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The historical city of Volubilis was developed from 3rd century BC and was once the capital of the Tribal Berber kingdom of Mauretania. Today the site is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is an exceptionally well-preserved example of a large roman colonial town. The site has been inhabited by many different generations of people for Carthaginians to Romans. Some of these roman structures remain as ruins for visitors to view and learn about.

In Volubilis you can find the ruins of the Arch of Caracalla, the Basilica and the Capitol all of which were built around 217AD. These structures are among the most impressive that you will see at Volubilis, but they are far from the only ruins you can find at this historical landmark. Find yourself transported back in time as you explore these ancient ruins and imagine what life could have been like when these great buildings were in their prime.

Is Volubilis worth visiting?

From the public baths and the forum, there are so many interesting ruins to be seen at Volubilis. The buildings are a sight to behold and one of the most interesting parts of the ruins are the preserved mosaics you can see dotted around the site. These include the mosaic of The Chariot of Amphitrite Drawn by a Seahorse in the House of Orpheus and mosaics that you can see whilst walking by The Cortege of Venus. Volubilis is a must see for art and history fans.

What to see in Volubilis

The Arch of Caracalla
The Arch of Caracalla

Arch of Caracalla.

Built around 217AD the Arch of Caracalla is one of Volubilis’ most distinctive ruins. Constructed of local stone the arch was originally topped by a bronze chariot bulled by six horses, there were also statues of nymphs that poured water into marble basins at the foot of the arch. The arch was built to honour the roman emperor Caracalla and his mother Julia Domna an inscription can be found at the top of the arch for Caracalla and his mother.

The ruins at Volubilis, columns with a bird nesting on the top of one
The ruins at Volubilis

House of Orpheus Mosaics

Volubilis was a prosperous city, mainly due to its trade in olive oil, this is evident by the number of large houses that implies wealthy residents. The House of Orpheus is one of these large houses. It takes it name from the dining room floor mosaic depicting Orpheus playing the lyre. There are multiple mosaics scattered around the grounds at Volubilis that were once the floors of large homes. Wander around the site and take in the craftsmanship of these ancient art pieces.

the ruins at Volubilis
Ruins of the city

Decumanus Maximus

The Decumanus Maximus was one of the main streets in ancient Volubilis, it was a crucial component of the city's urban layout. The street would have been lined with important buildings like shops, administrative buildings and commercial buildings. Wander down the street and feel transported in time back to an ancient world.

Frequently asked questionsFrequently asked questions

Are there any facilities at Volubilis, such as restrooms or a visitor centre?

Yes, there are basic facilities available at Volubilis, including restrooms and a small visitor centre.

What can I see at Volubilis?

What is Volubilis, and why is it significant?

When is the best time to visit Volubilis?

The best time to visit Volubilis is in the spring and Autumn months when the weather is nice and mild and there are fewer crowds of tourists. It is also recommended that you visit Volubilis in the early morning or later afternoon to get the best light for photographs and the most comfortable temperature.


Visiting Volubilis offers a captivating journey back in time to explore the remnants of an ancient city, nestled amidst the picturesque Moroccan countryside. With its remarkably preserved ruins, Volubilis offers a unique blend of archaeology, culture, and natural beauty. Spend your time marvelling at intricate mosaics, wandering through ancient streets, or soaking in panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. Volubilis promises to be a memorable experience for lovers of history and culture.

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