Experience the Middle East and North Africa with our range of group tours, private journeys and tailor-made holidays to Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Israel.

From the legendary Pyramids of Giza and treasures of Tutankhamen to the spectacular rose city of Petra and the holy city of Jerusalem, experience the magic of a holiday to the Middle East and Morocco. Sail the Nile river in Egypt, trek the rugged Atlas Mountains in Morocco, float in the Dead Sea shared by Jordan and Israel or dive in the Red Sea. Camel trek across the dunes of the Sahara or hot air balloon over ancient Luxor. Visit captivating cities and revered miracle sites, kasbahs, Crusader castles and Roman ruins.

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Travelling with us you'll truly immerse in the local cultures - try tasty falafels from Cairo's most famous sandwich maker, take a dip in Cleopatra's spring, learn to cook traditional Jordanian food, camp out under the desert stars Wadi Rum, walk the Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, barter in the souks of Djemma el Fna and spend a night with local Berbers in the vast Sahara Desert.

Top Middle East Travel Deals and Upcoming Tours

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom GBPDealMap
Road to Jerusalem - 11 days Amman, Jordan 07 Jul 2018 £1,676 was £2,095 20% off Road to Jerusalem - 11 days Map
Totally Jordan - 8 Days Amman, Jordan 07 Jul 2018 £956 was £1,195 20% off Totally Jordan - 8 Days Map
Passage to Petra - 6 days Amman, Jordan 08 Jul 2018 £756 was £945 20% off Passage to Petra - 6 days Map
Perseids Meteor Shower - 8 days Amman, Jordan 08 Aug 2018 £1,084 was £1,355 20% off Perseids Meteor Shower - 8 days Map
Jewel of the Nile - 10 days Cairo, Egypt 24 Aug 2018 £836 was £1,045 20% off Jewel of the Nile  - 10 days Map
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Middle East Group Tours


Passage to Petra

6 days | FROM £945

Spend two incredible nights in Petra's lost city, camp under the stars...


Jewel of the Nile

10 days | FROM £1,045

Embark on a five star Egyptian adventure. Stay in one of Cairo's...


Totally Jordan

8 Days | FROM £1,195

Camp out in Wadi Rum, spend two nights in the lost city of Petra,...


Road to Jerusalem

11 days | FROM £2,095

Combine Jordan and Israel on one amazing trip. Discover the wonders of...


Perseids Meteor Shower

8 days | FROM £1,295

Witness the incredible Perseids Meteor Shower from our desert camp at...


Egypt Unplugged

10 days | FROM £745

See the best of ancient Egypt, exploring pyramids, temples and the...


Pyramids to Petra

14 days | FROM £1,345

Discover the best of Egypt and Jordan on an adventure that includes...


Treasures of the Nile

10 days | FROM £1,395

Discover the very best of ancient Egypt, from the Pyramids of Giza to...

Pyramids of Giza group shot - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursEssential Jordan & Egypt - 14 days Map

Essential Jordan & Egypt

14 days | FROM £1,245

Travelling from Amman to Luxor, discover the ancient wonders of Petra,...

Marrakech djemaa el fna square - On The Go ToursMarrakech Express - 5 Days Map

Marrakech Express

5 Days | FROM £425

Head to Morocco for a long weekend with a difference. Explore magical...

Felucca at sunset - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursFelucca Explorer to Luxor - 8 day Map

Felucca Explorer to Luxor

8 day | FROM £245

Travelling from Cairo to Luxor, take in the highlights of ancient...

Jordan Group ToursJordan & Felucca Explorer - 15 days Map

Jordan & Felucca Explorer

15 days | FROM £1,445

Step back in time exploring the incredible archaeological treasures of...

Petra Treasury - Jordan Tours - On The Go Tours copyRoad to Jordan - 15 days Map

Road to Jordan

15 days | FROM £1,345

Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Nile felucca cruising & time to relax...

Valley Of The Kings - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursRoad To Jordan 2019 - 16 days Map

Road To Jordan 2019

16 days | FROM £1,345

Explore some of the fascinating history of Egypt by visiting the...

Road-to-Jerusalem-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-JordanPyramids, Petra, Promised Land - 18 days Map

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land

18 days | FROM £2,245

Explore the highlights of Egypt, Jordan and the promised lands of...

