United Kingdom Travel Guide

Planning a trip to one or more of the nations of the UK? Whether you're looking to explore England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland or perhaps more than one, our Travel Guide can help! Find out the best places to visit and when to go, plus top tips on safe travelling, food, shopping, currency, Wi-Fi and more! If you're also considering a trip to the Republic of Ireland, then our guide comparing the two Irish capitals of Belfast and Dublin may also be helpful for you!

Lake Windermere - UK

Best Places to Visit

Discover the main places to tick off when visiting England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland

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Best Time to Visit

Plan your perfect UK holiday with our guide on when to go for the best sightseeing weather


Top Travel Tips

Plenty of useful info on everything from the local currency and cuisine to WiFi and more

Conwy Castle Wales

Best Castle Tours

Discover the best castles to visit in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland & the Republic!

Titanic Museum - Belfast - Ireland

Dublin Vs Belfast

Compare the capitals of Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland to help decide which to visit

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