Immerse yourself in the ancient traditions and modern culture of the Far East with our wide selection of guided tours, day trips, festivals and tailor-made holidays with a useful travel guide to help you plan.

Travel to the exotic lands of the Far East – China, Japan, South Korea and Tibet - on one of our award winning holidays. With our experienced local English-speaking tour leaders you'll gain a true insight into these fascinating countries and immerse yourself in the local way of life. We also offer a wide variety of touring styles to the Far East, from guided group tours and family adventures to festival tours and tailor made holidays, so you're bound to find the trip that's right for you.

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Our tours to the Far East include some unique local experiences - spend a night in a traditional Hanok Village in South Korea, weave your way through the Hutongs of Beijing on a rickshaw, meet the Yau ethnic minority group along the Dragon's Back Bone in China, join a sunrise class of Tai Chi at Beijing's Temple of Heaven, try your hand at cooking tempura at a home-based cooking class in Japan.

Top Far East Travel Deals and Upcoming Tours

Far East Independent Private Tours

Cheonggyeecheon Stream-South Korea Tours - On The Go ToursHeart of Seoul City Break - 5 days Map

Heart of Seoul City Break

5 days | FROM £895

Explore Seoul, the cosmopolitan and vibrant capital of South Korea....

Kiyomizu Temple Kyoto - Japan Tours - On The Go ToursGeisha & Gyoza - 8 days Map

Geisha & Gyoza

8 days | FROM £2,045

Private Tour: Get lost in the organised chaos of Tokyo, catch a...

itinerary-main-Korea-6-daySeoul & Silla Kingdoms - 6 days Map

Seoul & Silla Kingdoms

6 days | FROM £2,430

Discover the highlights of captivating South Korea, the 'Land of the...

Mount Fuji and Peace Pagoda - Japan Tours - On The Go ToursLand of the Rising Sun - 14 days Map

Land of the Rising Sun

14 days | FROM £3,145

Private Tour: Travel like the Tokyoites do in Japan’s capital city,...

Osaka Castle - Japan Tours - On The Go ToursKonnichiwa Japan - 14 days Map

Konnichiwa Japan

14 days | FROM £3,595

Private Tour: After fully exploring Tokyo head to Nagano and Matsumoto...

Main-Image-Korea-3rd version-9-DaySeoul Searching & Jeju - 9 days Map

Seoul Searching & Jeju

9 days | FROM £4,175

From vibrant Seoul and Gyeongju the ancient kingdom of Silla, to the...

Lucky-8-City-Break-Itinerary-Main-City-Breaks-ChinaBeijing & Shanghai City Break - 7 days Map

Beijing & Shanghai City Break

7 days | FROM £1,095

Enjoy a well-rounded week long city break in China’s top two cities....

Yunnan-Experience-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-ChinaYunnan Experience - 8 days Map

Yunnan Experience

8 days | FROM £1,295

Home to many of China's ethnically diverse minority peoples, Kunming &...

Sizzling-Sichuan-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-ChinaSizzling Sichuan - 8 days Map

Sizzling Sichuan

8 days | FROM £2,495

Explore China’s beautiful Sichuan province! Discover Huanglong...

Postcard-From-China-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-ChinaPostcard from China - 10 days Map

Postcard from China

10 days | FROM £1,395

From Beijing to Shanghai via the Jinan Province, visit UNESCO sites,...

Journey-Down-South-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-ChinaJourney Down South - 10 days Map

Journey Down South

10 days | FROM £1,945

Get off the beaten track and see the highlights of China’s scenic...

Chengdu Pandas-China Tours-On The Go ToursClassic China & Chengdu - 12 Days Map

Classic China & Chengdu

12 Days | FROM £2,645

Journey south from the nation's capital Beijing to the terracotta...

Akihabara by Night Tokyo - Japan Tours - On The Go ToursJust Japan - 8 days Map

Just Japan

8 days | FROM £2,295

Private Tour: Take in the buzz of Japan’s capital city, learn how to...

Main-Image-Spectacular-South-KoreaSpectacular South Korea - 12 days Map

Spectacular South Korea

12 days | FROM £5,505

South Korea is rich in tradition, culture and natural beauty. Starting...

Li River Yangshou-China Tours-On The Go ToursSouthern China Explorer - 12 days Map

Southern China Explorer

12 days | FROM £3,195

Take in the highlights of southern China on this unique 12 day tour,...

Dali Three Pagodas And Cangshan MountainBest of Yunnan and Beijing - 13 Days Map

Best of Yunnan and Beijing

13 Days | FROM £4,510

Setting out from Shanghai uncover China’s diverse Yunnan province,...