Essaouira Boats - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursCasablanca & Coast - 7 days Map

Casablanca & Coast

7 days | FROM £445

See the world's tallest minaret in Casabanca, browse the exuberant...

Group by the Dead Sea - Jordan Tours - On The Go ToursEssential Jordan - 7 days Map

Essential Jordan

7 days | FROM £545

From the remarkable rose city of Petra and Karak Crusader castle, to...

Camel man and Pyramids of Giza - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursKing Tutankhamun - 9 days Map

King Tutankhamun

9 days | FROM £745

Kick off in Cairo and visit the phenomenal Pyramids of Giza and head...

Temples-Tombs-and-Treasury-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-EgyptPyramids, Petra and Promised Land 2019 - 19 Days Map

Pyramids, Petra and Promised Land 2019

19 Days | FROM £2,395

Take a journey through legendary sights and cities on this 19 day tour...

Local men in Wadi Rum - Jordan Tours - On The Go ToursJordan & Egypt Discovered - 19 days Map

Jordan & Egypt Discovered

19 days | FROM £1,495

From the lost city of Petra to the Pyramids of Giza, take in two...

Essaouira coast - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursMarrakech, Beach & Beyond - 8 days Map

Marrakech, Beach & Beyond

8 days | FROM £595

Spend 8 days exploring Morocco. From Marrakech explore Ouarzazate,...

Felucca sailing group - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursFelucca Explorer - 9 days Map

Felucca Explorer

9 days | FROM £295

Take in the highlights of ancient Egypt, from the legendary Pyramids...

Djemmaa el Fna - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursMarrakech & Beyond - 8 Days Map

Marrakech & Beyond

8 Days | FROM £595

Experience Morocco through the expertise and passion of your local...

Temple on the Rock at sunset in Jerusalem - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHeritage & Holy Land - 8 days Map

Heritage & Holy Land

8 days | FROM £1,645

COACH TOUR - From vibrant Tel Aviv we trace Israel’s holy...

Queen Hatshepsut group shot - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursEssential Egypt - 9 days Map

Essential Egypt

9 days | FROM £365

Discover the Great Pyramid of Giza, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings...

Berber-And-His-Camel-Morocco-tours-MoroccoTotally Morocco - 9 days Map

Totally Morocco

9 days | FROM £795

Led by an expert local guide, this exciting 9 day group tour is an...

Stars over SaharaMorocco Meteor Shower - 9 days Map

Morocco Meteor Shower

9 days | FROM £895

Gaze up to the nights sky and witness the incredible Geminids Meteor...

Biblical-Land-Israel-Tourmain-imageBiblical Lands - 8 days Map

Biblical Lands

8 days | FROM £1,495

COACH TOUR - Join us on a Biblical adventure through Israel’s...

4WD in the Sahara - Morocco - On The Go ToursMoroccan Desert Adventure - 9 Days Map

Moroccan Desert Adventure

9 Days | FROM £795

Get more off the beaten track in Morocco on this 9 day adventure....

Camel Trekking in the Sahara - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursRoad to Casablanca - 9 Days Map

Road to Casablanca

9 Days | FROM £795

Depart from Casablanca, explore the capital Rabat, fascinating Fes,...

Woman looking over Jerusalem Old City - Israel Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of Israel & Jordan - 11 days Map

Highlights of Israel & Jordan

11 days | FROM £2,195

COACH TOUR - Journey through Israel and Jordan on this epic...

El Alamein Main ImageAlexandria & Ancient Egypt - 12 days Map

Alexandria & Ancient Egypt

12 days | FROM £995

Join this 12 day tour taking in all the key sights of Egypt from tomb...

Migration-Of-The-Berbers-Itinerary-Main-Trekking-Adventures-MoroccoMigration of the Berbers - 11 days Map

Migration of the Berbers

11 days | FROM £945

Come to Morocco and take the road less travelled on our unique...

Ait Benhadou NEWBest of Morocco - 13 days Map

Best of Morocco

13 days | FROM £995

The journey of a lifetime awaits in Morocco on this exhilarating two...

Seagulls flying over Essaouira - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursCasablanca to Essaouira - 13 days Map

Casablanca to Essaouira

13 days | FROM £1,095

Combining the best of culture and coastal bliss, this two week tour of...

