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From Quito to the Amazon and the incredible Galapagos Islands. Visit Ecuador on a private tour package.

Small in stature. But immense in diverse natural beauty and cultural fascination. Check out its charming capital, Quito. UNESCO-listed and with a beautiful colonial center. Attention deservedly goes to the green Galapagos Islands and the astonishing Amazon. Covering a large portion of Ecuador’s land mass, the Ecuadorian Amazon contains some of the most biodiverse ecozystems on the planet with a staggering variety of wildlife. Packed full of thousands of indigenous tribes that call it home, and the rich birdlife of the cloud forests.

Our Ecuador tours take you to the heart of this incredible and diverse country. Book your package today!

Ecuador & Galapagos Tours

Combine a guided tour of Ecuador or Peru's mainland with the wildlife-rich Galapagos Islands. We offer a choice of three Handpicked small group tours - Ecuador Highlands & Galapagos Islands and Peru & Galapagos Discovery, which both include a 7-night cruise aboard MC Galapagos Seaman Journey, and Ecuador & Galapagos Island Hopping which includes 3-4 star hotels on the islands. Alternatively our 16-day Wilds of Ecuador includes a private tour of Ecuador's mainland, including the Amazon Rainforest, and a 4-night Eastern Islands Galapagos Cruise aboard the La Pinta yacht. Accommodation, transport and guided touring are all included in these packages, as well as plenty of meals and airport transfers, providing the ultimate Ecuador adventure!

Handpicked Range
Cucicocha Crater  Ecuador  On The Go ToursEcuador & Galapagos Island Hopping - 12 days Map

Ecuador & Galapagos Island Hopping

12 days | FROM USD $3,955

Explore the beauty of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands on this 12-day group tour adventure. Beginning and...

Handpicked Range
Seal on rock GalapagosPeru & Galapagos Discovery - 15 Days Map

Peru & Galapagos Discovery

15 Days | FROM USD $9,425

Take in the highlights of Peru and the Galapagos Islands on this 15 day tour, which travels from Lima to...

Handpicked Range
Ecuador Highlands & Galapagos Islands main image - Bartolome Island - Galapagos IslandsEcuador Highlands & Galapagos Islands - 16 days Map

Ecuador Highlands & Galapagos Islands

16 days | FROM USD $10,715

Discover Ecuador's diverse landscapes and rich culture on this 16-day group tour. Begin the journey in...

Private Range
wilds-of-ecuador-secondary-itinerary7-private-tours-ecuadorWilds of Ecuador - 16 days Map

Wilds of Ecuador

16 days | FROM USD $19,845

Embark on an incredible adventure through the wilds of Ecuador from the lush Amazon rainforest to the volcanic...

Galapagos Tours & Cruises

Looking for a Galapagos adventure? The unique Galapagos archipelago is the main destination for many travelers to Ecuador, who come to see the endemic flora and fauna, not to mention the dramatic volcanic scenery. Our selection of island-hopping cruises and land-based Galapagos tours mostly start in Quito, and on the cruise packages you will benefit from the services of a large crew and expert naturalist guides. You can find more information over on our Galapagos Islands page.

Handpicked Range
San Cristobal - sea lions on beach - Galapagos best places to visit - On The Go ToursGalapagos Island Hopping - 7 days Map

Galapagos Island Hopping

7 days | FROM USD $3,505

Discover one of the planet’s top wildlife destinations on a 7-day Galapagos island hopping adventure,...

Handpicked Range
darwins-eden-main-itinerary-private-tours-ecuadorGalapagos Discovered - 6 days Map

Galapagos Discovered

6 days | FROM USD $3,855

GALAPAGOS CRUISE - CENTRAL, EAST & SOUTH ISLANDS: Every year the Galapagos Islands tempt throngs of...

Handpicked Range
Iguana on beach flipped - Galapagos Cruises - South America Tours - On The Go ToursGalapagos Encounters - 7 days Map

Galapagos Encounters

7 days | FROM USD $4,545

GALAPAGOS CRUISE - CENTRAL, NORTH & EAST ISLANDS: Boasting an incredible array of endemic species from...

Handpicked Range
Anahi Catamaran South PlazasUltimate Galapagos - 10 days Map

Ultimate Galapagos

10 days | FROM USD $6,725

GALAPAGOS CRUISE: CENTRAL, SOUTH, EAST & NORTH ISLANDSEncounter sea lion colonies basking on pristine...

