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Endless natural beauty, fascinating towns, and ancient cultures. Not to be overlooked is the delectable Korean food. Discover South Korea through On-the-Go Tours. The Far East's secret jewel and the region of morning tranquility. Where cherry blossoms bloom, tradition endures and history shines tall. Where peaceful landscapes of immaculate beauty rest next to futuristic nighttime cities. Explore South Korea, a serene and vibrant country in perfect harmony. The tourism trail has not really touched this country yet. And that is how we want it to stay. For this reason, we only show you real South Korea on our trips. This is the reason we only work with knowledgeable local guides. And for that reason, we consistently win the British Travel Awards.

Take a trip through the history and culture of South Korea by enrolling in one of our guided tours. It is the ultimate adventure.

South Korea private tours

We have a range of options in South Korea for those who prefer the idea of travelling privately, with just their friends and family, instead of on a group tour. These trips can be booked off the shelf with a range of accommodation standards, are escorted by a guide, and include airport transfers. There is also plenty of guided sightseeing in Seoul, the DMZ, and Busan, as well as in less well-known destinations, such as Jeju Island and Andong.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I enjoy guided sightseeing in Seoul?


Yes, all of our group escorted tours and private tours start in Seoul, the South Korean capital. On our South Korean Express group tour, you'll spend three nights in the city, and enjoy guided sightseeing to all the main highlights, the Demilitarized Zone on the border with North Korea.

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Will I be escorted by a tour guide on your South Korea tours?


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The best places to visit in South Korea

Highly sophisticated, cutting edge, and home to a booming technology industry. However, it also has a long and turbulent past, with North Korea serving as a politically unstable neighbor and the tightly guarded Demilitarized Zone serving as a buffer between the two belligerent countries. Unique and fascinating is South Korea. And for your travel inspiration, here are the top attractions and lesser-known treasures of a trip to the nation!


A buffer zone between North and South Korea that has become a de facto nature reserve. A walking tour to a stretch of the DMZ yields uniformed soldiers, memorials to the victims of the 1950 - 1953 Korean War and an observatory where you can peek into the reclusive North.

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