Silk-Road-Adventure-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-ChinaSilk Road Adventure - 13 days Map

Silk Road Adventure

13 days | FROM £3,695

Taking in Urumqi, Kashgar & Turpan in China's far west before heading...

Great Wall New PicTotally China - 15 days Map

Totally China

15 days | FROM £2,945

Visiting the nation’s capital - Beijing, Xi’an, Guilin and...

Sera Monastery in Lhasa - Tibet Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of Tibet - 8 days Map

Highlights of Tibet

8 days | FROM £1,780

Discover the highlights of Tibet - the rooftop of the world, locked...

Far East Signature Group Tours


China Express

6 days | FROM £795

Hide out in the Forbidden City, climb the Great Wall, bike ride along...


Great Wall & Warriors

9 days | FROM £1,195

Explore the highlights of China starting in Beijing with Tiananmen...


Shanghai to Beijing

8 days | FROM £1,175

Travelling from Shanghai to the capital, cruise the canals of Suzhou,...


South Korean Express

7 days | FROM £1,750

Escorted Group Tour: See the best of South Korea, from vibrant Seoul -...

Mount Fuji with phlox moss and lake in foreground - Japan Tours - On The Go ToursBest of Japan - 8 days Map

Best of Japan

8 days | FROM £2,395

Discover the best of Japan in just 8 days. Travelling from the modern...

Suzhou-canals-China-Tours-On The Go ToursBackroads to Beijing - 8 days Map

Backroads to Beijing

8 days | FROM £945

Take the road less travelled from Shanghai to Beijing. Explore the...

Geisha in Kyoto - Japan Tours-On The Go ToursTokyo to Beijing - 15 Days Map

Tokyo to Beijing

15 Days | FROM £3,495

Take in the highlights of Japan and China on this 15 day tour from...

The Kyoto Basin-Japan Tours-On The Go ToursLand of the Samurai - 12 days Map

Land of the Samurai

12 days | FROM £3,895

On this wonderful 12 day group tour of Japan you’ll not only take in...

Longman Grottos from river in Luoyang - China Tours - On The Go ToursChinese Checkers - 11 days Map

Chinese Checkers

11 days | FROM £1,295

Kick off in Beijing, explore the Forbidden City, ride around the...

Gateway-To-Tibet-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tours-ChinaTake me to Tibet - 12 days Map

Take me to Tibet

12 days | FROM £2,095

Exploring Beijing’s grand Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City and the...

Miyajima Island-Japan Tours-On The Go ToursTokyo to Takayama - 13 days Map

Tokyo to Takayama

13 days | FROM £4,295

This 13 day adventure takes in the must-see sites of Tokyo and Kyoto...

Hong Kong-China Tours-On The Go ToursHutongs to Hong Kong - 13 days Map

Hutongs to Hong Kong

13 days | FROM £2,145

Take a rickshaw through Beijing’s happening hutongs and climb the...

Cherry-Blossom-Festival-Japan Tours-On The Go ToursCherry Blossom Festival - 13 days Map

Cherry Blossom Festival

13 days | FROM £5,395

Escorted Group Tour: See Japan in 2020! Springtime is possibly one of...

Fine-China-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tours-ChinaFine China - 13 days Map

Fine China

13 days | FROM £1,475

Climb the Great Wall at Badaling and Juyonguan Pass and enter the...

Pandas-China Tours-On The Go ToursGreat Wall & Pandas - 14 Days Map

Great Wall & Pandas

14 Days | FROM £2,445

Setting out from Beijing uncover some of China’s most famous and...

Suzhou-Canal image at night-PrimaryMandarin Sunrise - 15 days Map

Mandarin Sunrise

15 days | FROM £1,795

Travelling a full circle from Beijing, you will discover temples,...

Yangtse CruiserYin and Yangtze - 16 days Map

Yin and Yangtze

16 days | FROM £2,595

Kicking off in Beijing, soak up all the attractions of China’s...

Far East Budget Group Tours

New Budget South Korea main image - Seoul street - South KoreaSouth Korea and Jeju Explorer - 12 days Map

South Korea and Jeju Explorer

12 days | FROM £1,295

SEMI INDEPENDENT TOUR: Take in the highlights of South Korea on this...

Osaka Castle Epic Japan Adventure - 19 Days Map

Epic Japan Adventure

19 Days | FROM £3,040

SEMI INDEPENDENT: Immerse yourself in the organised chaos of Tokyo,...

