Travel beyond the sites and sample authentic Japanese hospitality on our range of trips and tailor-made holidays to the Land of the Rising Sun. See the real Japan with On The Go.

Japan continues to be a popular holiday choice for British travellers with its rich cultural legacy, impressive World Heritage sites and incredible natural beauty. The ultra modern capital of Tokyo competes with the temple-filled city of Kyoto as Japan's top destination with iconic Mt. Fuji vying for your attention. Whether bedding down for the night in a traditional Japanese ryokan, sitting on a woven mat eating sushi or soaking in a natural hot spring, Japan offers travellers a unique cultural experience unlike any other.

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With a bounty of regional specialities and world-class restaurants, food lovers will discover culinary paradise in Japan’s extraordinary cuisine too. Discover Japan on one of our small group tours and unique festival tours that cover all the best places. If you prefer to set the pace, consider one of our private itineraries or tailor-made adventures.

Top Japan Travel Deals and Upcoming Tours

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom GBPDealMap
Best of Japan - 8 days Tokyo, Japan 31 Mar 2018 £2,121 was £2,495 15% off Best of Japan - 8 days Map
Cherry Blossom Festival - 13 days Tokyo, Japan 24 Mar 2018 £3,506 was £3,895 10% off Cherry Blossom Festival - 13 days Map
Tokyo to Takayama - 13 days Tokyo, Japan 19 May 2018 £3,506 was £3,895 10% off Tokyo to Takayama - 13 days Map
Land of the Samurai - 12 days Tokyo, Japan 19 May 2018 £3,326 was £3,695 10% off Land of the Samurai - 12 days Map
Tokyo to Beijing - 15 Days Tokyo, Japan 14 Jul 2018 £2,876 was £3,195 10% off Tokyo to Beijing - 15 Days Map
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Japan Group Tours

Best of Japan

8 days | FROM £2,295

Discover the best of Japan in just 8 days. Travelling from the modern...

Land of the Samurai

12 days | FROM £3,595

On this wonderful 12 day group tour of Japan you’ll not only take in...

Tokyo to Takayama

13 days | FROM £3,795

This 13 day adventure takes in the must-see sites of Tokyo and Kyoto...

Snow Monkeys in Nagano | JapanSnow Monkey Explorer - 13 Days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Snow Monkey Explorer

13 Days | FROM £3,595

Watch Snow Monkeys bathing, explore Hemiji Castle and beautiful...

Tokyo to Beijing

15 Days | FROM £3,095

Take in the highlights of Japan and China on this 15 day tour from...

Our Japan group tours start in Tokyo, the cutting edge capital with gleaming skyscrapers and bustling streets. A high speed rail journey out of the city reveals another side of Japan where spectacular landscapes abound, from iconic Mt Fuji to the pristine island of Miyajima. Other highlights include ancient Kyoto, the heart and soul of traditional Japan, and Hiroshima with its poignant Peace Park. All of our group tours are led by an experienced local tour guide who will be on hand to provide assistance along the way, organising your daily activities, providing a fascinating insight into the places you visit and giving you useful tips on where to eat, shop and visit during free more

With a maximum group size of 16, our tours of Japan include arrival airport transfers and guided sightseeing. While in big cities we stay in modern 3 star hotels, we also sample some authentic Japanese hospitality at a traditional ryokan in Hakone - an essential experience in Japan. To get from A to B we use Japan's fast and efficient rail network with bullet trains travelling at speeds up to 320km per hour. Other forms of local transportation we use include buses, cable cars with spectacular mountain views, and a pirate-ship cruise on Lake Ashi.

Japan Festival Tours

Takayama Autumn Festival | Takayama | Japan | Photo courtesy: Robert PaTakayama Festival - 11 Days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Takayama Festival

11 Days | FROM £3,695

Escorted Group Tour: Autumn in Japan is simply spectacular, as the...

Cherry Blossom Festival

13 days | FROM £3,895

Escorted Group Tour: Springtime is possibly one of the best times to...

