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From the vibrant Icelandic capital of Reykjavík, embark on a cruise from East to West Greenland and experience a celestial spectacle like no other - the 12 August 2026 total solar eclipse in one of the world's most awe-inspiring destinations. Following this spectacle, witness glaciers flowing from the snow-capped Watkins Mountains, experience the cultural richness of Tasiilaq and marvel at the stunning fjords of Skjoldungen. Sail through the magnificent strait of Prins Christiansund, venture deep into the fjords of South Greenland, visit Nuuk, one of the world's smallest capitals and traverse the breath-taking Evighedsfjord. This once-in-a-lifetime 13-day expedition cruise ends in Kangerlussuaq, with an included flight to Copenhagen or Keflavik.

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Trip Highlights

Total Solar Eclipse - Experience one of nature's most dazzling phenomena from an optimal viewing location on Greenland's Blosseville Coast, close to the centre line with easy Zodiac access and unobstructed views.
Skjoldungen - Sail into this staggeringly beautiful fjord on the southeastern coast of Greenland
Aappilattoq - Visit this sedate little village which sits beneath the towering mountains at the end of Prins Christians Sound
Uunartoq - Take a dip in the geothermal springs on this picturesque little island - relaxing in the wonderfully warm water, as icebergs float past in the sea
Kangaamiut - Stop at this incredibly picturesque settlement where you can hike to the hill-top heliport for stunning views over the town and the surrounding fjordlands
Tasiilaq - Visit the largest settlement in East Greenland and experience the unique culture of this isolated region
Prince Christian Sound - Admire the towering mountains that rise up on either side of the 60km sound, which is one of the most spectacular waterways anywhere on Earth
Tasermiut Fjord - Take a leisurely hike to admire the stunning landscape at the head of the fjord, where sheer granite walls reach 2000m above sea level
Nuuk - Visit the capital of Greenland, which is the world's most northern capital city and home to 19,000 people
Evighedsfjorden / Kangerlussuatsiaq - Cruise through this spectacular fjord which stretches around 100km into the glacier-clad mountains


12 breakfasts, 11 lunches and 12 dinners - full board on the ship
Charter Flight from Kangerlussaq to Copenhagen via Keflavik - with the option to end in Keflavik
Services of an English-speaking expedition team
Information briefings and lectures by the expedition team
Complimentary house wine, beer and soda at dinner (at the a-la-carte dinners in the restaurant, served by the glass, selected labels and brands. At other times drinks are charged to your account)
Boots in assorted sizes, suitable for shore landings and parkas for all guests
13-day/12-night cruise on Ocean Albatros in an en suite outside cabin, in the cabin category chosen
Group departure transfer from the vessel to Kangerlussaq Airport
All guided sightseeing and excursions as per itinerary
Shore landings by Zodiac
Free coffee and tea on the ship
Port fees, IAATO fees, taxes and tariffs

Not Included

International flights and visa
Reykjavik transfer to the ship on day 1
Tips for the crew (we recommend USD 16 per person per day)
Beverages (other than those noted under inclusions)
Meals not onboard the ship


Day 1


Arrive in Iceland's vibrant capital and make your own way to the Reykjavik Harbour to board the MV Ocean Albatros. After a mandatory safety briefing and lifeboat drill, the ship will set sail from Reykjavík, heading towards the wild east coast of Greenland.
Overnight: Greenland Expedition Cruising  |  Dinner

Day 2

Crossing the Denmark Strait

The Denmark Strait, separating Iceland and Greenland, is a highly productive region where the cold East Greenland Current meets the warm Gulf Stream. The abundance of nutrients in these waters support a rich and diverse marine life. Onboard the Ocean Albatros, our eclipse experts monitor weather and ice conditions, guiding guests on how to safely enjoy the eclipse viewing. As we sail toward Greenland, our team shares insights on the ecology, geology, and wildlife of the area, in addition to covering topics like Zodiac operations and polar bear safety ensuring guests are well-prepared for the adventure ahead.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3

Eclipse Day at Blosseville Coast

As dawn breaks, we approach the imposing rock walls of the Blosseville Coast. Once feared by sailors due to persistent sea ice, advances in marine technology and warmer average temperatures now allow access to this once treacherous coastline. We have meticulously chosen an optimal viewing location for the upcoming eclipse, close to the centre line, with easy Zodiac access and unobstructed views. The Ocean Albatros anchors near noon, and after wildlife scouting and lunch, we disembark by Zodiac for eclipse setup.

The moon's shadow rapidly approaches from north Greenland at 4,000 km/h. The partial eclipse starts at 16:37 local time, totality at 17:37, with the maximum eclipse sun in the southwestern sky. The "Diamond Ring" appears at 17:40 and then totality is over, with the eclipse then ending around 18:33 as the moon's last fringe leaves the solar disk. After packing up, we return to the ship for a special gala dinner.