Yulong River Yangshuo ChinaHong Kong to Chengdu -  8 days Map

Hong Kong to Chengdu

8 days | FROM £510

SEMI INDEPENDENT: Uncover the delights of China’s vibrant cities and...

Great Wall Sunrise BeijingBeijing to Shanghai Express - 9 days Map

Beijing to Shanghai Express

9 days | FROM £570

SEMI INDEPENDENT: This whistle stop tour of China uncovers some of...

Kiyomizu Dera Temple Kyoto - Japan Tours Japan Explorer - 13 Days Map

Japan Explorer

13 Days | FROM £1,675

SEMI INDEPENDENT: Discover the iconic sites of Japan’s most famous...

Xian City Walls Hong Kong to Beijing - 15 days Map

Hong Kong to Beijing

15 days | FROM £1,095

SEMI INDEPENDENT: Take in the buzzling metropolis from Victoria Peak...

Yangshuo Peaks Bamboo Rafts Hong Kong to Hong Kong - 16 days Map

Hong Kong to Hong Kong

16 days | FROM £1,150

SEMI INDEPENDENT TOUR: Discover China’s ancient and reinvented...

Great Wall at sunrise - China Tours - On The Go ToursEssential China Adventure - 18 Days Map

Essential China Adventure

18 Days | FROM £1,340

SEMI INDEPENDENT TOUR: From Shanghai discover the karst landscape of...

Far East Budget Overland Adventures


Silk Road of China Westbound

22 Days | FROM £1,775

Cross the extent of western China on this 22-day overland adventure...


Highlights of the Silk Road Westbound

56 Days | FROM £4,495

Cross Western China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan on this...


Silk Road Encompassed Westbound

89 Days | FROM £7,630

Starting in the fascinating Chinese city of Xi’an, this 89-day group...

The Silk Road of China main image - local child and overland truck - On The Go ToursSilk Road of China - 22 Days Map

Silk Road of China

22 Days | FROM £1,775

Journey through the stunning scenery of China on this 22-day overland...

Far East Handpicked Group Tours

Wild Goose Pagoda XianEssence of China - 9 Days Map

Essence of China

9 Days | FROM £1,410

Take an exhilarating 9 day journey of discovery through China’s most...

Summer Palace from the lake BeijingHighlights of China - 11 Days Map

Highlights of China

11 Days | FROM £1,885

Experience the very best of China with its spectacular landscapes,...

Yangtze-China Tours-On The Go ToursClassic China & Yangtze Cruise - 13 Days Map

Classic China & Yangtze Cruise

13 Days | FROM £2,095

From bustling Beijing to Shanghai, be astonished as you capture the...

Far East Signature Family Holidays

Terracotta Warriors profiles - China Tours - On The Go ToursChina Discovery For Teenagers - 8 days Map

China Discovery For Teenagers

8 days | FROM £1,275

FAMILY TOUR TO CHINA (for children aged 12 years and above): Climb the...

Private-Journeys-ChinaChina Family Adventure - 8 days Map

China Family Adventure

8 days | FROM £1,225

FAMILY TOUR OF CHINA - for families with children aged 5 years and...

Far East Signature Festival Tours

Harbin Ice Festival Secondary 1Harbin Ice Festival - 11 days Map

Harbin Ice Festival

11 days | FROM £1,395

Discover China this Christmas to see the Great Wall, Beijing's...

HarbinHarbin Ice Festival Express - 5 Days Map

Harbin Ice Festival Express

5 Days | FROM £1,045

Let it snow! See the world's largest and most elaborate ice sculptures...

Far East Tailor-made Holidays

Home to majestic temples, grand palaces and spectacular scenery, the Far East of Asia offers a wealth of cultural and outdoor experiences.

We offer tailor-made holidays to China, Japan, South Korea and Tibet so that you can explore these fascinating countries at your own pace and with your choice of sightseeing and accommodation. Whether it's spending a night in a luxury hotel by the Great Wall or enjoying a traditional tea ceremony with geisha, discovering street food in Seoul or exploring the Potala Palace, our team of experts are on hand to recommend plenty of unique things to do and amazing places to see.

Explore China, Japan, South Korea and Tibet

Far East Video

Spiritual spaces
The best temples in the Far East

With the widespread popularity of Buddhism across the Far East mixed with native religions of ancestor worship and mythology, the countries of China, Tibet, Japan and South Korea offer a rich selection of temples, pagodas and other spiritual spaces from the exquisite Temple of Heaven in Beijing, the UNESCO-listed Jokhang Monastery in Lhasa, the historic Kiyomizu-dera in Kyoto to the mountainside Bulguska Temple in Gyeongju. Discover these and more with our range of tours.

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