Each season of the year provides a unique reason to visit Japan at its most beautiful and we have a selection of festival tours timed perfectly to coincide with cherry blossom season in spring when the country blooms pink and the Takayama Festival in autumn to celebrate the changing of the leaves.

Japan Private Tours

Akihabara | Tokyo | JapanJust Japan - 8 days MapTailored To Suit You

Just Japan

8 days | FROM £1,855

Private Tour: Take in the buzz of Japan’s capital city, learn how to...

Kiyomizu Temple | Kyoto | JapanGeisha & Gyoza - 8 days MapTailored To Suit You

Geisha & Gyoza

8 days | FROM £1,735

Private Tour: Get lost in the organised chaos of Tokyo, catch a...

See Mount Fuji & Peace pagoda on our range of Japan toursLand of the Rising Sun - 14 days MapTailored To Suit You

Land of the Rising Sun

14 days | FROM £2,995

Private Tour: Travel like the Tokyoites do in Japan’s capital city,...

Osaka Castle | Osaka | JapanKonnichiwa Japan! - 14 days MapTailored To Suit You

Konnichiwa Japan!

14 days | FROM £2,875

Private Tour: After fully exploring Tokyo head to Nagano and Matsumoto...

Join us in Japan on one of our private tours for your independent adventure. Given Japan's excellent transport system, getting around is fairly hassle free and makes it easy to combine a wealth of cultural sights and experiences in one hit. Whether you’d like to shop in Tokyo, experience Osaka's vibrant nightlight, meet geishas in Kyoto or soak in a hot spring in Kinosaki Onsen - our private tours in Japan have you well-looked after.

Discover the best of Japan with our range of 2017 tours

Tailor-made Holidays

Journey to Japan on an exclusively designed tailor-made holiday based on your unique preferences. Whether you want to explore Japan's ultra modern cities like Tokyo and Osaka or its quieter rural towns like Takayama and Tsumago, our expert team are on hand to recommend best places to visit and unique experiences to add for a holiday to remember. You can choose your standard of accommodation and we'll present you with options ranging from traditional ryokans to international standard hotels.

Japan Day Tours and Excursions

Experience the best that Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima have to offer on our wide selection of day trips and excursions from watching Sumo practice, visiting Mt Fuji, walking tours of the best sites and lots more.

Best of Tokyo Bus Tour

9 hours
FROM £68.53

Tokyo's top attractions, a cruise on Tokyo Bay, the Imperial Palace, Senso-ji Temple, Tsukiji Fish...

Watch Sumo Wrestling Morning Practise

2 hours 30 minutes
FROM £58.34

Spend the morning watching authentic sumo wrestling practise at a sumo stable. An unusual and highly...

Morning Sightseeing of Tokyo

3 hours 30 minutes
FROM £37.65

A great overview of Tokyo in 3.5 hours. Discover top draw cards including Tokyo Tower, Asakusa...

Full day Mt Fuji Tour

9 hours 30 minutes
FROM £82.14

Travel by A/C coach and discover the World Heritage listed Mt. Fuji, visiting Lake Kawaguchi, Oshino...

Nikko National Park

11 hours
FROM £92.40

Scenic shrines, spectacular countryside, the ornate complex of Toshogu Shrine, Lake Chuzenji & Kegon...

Fushimi Inari and Sake Brewery Tour

3 hours 30 minutes
FROM £78.45

Take a tour of Kyoto’s Inari district on this guided morning tour with a walk through the iconic...

Kyoto Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

9 hours
FROM £92.40

Cover the highlights of Kyoto on this full-day guided sightseeing tour with highlights including...

Samurai School: Samurai for a Day

2 hours
FROM £47.97

Become a samurai for the day at Kyoto’s samurai school, trying your hand at Japanese...

Nara Day Trip from Kyoto including Nijo Castle

10 hours
FROM £102.67

Explore the cultural treasures of Kyoto and Nara on this full-day tour that includes Nijo Castle,...

Todaiji Temple, Deer Park & Kasuga Shrine

5 hours 30 minutes
FROM £52.02

Spend an afternoon discovering the historic treasures of Nara including Todaiji Temple, Deer Park...

Osaka Temples, Gardens and Kofun Tombs

7 hours
FROM £211.16

A full day private tour by luxury car of key sites of Osaka taking in temples, gardens, the famous...

Small-Group Guided Evening Food Tour of Osaka

3 hours
FROM £90.29

Visit some of the less-visited parts of Osaka on this 3-hour Osaka food tour by night with a local...

Discover Kyoto, Nara and Kobe from Osaka

13 hours
FROM £65.23

Take a day trip around the best of what the Kansai region has to offer on this guided tour that...

Arashiyama and Fushimi Inari Tour from Osaka

8 hours
FROM £311.65

Leave the buzz of Osaka behind for a day spent exploring the famed red gates of Fushimi Inari and...

Private Full Day Hiroshima Tour

6 hours
FROM £424.87

Cover the highlights of Hiroshima and learn all about the history of the city on this private guided...

Private Miyajima Rickshaw Tour

FROM £30.80

Discover one of the most scenic spots in Japan on this private guided tour of Miyajima Island that...

Frequently asked questions about our touring holidays in Japan

Will I visit Mt. Fuji?

Japan's most iconic peak features on all our itineraries with a night spent beside Lake Kawaguchi, a picturesque body of water that sits beneath Mt. Fuji. Here you'll get to soak up the views of the snow-capped mountain and ride the ropeway to the summit of Mt. Kachi Kachi for even more impressive panoramic vistas of Fuji and the surrounding area.

Will I get to ride a bullet train on your Japan trips?

Yes you will. The journey from Hakone to Kyoto on our group tours includes a trip on the famous bullet train - known as the shinkansen in Japanese. The train journey takes less than two hours and covers a distance of 364km.

What type of accommodation will I be staying in?

You'll mostly be staying in good value and well-located hotels that offer Western amenities. For an authentic Japanese experience, we spend one night in a traditional ryokan - an ancient style of inn. Here you'll get to enjoy Japanese hospitality, sleep on a futon surrounded by tatami mats and dine on freshly prepared meals.

Will I get to see geisha on your Japan tours?

We can't guarantee that you'll catch sight of a geisha while visiting Japan but chances are good as Kyoto is one of the best places to see them and we include Kyoto on all of our Japan group tours. We include a walking tour of Gion, the city's most famous geisha district and there will be free time to revisit in the early evening when geisha are often moving between appointments.

I don't eat fish. Will this be a problem in Japan?

Whilst fish is an important part of the Japanese diet, there's plenty else on the menu. Chicken and beef feature prominently, whether cooked on a hot plate in a delicious teriyaki sauce or deep fried and accompanying an egg. Noodles and rice form the basis of many meals and vegetarians can opt for tempura (lightly battered and fried) vegetables and various forms of tofu. For more information on food in Japan, check out our Top Travel Tips page. Let us know of your dietary requirements at time of booking so we can ensure suitable meals are provided at our ryokan.

How big are your Japan tour groups and what is the age of your travellers?

Our escorted tours in Japan have an average group size of around 8-10 travellers with a maximum group size of 16. Our popular Cherry Blossom Festival itinerary fills up quickly and travels with a group size of 18. Our Japan holidays generally attract those aged between 30 and 70 with an average of age of around 45-50.

I want to see Japan at its most beautiful. When do you recommend I visit?

Most people would agree that the best time to visit Japan is either in the spring (March to May) or autumn (September to November). In spring you can witness delicate pink cherry blossoms decorate the landscapes while in autumn these colours give way to fiery reds, oranges and yellows. Our travel guide has further information on the best time to visit Japan.