Handpicked Range
Enter-The-Iguana-Itinerary-2-Ecuador-&-Galapagos-South-AmericaWestern Galapagos Explorer - 10 days Map

Western Galapagos Explorer

10 days | FROM USD $6,695

GALAPAGOS CRUISE: WEST & CENTRAL ISLANDS Discover the beauty of the Galapagos on an 8-day cruise...

Handpicked Range
The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador - South America - On The Go Tours Wonders of the Galapagos - 13 days Map

Wonders of the Galapagos

13 days | FROM USD $8,855

GALAPAGOS CRUISE - CENTRAL, EAST, SOUTH & WEST ISLANDS: Experience the Galapagos' beauty on an 11-day...

Handpicked Range
Amazing-Amazon-Itinerary-2-Ecuador-&-Galapagos-South-AmericaHighlights of the Galapagos - 14 days Map

Highlights of the Galapagos

14 days | FROM USD $9,565

GALAPAGOS CRUISE - CENTRAL, NORTH, EAST & WEST ISLANDS: Explore the stunning Galapagos on a 12-day...

Handpicked Range
Seal on rock GalapagosPeru & Galapagos Discovery - 15 Days Map

Peru & Galapagos Discovery

15 Days | FROM USD $9,425

Take in the highlights of Peru and the Galapagos Islands on this 15 day tour, which travels from Lima to...

Handpicked Range
Marine iguana and blue footed boobies on Isabela Island - Galapagos - On The Go ToursGalapagos Encompassed - 17 days Map

Galapagos Encompassed

17 days | FROM USD $11,735

GALAPAGOS CRUISE - CENTRAL, NORTH, EAST, SOUTH & WEST ISLANDS: Uncover the natural beauty and...

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Don't miss these top attractions that include colonial towns and rainforests

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Best Time to Visit

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Travelling by boat into the depth of Amazon Jungles in Cuyabeno National Park, Ecuador

Visiting the Amazon Rainforest

Plan your visit to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador with this handy guide

Ecuador Travel FAQs

Will I visit Ecuador's capital, Quito, on your trips?

All of our Ecuador tours with the exception of Galapagos Island Hopping begin in Quito. Whilst Wilds of Ecuador includes a guided walking tour in the city, on our Galapagos adventure tours you leave early on day 2, so we recommend booking pre or post tour accommodation if you would like to further explore the city.

Why are the Galapagos Islands so special?

Isolated nearly 1,400km off the Pacific coast, the wildlife of the Galapagos Islands has evolved in isolation from the rest of the world for millions of years. Hence the weird and wonderful species found here, including giant tortoises, marine iguanas and the only penguin species to be found north of the equator. Other species include sea lions, the iconic blue-footed booby and the Galapagos hawk.

Charles Darwin developed his ground-breaking theory of evolution in the Galapagos Islands by studying finches. And this wildlife is heavily protected - 97% of the Galapagos Islands, plus a large portion of the surrounding ocean forms part of the Galapagos National Park. The 25,000 human inhabitants live on the other 3% and eco-tourism is the foundation of the economy.

When is the best time of year to visit Ecuador?

Ecuador is a year-round destination but also a country of extremes, so dramatic weather can be encountered all year round. If you are visiting west of the Andes, in places such as Quito, then the dry season lasts from June - September. The dry season in the east lasts from October - May. And the Amazon is best-visited from December -0 March and June - August. There's more detailed information in our guide on when to visit, to help you plan your Ecuador tour.

Will I be escorted by a guide on my Ecuador tour?

Our Ecuador tours are not fully escorted, but you will enjoy plenty of included sightseeing with expert local guides.

On all included excursions during our Galapagos Islands tours, you will enjoy the services of an expert naturalist guide who will be able to tell you all about the ecology and geography of the archipelago.

What sort of accommodation do you use on your Ecuador tours?

In Quito and the rest of mainland Ecuador, we stay in good quality 3-star accommodation, though on our Wilds of Ecuador package you can upgrade to higher quality accommodation.

On our island-hopping tours in the Galapagos Islands, you will spend your first night at a 3-star hotel in Quito before flying to the archipelago. You will then explore the Galapagos islands aboard our first-class catamaran. You can find details about the M/C Anahi on our tour pages, or by clicking here.

On our Galapagos Island Hopping group tour, you will stay in a mixture of 3-star hotels, guesthouses and homestays.

