to epic adventures such as the trek to Everest Base Camp in Nepal, our tours cover a range of destinations with a variety of itineraries to cater to walkers and trekkers of all abilities.

Difficulty Ratings

There are many different factors that contribute to the difficulty of a tour, including how many days you’ll be trekking for consecutively and the distance covered, the terrain, altitude and weather conditions, in addition to the type of accommodation.

Group walking on a pathway - Croatia Tours - On The Go Tours


Suitable for most reasonably fit people, these trips usually include only a short element of walking which is predominantly on good paths and at low altitude. Inclines are not steep so you don't have to worry about challenging ascents or descents.

Recommended Tours:
Croatia Coast & Island Walk
Kerala & the Cardamom Hills Trek
Sri Lanka Tracks & Trails
The Druk Path Trek

Walking the Saharan Dunes - On The Go Tours


Suitable for fit and active individuals, such as weekend walkers, on holidays at this grade you may be walking for up to 6-7 hours a day at moderate altitude, on good paths and tracks. There can be the occasionally more difficult day.

Recommended Tours:
Dana to Petra Trek
Trek the Sahara
Jebel Sahro Trek



Physically challenging holidays, where you need to be prepared before you go and a high level of fitness is required. Holidays at this grade are suitable for regular hill walkers who are used to long days of physical exertion. These treks can involve difficult and sometimes glaciated terrain, as well as lengthy periods at high altitude.

Recommended Tours:
Everest Base Camp
Everest & Gokyo Lakes
Annapurna Sanctuary Trek
Mt Kilimanjaro Climb
Mount Toubkal Trek

Accommodation on our Trekking and Walking Holidays

Our trekking holidays are adventurous by nature and often include travel to remote areas, within developing countries, where hotels often do not approach the standards of the West. You will need to be able to live without creature comforts at times, as many of our trekking holidays include some basic homestays, dormitory accommodation, or camping in the wild with no fixed facilities. You’ll find more information on the accommodation for each trip in the tour Trip Notes under the header 'Accommodation'.


Tea Houses

Whilst trekking in Nepal, we use simple family-run tea houses, with a large sociable central dining area and a cosy wood burning fire. Rooms are on a twin share basis and you will need to bring your own sleeping bag. Most lodges have shared bathroom facilities (particularly in the Everest Region) and you won't always have access to a shower. Despite the lack of facilities, these lodges certainly have a rustic charm. Most are blessed with spectacular views and being family run operations, offer a great insight into the daily life of the Himalayan people.

Simple hotel accommodation - Trekking & Walking Holidays - On The Go Tours

Simple hotels

On our easier walking and trekking holidays the emphasis is on sightseeing and learning about the region’s history, culture and cuisine and the majority of nights will be spent in simple, yet comfortable, hotels, guesthouses and lodges, with en suite bedrooms and all the necessary amenities. These simple hotels are no frills and equivalent to 2-3 star Western standard.

Designated camp site in India - Trekking and Walking Holidays - On The Go Tours

Designated Camp Sites

At the other end of the scale, our tougher trekking holidays usually involve hikes for several days through remote regions, often at high altitude, with tented accommodation and porters. Many of our trekking and walking holidays involve a number of nights camping. On these trips we provide a full trekking service with a dedicated support team to set up camp each day, prepare meals, transfer equipment and baggage. Two person tents and camping equipment is provided, usually just with the exception of sleeping bags (please refer to the packing list on the Trip Notes for further information).

Wild camp in Morocco - Trekking and Walking Holidays - On The Go Tours

Wild Camping

Some trips, such as ‘Trek The Sahara’, involve a number of nights ‘wild camping’ where we set up camp in a scenic spot, which is not a designated camp site with facilities. When wild camping there will be a portable toilet tent and a mess tent where we gather to eat. Getting back to nature and camping in spectacular remote locations is an incredible wilderness experience and many travellers choose to sleep out under the stars, rather than in their tents.

Is this tour for you?

In order to properly assess whether one of our walking and trekking holidays is suitable for you it is essential that you read the ‘Is This Tour For You?’ paragraph at the bottom of the tour itinerary and read the tour Trip Notes to see what each day entails – distances covered, ascent, descent, time spent trekking and the accommodation provided.

Group Size and Tour Leaders

A group Annapurna Base Camp - Himalayas - On The Go Tours
Escorted Trekking and Walking Holidays

Share the adventure with like-minded travellers

The group size on our walking and trekking holidays is limited to a maximum of 16 travellers and these trips attract a lot of solo travellers, in addition to couples and small groups of friends. We welcome adults of all ages, as long as you have a good level of fitness and an ability to trek for several hours a day at a moderate pace with the group. A great sense of adventure and an easy-going, fun loving nature is also essential.

All of our treks and walks include the services of an experienced, professional tour leader and you’ll be joined by fellow trekkers from around the world, making them an international affair and giving you the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities.