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South Korea private tours

For a private journey through South Korea with your friends and family, our private tours are the perfect choice. Whether you want a customised version of our group itineraries or prefer to book one of our private South Korea packages, we have something for you. Contact our team to explore your options and start planning your personalised South Korean adventure today!

The best places to visit in South Korea

Highly sophisticated, cutting edge, and home to a booming technology industry. However, it also has a long and turbulent past, with North Korea serving as a politically unstable neighbor and the tightly guarded Demilitarized Zone serving as a buffer between the two belligerent countries. Unique and fascinating is South Korea. And for your travel inspiration, here are the top attractions and lesser-known treasures of a trip to the nation!


A buffer zone between North and South Korea that has become a de facto nature reserve. A walking tour to a stretch of the DMZ yields uniformed soldiers, memorials to the victims of the 1950 - 1953 Korean War and an observatory where you can peek into the reclusive North.

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