Chefchaouen HousesCamels, Souks & Kasbahs - 15 Days Map

Camels, Souks & Kasbahs

15 Days | FROM £895

With an expert local guide by your side, uncover the Imperial Cities,...

Passage-to-Petra-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-JordanTemples, Tombs, Treasury - 12 days Map

Temples, Tombs, Treasury

12 days | FROM £1,245

The best of Egypt and Jordan, a treasure chest of ancient sites...

Camel-Pyramids-New-ImagePharaohs Adventure - 6 days Map

Pharaohs Adventure

6 days | FROM £645

A compact breakaway that showcases the very best of ancient Egypt....

Gemenids Meteor Shower MainGeminids Meteor Shower - 15 Days Map

Geminids Meteor Shower

15 Days | FROM £995

Become starstruck! Camel trek into the Sahara for an unforgettable...

Wadi Rum Sunset - Jordan Tours - On The Go ToursTemples, Tombs, Treasury 2019 - 13 days Map

Temples, Tombs, Treasury 2019

13 days | FROM £1,295

A treasure chest of ancient sites awaits you, discover the famous...

Colossi of Memnon in Luxor - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursKing Ramses - 13 days Map

King Ramses

13 days | FROM £795

Explore the ancient Pyramids of Giza, relax on a felucca as you cruise...

Egypt-Unplugged-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-EgyptFelucca Explorer & Red Sea - 13 days Map

Felucca Explorer & Red Sea

13 days | FROM £495

From the awe-inspiring Pyramids of Giza to King Tut's tomb in the...

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Discover the very best of Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Morocco on our guided group tours. With unique travel experiences, there’s lots of real local interaction and you’ll stay at 3-5 star hotels along the way.

Middle East XMAS and New Year Tours


Xmas in Petra

8 Days | FROM £1,345

Enjoy a Jordanian Christmas Eve feast in the Petra, participate in a...


New Years in Wadi Rum

8 Days | FROM £1,345

Celebrate a Bedouin New Year’s Eve Bash in the heart of Wadi Rum...

Avenue of Sphinxes at Luxor - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursFestive Pharaohs Adventure - 6 days Map

Festive Pharaohs Adventure

6 days | FROM £845

The ideal Xmas or New Year's mini - getaway! We'll reveal the very...

SphinxFestive King Tut - 9 days Map

Festive King Tut

9 days | FROM £945

Classic Egypt at its best - ancient temples, tombs, Nile river...

Sunbeds and umbrellas in Hurghada - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursFestive King Ramses - 13 days Map

Festive King Ramses

13 days | FROM £995

Escape to sunny Egypt this festive season - explore pyramids and...

Totally-Jordan-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-JordanFestive Road to Jordan - 15 days Map

Festive Road to Jordan

15 days | FROM £1,595

Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Nile felucca sailing and relaxation in...

Camel caravan in the Sahara Desert - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursChristmas in Morocco - 8 days Map

Christmas in Morocco

8 days | FROM £645

Make your way to magical Morocco this Christmas, a short hop from...

Rock-The-Kasbah-Itinerary-Main-Xmas-and-New-Years-MoroccoRock the Kasbah - 10 Days Map

Rock the Kasbah

10 Days | FROM £745

A Christmas of changing colours at Todra Gorge, impressive Kasbahs at...

Essaouira coastal town - UNESCO sites in Morocco - On The Go ToursNew Years in Morocco - 11 Days Map

New Years in Morocco

11 Days | FROM £895

Spend a cracking Christmas exploring the Atlas, snap up some bargains...

View All XMAS and New Year Tours

Explore ancient Egypt, the Kingdom of Jordan or the magical land of Morocco this Christmas and New Year. We've planned a number of special tours to the Middle East and Morocco during the festive season, where you'll get to celebrate Christmas or ring in the New Year in a unique location. Combining lots of interesting sites and fun local experiences, some tours also visit the Red Sea and Atlantic coast, so you'll get the best of beach and culture - and guaranteed sunshine too - on our festive tours to the Middle East & Morocco.

Middle East Family Holidays


Egypt Unplugged For Teens

10 days | FROM £745

See the best of ancient Egypt on this timeless tour for families with...