A note on eclipse photography While there's extensive guidance on capturing solar eclipses, the key advice is: DON'T! Taking quality photos, especially during totality, demands advanced equipment and expertise. Without these, you may miss the profound experience of a total solar eclipse. Instead, appreciate the eclipse's brief duration by observing the rapidly changing light's impact on the landscape. When gazing at the sun, ensure you wear the solar eclipse glasses provided by the team.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4

Blosseville & Kangerlussuaq

This morning the Captain and the Ocean Albatros officers will guide the ship south along Blosseville, a coast rivalling Antarctica in its dramatic beauty. The towering dark rock walls trace back to the Atlantic Ocean's formation, marking the separation of Norway and Greenland. Approximately 50 million years ago, volcanic eruptions sculpted the striking layers of black rock, making it a magnet for geologists from around the world including the renowned Danish explorer Ejnar.

Weather permitting, the Expedition Leader and Captain aim to arrange a shore landing at the mouth of Kangerlussuaq, translating to "Big Fjord" in Greenlandic. Despite the harsh conditions, the region has been home to Inuit ancestors for millennia, evident in abandoned settlements and expedition huts scattered across the untouched, otherworldly landscape.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5

Exploring Tasiilaq

Today we continue along Greenland’s picturesque coast along the coast brings us to Tasiilaq, East Greenland's largest settlement. Unlike the west coast, which had European contact since the 1700s, East Greenland remained isolated until 1894 when a Danish trading post was established during Gustav Holm's Skin Boat Expedition. The vast Arctic distances kept the Tunumiit people here distinct, with different language, traditions, and culture.

Deep-rooted traditions thrive, including the home of Greenland's last Angakkuit (Shamans) and the tupilak—a creature created to wreak havoc, carved by locals as a unique artistic tradition. Tasiilaq, is nestled in a natural harbour on Ammassalik Island, and offers a rugged landscape, fewer people, and numerous sled dogs. Today we can explore Flower Valley's hiking routes, delve into Tunumiit culture at the museum, enjoy modern church choir performances, and witness drum dancers in traditional attire.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 6

Skjoldungen Fjord

Beginning today's adventure, we sail into the breathtaking Skjoldungen, a stunning fjord on Greenland's southeastern coast. Named after Skjold, an ancient Danish King of Norse legend, the many archaeological finds on the island that sits in the fjord suggest past visits by nomadic Inuit groups. Settlers from Tasiilaq briefly inhabited the island in the 1930s, the the remains of houses on the southern side.

Now uninhabited, the fjord boasts saw-toothed mountains with opalescent glaciers, and the chilly waters can even freeze in the summer. At the fjord's head lies the spectacular Thryms Glacier, a majestic river of ice flowing from the ice sheet. On the southern side, Dronning Maries Dal is a picturesque U-shaped glacial valley. Here we join the expedition team for a walk in the flower-lined valley and marvel at the stunning scenery.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7

Prins Christian Sound & Aappilattoq

Today we head further south of Skjoldungen to Cape Farewell, not only Greenland's southernmost point but also renowned for its notoriously challenging weather. Opting for a more comfortable and spectacular route, we cruise through the inside passage of Prins Christian Sound to reach West Greenland. This 60 km waterway stretches from the east coast to Aappilattoq in West Greenland.

Prins Christian Sound ranks among Earth's most spectacular waterways, free of ice year-round due to strong tidal currents. Towering mountains, some exceeding 2,000m, flank the strait on both sides. Glaciers from the ice sheet flow into the sea on the northern side, while sapphire blue mountain glaciers and vast icebergs dot the glassy waters from the southern side.

By mid-afternoon, we visit Aappilattoq, a small village nestled beneath towering mountains at the end of Prins Christians Sound. Life here unfolds at a slower pace, in harmony with the wind, waves, and tides. Aappilattoq offers excellent hiking opportunities, and its local choir is renowned throughout Greenland.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 8

Tasermiut & Uunartoq Island

Tasermiut, one of Greenland's hidden gems, spans 75 km northeast from Nanortalik to the Ice Sheet, featuring green valleys and towering granite walls over 2000 m high. Known as Ketil’s Fjord to Norse settlers, it once housed an Augustinian monastery in Klosterdalen (“Monastery Valley”). Here we get to experience this fantastic landscape with a Zodiac landing and an easy hike.

As we follow the coast north, Uunartoq island beckons with its famous geothermal springs that maintain temperatures of 34-36 degrees Celsius year-round. Uunartoq offers a unique experience: here we can relax in the springs warm water while icebergs drift past. In the early evening we make a Zodiac landing to enjoy the hot pools at this exceptional natural spa.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 9


In the early morning, we cruise below the majestic mountains of Tunulliarfik Fjord towards Qassiarsuk, a small village known for lush green meadows and sheep-farming settlements. Founded in 1924, Qassiarsuk has a rich history dating back a thousand years, with legendary Norse explorer Eric the Red settling here after being banished from Iceland. Here we trek to explore the remains of the Norse Bishop's palace at Gardar in the afternoon, a powerful site in this remote corner of the Norse world.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 10

Heading north to Nuuk

Embarking from South Greenland, we trace the rugged coastline of this expansive island northwards. In Greenland, all settlements (except Kangerlussuaq) are situated directly along the ocean coast. The majority of the population, approximately 50,000 residents, resides on the narrow west coast facing the Davis Strait.