What is the currency in Ecuador and the Galapagos?

The currency of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands is the US Dollar (USD). Check OANDA for current exchange rates.

Are Ecuador and the Galapagos a safe destination for travellers from the LGBTQ+ community?

According to the 2022 LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index, Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands score a B rating for LGBTQ+ traveler safety, ranking 32nd out of 203 countries.

Same sex marriage is legal, and there are broad constitutional and worker protections in place for people of all sexual orientations. Hate crimes against members of the LGBTQ+ community are criminalized and 26 - 50% of consulted citizens consider Ecuador a good place to live for gay and lesbian people. There are no legal punishments for same sex relations and most trips for LGBTQ+ travelers to Ecuador are trouble-free.

The LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index is designed to provide a good overall picture of attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community in each country and may not reflect the experience of foreign travelers to the country.

Can I drink the tap water?

The tap water in mainland Ecuador and on the Galapagos Islands is not safe to drink and you risk making yourself unwell by consuming it. Stick to bottled water on our Ecuador tours - this is readily available in hotels and on cruise boats in the Galapagos. Be extremely careful not to litter, especially in the Galapagos Islands. Not only does this disturb the pristine Galapagos ecozystem, but there can be heavy fines for anyone caught littering.

Are there rules to be aware of in the Galapagos Islands?

The Galapagos Islands are one of the world's only truly intact ecozystems, and as a result, they are heavily protected. Travelers caught damaging the environment will be heavily fined.

It is extremely important that when visiting the Galapagos Islands, you follow these rules: - Do not leave any litter on the islands. - Do not take anything, even a shell or a pebble. - Do not get too close to wildlife - stay on marked trails and do not try to feed or touch any animals. As animals here have no or few predators, they can be curious and may come to you - still make sure not to touch any creature. - Smoking is also not permitted within the Galapagos National Park. So if you are a smoker, you may want to bring alternative with you, such as nicotine patches.

Following these simple rules helps to protect the environment abnd the unique species that call the Galapagos home.

What is the current travel advice for Ecuador and the Galapagos?

As a UK-based company, we follow the latest up to date advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCDO).

You can see the latest travel advice for your Ecuador / Galapagos trip here.


Ecuador's vibrant native culture can be felt across the country from the wilds of the Amazon to the mountain town of Otavalo, where one of the region's most significant markets has been held for centuries. With their own traditions, language and dress, Ecuador's indigenous peoples offer an unparalleled glimpse into their traditional way of life. Find out more on our Ecuador tours!

The Best of our Ecuador Trips

With pristine landscapes of great contrast, colorful indigenous tribes and market towns, unique and inspiring wildlife, and superb colonial architecture, Ecuador full of attractions. To help you get started we've compiled a list of favorite destinations from our Ecuador tours.

Quito, the capital of Ecuador


Steeped in history, capital city Quito demands a visit from anyone passing through the country. A combination of colonial and more modern buildings gives the city an incredibly diverse landscape, especially with the Andes reigning supreme in the background. The city is a staggering 9,350 feet above sea level and the only place on earth where you can stand with one foot on each side of the equator!
Baltra - land iguana - Galapagos best places to visit - On The Go Tours

Galapagos Islands

Known for the role they played informing Charles Darwin and his theory of evolution, the Galapagos Islands are a living museum of natural history. With roughly 95% of its pre-human wildlife diversity still roaming the islands and its surrounding waters, the islands make up the most pristine ecozystem in the world. Licensed guides take explorers on tours to acquaint themselves with fearless animals including giant tortoises, sea lions, marine iguanas and more.
Otovalo Market Women  Ecuador  On The Go Tours


The market which spreads across Otavalo is a hive of activity and has single-handedly put this city on the map. The market offers some fabulous shopping opportunities and brilliant cultural displays of traditional crafts and costumes. The Otavaleno people have retained virtually all of their traditional heritage, making the city a telling insight into the country’s rich history and culture.
A toucan in the Amazon - South America Tours - On The Go Tours

Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest has one of the highest levels of biodiversity in the world and the Ecuadorian portion of is right up there. Its famous Yasuni National Park has been acclaimed as the single most biologically diverse area on the planet. Hundreds of species of fish, reptile, mammal and thousands of different birds and insects live within the lush canopy of the jungle, making it a blissful haven for nature-lovers and wildlife fanatics.

Need more information? Check out our ONLINE ECUADOR TRAVEL GUIDE!