Mother and daughter riding camel in front of pyramids - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursPharaohs Adventure For Teens - 6 days Map

Pharaohs Adventure For Teens

6 days | FROM £645

This short and sweet tour of ancient Egypt is perfect for families...

Egyptian-Explorer-Itinerary-Main-Family-Tours-EgyptEgyptian Explorer - 8 days Map

Egyptian Explorer

8 days | FROM £795

A one week family holiday with camel riding, boating on the Nile, a...

Man walking into Nefertari Temple - Egypt Tours - On The Go ToursClassic Family Adventure - 10 Days Map

Classic Family Adventure

10 Days | FROM £845

Pharaohs, pyramids, tombs, camel riding, boating on the Nile and a...

Egyptian-Explorer-Itinerary-Family-Tours-EgyptPharaohs and Beaches - 13 days Map

Pharaohs and Beaches

13 days | FROM £945

Enjoy a fun and educational family adventure in ancient Egypt. Explore...

Trekking-Adventures-MoroccoMorocco For Teens - 8 days Map

Morocco For Teens

8 days | FROM £595

Experience the magic of Morocco on an exciting adventure for families...

1001-Berber-Nights-Itinerary-Main-Family-Holiday-MoroccoKasbahs, Kids & Camels - 9 days Map

Kasbahs, Kids & Camels

9 days | FROM £695

Take your family on a Moroccan adventure! Marvel at the sights and...

Essaouira Coastal PicKasbahs, Kids & Coast - 12 days Map

Kasbahs, Kids & Coast

12 days | FROM £845

Take your family on an adventure from the Sahara Desert to the beaches...

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Take the family on a unique adventure in the Middle East. Step back into the fascinating history of ancient Egypt and explore the bustling souks of Morocco with plenty of fun experiences to keep all the family entertained, from felucca sailing on the Nile to desert camping in the Sahara. All the while you'll be escorted by an experienced local guide and will spend the night in comfortable 3-5* accommodation. Our family holidays in Egypt and Morocco cater for parents with children as young as five years old whilst our two with teens trips in Egypt are perfect for parents travelling with teenagers.

Middle East Trekking Holidays

Sahara and Camp - On The Go ToursTrek the Sahara - 8 Days Map

Trek the Sahara

8 Days | FROM £495

Trek through the heart of Morocco's magnificent Sahara Desert on this...

The Morocco Atlantic coastal trek - Morocco tours - On The Go ToursMorocco Coastal Trek - 8 Days Map

Morocco Coastal Trek

8 Days | FROM £525

Travel in a traditional camel caravan along a stretch of Morocco's...

Fun on the trek - Morocco Tours - On The Go ToursMount Toubkal Trek - 8 Days Map

Mount Toubkal Trek

8 Days | FROM £425

Hike to the summit of Mount Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa,...

Trekking Jebel Sahro - Morocco tours - On The Go ToursJebel Sahro Trek - 8 Days Map

Jebel Sahro Trek

8 Days | FROM £495

Trek through Morocco's remote Jebel Sahro region, with its spectacular...

The walk into Petra - Jordan Tours - On The Go ToursDana to Petra Trek - 8 Days Map

Dana to Petra Trek

8 Days | FROM £1,175

Trek for six days through Jordan's beautiful and rugged countryside,...

Discover the beautiful and diverse landscapes of Morocco and Jordan on a trekking holiday. Travelling in a small group and escorted by a local guide, you'll trek for up to 6 hours a day and spend several nights camping under a spectacular blanket of stars. From the summit of Mt Toubkal to the vast dunes of the Sahara and the remarkable rose-red city of Petra, get off the beaten track on these unique active adventures and enjoy plenty of local interaction along the way.

Middle East Private Tours

Israel-Explorer-3-imageTel Aviv & Jerusalem - 4 days Map

Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

4 days | FROM £595

Visit the holy city of Jerusalem, learning about the traditions and...

Jordan-City-Stay-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-JordanPetra & The Dead Sea - 4 Days Map

Petra & The Dead Sea

4 Days | FROM £785

Enjoy a brief but memorable jaunt to Jordan. Visiting the legendary...

Fly-Drive-Jordan-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-JordanSelf Drive Jordan - 8 days Map

Self Drive Jordan

8 days | FROM £945

Take control of the wheel and discover Jordan. With the assurance of a...