As ocean currents bring warm water from the Atlantic to the west coast, these waters teem with wildlife. Throughout our day at sea stay vigilant! Whales, seals, and a diverse array of seabirds are found in these nutrient-rich waters.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 11

Exploring Nuuk

Nuuk, Greenland's vibrant capital, blends skyscrapers with traditional wooden houses, offering a mix of the quaint and the cosmopolitan. Despite its 19,000 inhabitants, Nuuk feels larger, rich in contrasts and experiences. Inhabited since 2200 B.C., the calm fjords bear witness to Paleo-Inuit cultures, Norse colonists, and later, the Inuit. Nuuk's bustling cosmopolitan vibe, larger than any other Greenlandic city, hosts top attractions.

Explore the Kolonihavn district with the Greenlandic National Museum, showcasing history from the Paleo-Inuit to Norse periods. Immerse yourself in Greenlandic culture at Katuaq, the city's cultural centre. Shop for authentic Greenlandic artworks in boutique shops or relax at a curbside café with a Greenlandic coffee, soaking in the vibrant city atmosphere. Known as Nuuk York, this city stands apart, offering a unique Greenlandic experience.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 12

Kangaamiut & Evighedsfjorden

On our expedition's final full day, we reach the charming village of Kangaamiut in Greenland's central Qeqqata region. Nestled amid cold rich waters and a vast hinterland teeming with game, life in Kangaamiut embraces a slower pace, rooted in traditional hunting and fishing. We can hike to the heliport for panoramic views or engage with locals, experiencing traditional clothing, foods, and seal-flensing. Kangaamiut's renowned artists showcase their splendid work in the town's small museum.

In the afternoon, we sail inland into Evighedsfjorden/Kangerlussuatsiaq, aptly named 'The Eternity Fjord' in Danish and 'The Rather Large Fjord' in Greenlandic. Stretching around 100km into glacier-clad mountains, it bisects the ice cap between Nuuk and Sisimiut. We will try to use the Zodiacs to explore in front of the Evigheds Glacier, witnessing calvings and observing guillemots and kittiwakes on the nearby bird cliffs.
Overnight: M/V Ocean Albatros Ship  |  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 13

Kangerlussuaq to Copenhagen

Overnight, we navigate the 160-kilometer/100-mile Kangerlussuaq Fjord. After breakfast, it's time to bid farewell to the ship's crew, Expedition Team, and fellow travellers. We then shuttle ashore by Zodiac.

Kangerlussuaq, with its military history and role as a key air travel hub, stands somewhat isolated from Greenland's cultural traditions. While cultural experiences are still available, the true highlight lies in the surrounding nature, inviting exploration. Constructed by the American military in the 1950s, Kangerlussuaq retains a Cold War atmosphere. As our Arctic adventure concludes, we arrive at the sleek modern airport terminal, each of us carrying memories to last a lifetime.

Included flight to Copenhagen via Keflavik. Arrangements end upon arrival in Copenhagen.

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The prices shown are per person based on twin occupancy sharing a Category D State Room with porthole on the Ocean Albatros ship.

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Having made her debut in November 2022 the Ocean Albatros is one of the most popular expedition cruise vessels in the world. With the highest Polar code 6 and Ice class 1A, the Ocean Albatros is ideal for small-ship expedition cruising in the Arctic, with a sturdy construction offering high stability in rough weather. For shore landings the ship has 18 motorized rubber ‘Zodiac’ boats, taking you to exciting areas that the larger vessel can't reach. This state-of-the-art vessel is also part of a new generation of low-energy vessels, ensuring it's environmentally friendly with a 50% lower carbon footprint than traditional expedition ships. There are 95 comfortable cabins and suites on board, including 12 single cabins. All of the cabins are spacious with an en suite bathroom, sofa and a TV, with either portholes or windows, offering an unobstructed sea view. The higher category of cabins also have their own balcony. On board you can soak up the scenery and spot wildlife from the viewing deck and observation lounge or head to the Sunpool Deck to enjoy the jacuzzi and pool bar. The spa boasts a unique panorama sauna and there's a gym if you want to work up a sweat. Enjoy tasty international cuisine in the two on board restaurants and relax with a drink in the Nordic bar after an incredible day spotting giant glaciers and icebergs.

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Trip Type
Copenhagen or Keflavik
10 Aug 2026
Hotel Rating
Ocean Albatros expedition ship
Tour Guide
Services of Expedition crew
Breakfast: 12, Lunch: 11, Dinner: 12
Minimum Age
12 yrs, accompanied by an adult
Arr. Transfer
No - make your own way to Reykjavik Port on day 1
Dep. Transfer
Yes - Group transfer to Kangerlussuaq Airport
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