Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan

Updated: 08th May 2020

Entrance to Gur-e-Amir mausoleum in Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Gur-e Amir Mausoleum is great to visit during Spring or Autumn

Seasons and Weather

A country of two extremes, Uzbekistan experiences cold winters and extremely hot summers. Therefore, the best time to visit is in spring or autumn, more specifically from April to May or September to early November. During these periods, you can expect warm and dry weather, without the heat of the desert becoming unbearably hot.

Springtime brings many species of wildflower into bloom, such as tulips and red poppies, making this a beautiful time to hike in the Tien Shan Mountains. Autumn is then the time for harvest, with Uzbekistan’s colourful markets packed with fresh fruits and wine.

Despite the seasonal differences, Uzbekistan is still very much a year-round destination. While the summer months of July and August can be scorching on the plains, this a great time to trek in the cooler mountains. You could also experience spending a night sleeping in a traditional yurt.

The winter months of November to March can be very cold, however the skies are bright and clear. This season therefore offers some fantastic photography opportunities, without grey clouds to ruin your shots. It’s also the low season in Uzbekistan and, if you’re prepared to wrap up warm, you’ll enjoy cheaper flights as well as the country’s beautiful Silk Road cities all to yourself.

Climate | Tashkent

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Temp Max °C791622283436353022159
Rainfall (mm)

Upcoming events

To help you plan your visit, take a look at this calendar of upcoming events in Uzbekistan.


May 30th-31st - Silk and Spices Festival
August 25th-30th - Sharq Taronalari
September 1st– Independence Day


March 21st – Navruz
April 25th-27th - Boysun Bahori
May 23rd-26th - Eid ul-Fitr
May 29th-30th - Silk and Spices Festival
August TBC - Sharq Taronalari
September 1st – Independence Day

There's also a number of national holidays in Uzbekistan which may affect opening hours so bear these in mind when planning your visit.

Musician`s shoes with national decoration in Bukhara, Uzbekistan
Uzbek designers showcasing their fine work at the Silk and Spices Festival

Festivals and Events

Check out the following festivals and events in Uzbekistan that you may wish to time your visit with.

What is Navruz?

A new year festival with its origins in Iran, Navruz translates to mean ‘new day’ in Iranian. Held on the 21st March every year in Uzbekistan, Navruz celebrates renewal and rebirth. Families, friends and neighbours enjoy feasts of delicious food, with the most famous dish being a type of germinated wheat known as sumalak. Visitors can expect to see a variety of events in the country’s towns and cities, including singing, dancing and games. Similarly to Boysun Bahori, there’s also traditional wrestling known as kurash.

What is Boysun Bahori?

Held in Boysun in the Surkhandarya Province, this folklore festival is a celebration of traditional culture in Uzbekistan. A large yurt camp is set up near the mountains, with a range of activities and performances taking place. You might see traditional sports such as kurash (wrestling), as well as darboz (tightrope walking). There’s also plenty of local crafts, traditional costumes, songs and dance.

Is Ramadan observed in Uzbekistan?

As a Muslim country, Uzbeks observe Ramadan in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. This month of fasting culminates in a festival called Eid ul-Fitr, with families coming together for large feasts and celebrations. As the festival follows the lunar calendar, be aware that the dates of Ramadan and Eid ul-Fitr change each year.

What is the Silk and Spices Festival?

The perfect event to get a taste of the local culture, the Silk and Spices Festival is held in the city of Bukhara. Kicking off with a parade on the first morning, the festival program offers a variety of events. There are performances by traditional bands, a fashion show by young Uzbek designers and masterclasses in madrassas. With craftsmen and local artisans offering gold embroidery, wood carvings, pottery, carpets and other handicrafts, there’s plenty of opportunities to buy souvenirs too.

What is Sharq Taronalari?

Held every two years since 1997, Sharq Taronalari is one of the largest music and cultural events in Central Asia. Singers, dancers and musicians come from across the world to perform on an open-air stage in the Silk Road city of Samarkand. With the festival lasting a full week, there’s exhibitions of traditional Uzbek clothing and musical instruments, as well as a gala concert on the last day. As folk singers come to perform traditional music genres, Sharq Taronalari is also recognized on the UNESCO International Cultural Events list.

When is Uzbekistan's Independence Day?

Celebrated on September 1st every year, Independence Day marks the end of Soviet rule in Uzbekistan. It’s the country’s most important public holiday, with each region offering its own festive programs. However, for the biggest festivities, you’ll want to head to the main square in Tashkent. The capital sees dozens of music and dance groups, with fireworks lighting up the skies in the evening.

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