Japan tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.58 out of 5 based on 19 recent reviews — See All Japan Reviews

I enjoyed the tour very much, the pace of the tour was just right with a mix of free time and guided sights. We were a bit early to see the Autumn colours which was unfortunate as it was one of the things we most wanted to see. Yuki, our guide was lovely, helpful, informative and looked after us all, giving helpful tips and suggestions for the time we spent on our own. She was well prepared every day with a sheet detailing the days activities. The weather on the second week was poor, so we didn't seen some of the sights at their best which was a great shame but it did not detract from the overall pleasure of the trip.”  

Steven Corr • Submitted 27 Oct 2017

Hi there, thank you for the welcome home.

The whole experience was absolutely amazing! I didn't want to come home. A big thank you to Emirates and for providing me with the gluten free meals. They were superb!

The hotels that I stayed in were absolutely beautiful! The Tokyo hotel was a bit basic and small but very understandable being situated in the middle of Tokyo, but it was very handy for the train station. All my fellow travellers' in the tour group were very nice and very friendly making it a pleasure to share my experiences with.

The most amazing part of the holiday was our guide Yuki, she was absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable, so friendly, so helpful and went out of her way to make the whole holiday extra special, showing us so many places, giving us ideas and places to go on free time and also places to go and eat. She deserves a gold medal, absolutely perfect host and guide. I felt so lucky to have her as our guide. I miss her already!

Tokyo was really busy and mainly aimed towards people who enjoy shopping, but the historical sites we saw were amazing and we also went into a workshop to watch a performance and to learn how to play the Shamisen - a traditional musical instrument, because on our first day the typhoon was about to hit and it was raining so much. Again thanks to Yuki our guide for arranging that! I did enjoy Tokyo but really not the highlight of the tour!

Kamakura was amazing, such a beautiful traditional little town with a beautiful shrine and shopping street amazing day. When we left Tokyo and travelled to Lake Kawaguchi the tour for me really started. The traditional hotel was perfect, and hot tub spa was amazing even though it wasn’t a natural hot spring. The food was sensational and the whole experience was mind blowing a second night at the traditional Japanese Ryokan hotel would have been preferable most of us said so. It’s what I went to Japan for and to experience. Seeing Mount Fuji so clear made it perfect.

Kyoto again was amazing going around the traditional streets and the contrast with the new shopping street was unreal. I absolutely loved Kyoto, the shrines, the shops, Gion District was like travelling through time, and hotels we stayed in were amazing, the people I met were so friendly and helpful. It was really easy to get around, unlike Tokyo. Again thanks to Yuki for all the advice and maps she drew up for us.

Himeji was a quick trip, stop off on the way to Hiroshima so it felt a little rushed although Yuki never ever rushed us. We saw the castle, shopping areas and bonus markets and festival that was on and I actually had lunch with her on free time before meeting back up with the group carrying on to Hiroshima. We felt it was a bit of an awkward time to arrive in Hiroshima with all our luggage. It was very busy on the tram on the way to the hotel, but again with the help and advice from Yuki we made it safely to the hotel.

Hiroshima was one of the highlights and most humbling of experiences I have ever had. For a huge town/city it was so calm and peaceful to walk around either by day or night. We saw ground zero of the A-bomb and the Peace Park and A-bomb dome at night thanks to Yuki, as well as during the day. Fantastic food in Hiroshima.

Going to Miyajima Island and going up Mount Misen was, to say the least, incredible. A note to other travellers, you must be really fit to get to the top it was a hard climb, but you can just stay at the observation base when you get off the cable car. I made the climb to the Eternal flame shrine, but not to the top. I knew my limit lol.

Heading back to Kyoto was a bonus because I loved it there. Got some shopping in and went off on my own to Nara on our free day after leaving Yuki. We were sad to say goodbye to our amazing guide. With thanks to her guidance I managed to find my way to Nara and have another cracking day.

The last day, the day of my flight was not so good, I checked out of the hotel at 10.30am. The only other gripe was that at the hotel in Tokyo we had to pay for breakfast and it wasn’t the best breakfast buffet at that. At the last two hotels I didn’t have breakfast so I don’t know if I had to pay for it but at the first hotel in Kyoto I didn’t have to pay and it was an amazing breakfast buffet Also foreign travellers entering Japan now have to fill in 2 small forms one for security and the other for customs, I found that out on the plane.

Overall my whole experience was absolutely amazing and I would recommended the trip to anyone wanting to visit Japan. It was full on everyday but I got to see so much, it was perfect. Yuki our lovely guide was absolutely amazing and she made my time in japan even more unforgettable. Yuki our guide was absolutely perfect!! It would be rude of me to rate her. Thank you all for arranging my amazing trip, so unforgettable!

Looking forward to my next trip with you, maybe china. ”  

Paul Cook • Submitted 3 Oct 2017

Yuki is a fantastic guide and such a lovely person! She gave us very clear information on what to expect each day, what we needed and where to meet. She was also very patient at explaining all aspects of Japanese culture and happy to answer any questions. She had excellent recommendations and knows the locations inside out. She works extremely hard to give guests the best experience. I can't imagine a better tour guide! ”  

Jessica Hall • Submitted 9 Jun 2017

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New Japan and China Tour
Combine the best of the Far East

You can now explore the gleaming metropolises of Tokyo and Shanghai, and the historic imperial cities of Kyoto and Beijing in one go with our 15 day Japan and China combined itinerary. Travelling in a group and escorted by local guides, start in Tokyo before visiting Mt. Fuji and end your Japanese adventure in Osaka to fly to Shanghai and head north for the Terracotta Warriors and Great Wall.

Japan Map

Highlights of our Japan tours

From thoroughly modern cities to charming historic towns, Japan has a long list of highlights as well as plenty of unique experiences. For a first-time visitor there are some standout destinations that you'll find on our selection of Japan tours. Here are some of the best.


View on map
Ginkaku-Ji Temple | Kyoto | Japan

Enjoy a walking tour of the popular Gion geisha district and explore the exquisite Nijo Castle and gleaming Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion) with free time to discover Kyoto at your own leisure.


View on map
Lake Ashi in Fuji Hakone National Park | Hakone | Japan

Admire the views of iconic Mount Fuji from the shores of Lake Kawaguchi in Fuji Hakone Izu National Park where you'll travel along the Kachikachi-yama Ropeway and visit the observatory.


View on map
Akihabara | Tokyo | Japan

Start all of our Japan tours in the buzzing capital of Tokyo where a guided tour takes in the lively Sensoji Temple district, fashionable Harajuku, the impressive Meiji Shrine and the Shibuya crossing.


View on map
A beautiful sunset decorates the sky over Miyajima Island in Japan

See the UNESCO-listed red torii Gate (Itsukushima shrine) that stands lonely in the sea, visit quiet Shinto shrines and take the cable to the top of Mt Misen with a day trip to Miyajima island.


View on map
The Atomic Bomb Dome | Hiroshima | Japan

Confront the horrors of the atomic bomb at Hiroshima with a visit to the Peace Park and Museum, the iconic A-Bomb Dome and the Children's Peace Monument known for its paper cranes.


View on map

Soak up the quaint village feel of Kamakura and visit the Big Buddha Statue, the peaceful Hokokuji Zen temple and the Bamboo Forest with the chance to take part in a Tea Ceremony.

Booking your Japan tour from United Kingdom

To book your tour to Japan, please call us on 020-7371-1113, email us at or book online. Alternatively, we work with a number of travel agents, so you can book through your travel agent if you prefer. Recent travel agents that booked a trip to Japan with us:

Bromley - Flight Centre

19 high Street, Bromley, Kent, UK
020-8289 3777
Best of Japan - 8 days

Wimbledon 1 - Flight Centre

13 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London, UK
020-8296 8181
Land of the Samurai - 12 days

Baker Street - Flight Centre

118 Baker Street, London, UK
020 7486 5585
Geisha & Gyoza - 8 days

Glasgow Gordon Street - Flight Centre

20 Gordon Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, UK
0141 248 3051
Land of the Samurai - 12 days