Petra-Kitchen-Bolts-Ons-JordanJordan on the Menu - 8 days Map

Jordan on the Menu

8 days | FROM £1,825

A fantastic cooking course for foodies! Learn to cook traditional...

Lawrences-Arabia-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-JordanLawrences Arabia  - 9 Days Map

Lawrences Arabia

9 Days | FROM £1,745

Jordan, home to the Rose City of Petra offers much more than initially...

Journey-To-Galilee-Israel-PrimaryGalilee to The Dead Sea - 8 days Map

Galilee to The Dead Sea

8 days | FROM £3,645

Starting in Tel Aviv, spend 8 days taking in the sites of Israel -...

Classical-Egypt-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptClassical Egypt - 9 Days Map

Classical Egypt

9 Days | FROM £1,245

Experience the wonders of ancient Egypt in nine intoxicating days -...

Cruise-Lake-Nasser-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptCruise Lake Nasser - 11 days Map

Cruise Lake Nasser

11 days | FROM £1,845

Cross the Tropic of Cancer, cruising from mighty Abu Simbel on board a...

Cairo-Cruise-and-Coast-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holiday-EgyptCairo Cruise & Coast - 13 days Map

Cairo Cruise & Coast

13 days | FROM £1,445

There's no better way to cap your Egyptian adventure than relaxing by...

Pyramids-to-Petra-Itinerary-Main-Group-Tour-EgyptCairo to Amman - 15 days Map

Cairo to Amman

15 days | FROM £2,695

Discovering some of the world's best archaeological sites, we combine...

Marrakech-City-Stay-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoMarrakech & Ait Benhaddou - 4 Days Map

Marrakech & Ait Benhaddou

4 Days | FROM £515

Enjoy a city break with a difference in captivating Marrakech. Just a...

High-Atlas-And-Atlantic-Coast-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoAtlas & Atlantic Coast - 10 days Map

Atlas & Atlantic Coast

10 days | FROM £1,295

Experience the madness of Marrakech, visit the beautiful Cascades...

Classical-Morocco-Itinerary-Main-Tailor-made-Holidays-MoroccoClassical Morocco - 14 Days Map

Classical Morocco

14 Days | FROM £1,965

The ultimate Moroccan adventure - Wander through the souks of Fes and...

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Join us in the Middle East and Morocco on one of our private tours. We've got some itineraries that are bound to get your travel bug biting - from longer multi-country holidays which combine Egypt & Jordan to long weekend and week long breaks. Beyond the main draw cards of the regions, explore the imperial cities of Rabat and Fes and the Roman ruins of Volubilis in northern Morocco or consider mountain biking in the Atlas Mountains. In Egypt, travel to Siwa in the Western Desert, simply packed with archaeological gems. And in Jordan, camp out in Wadi Rum during the month of August to witness the Perseids Meteor shower.

Middle East Tailor-made Holidays

The Middle East and Morocco offer a host of ancient treasures and natural wonders. Some of our favourites are the age-old pyramids of Giza, Temples of Abu Simbel, the lost city of Petra, the rose-red expanse of the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan, the holy sites of Israel and the rolling dunes of the Sahara in Morocco. And there's plenty more too. To help you start planning that dream holiday, we have picked out some of our recommended hotels and also suggested a number of itineraries in Egypt, Jordan, Israel and Morocco. Combining Egypt, Jordan or Israel in one holiday is a fairly popular choice too given the proximity of these countries to one another.

Explore the countries of the Middle East & Morocco

Middle East tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.83 out of 5 based on 508 recent reviews — See All Middle East Reviews

I was wanting to let you know how wonderful our experience was when touring Egypt.

Not only was the whole experience exceptional of seeing the Pyramids, and Temples, Valley of the Kings and everything else in the tour. From the very moment we landed we were greeted and very well looked after, all the way until boarding the plan again to return home.

I would like to also commend Ahmed Halel for his remarkable knowledge, his professionalism on our tour. Also the hospitality and looking after us all. Ahmed made us feel very welcome and made the experience for us as well as the children and very enjoyable one. An experience that we will all remember for ever. ”  

Janette Martin • Submitted 15 Jun 2018

I thought both the tour and guide, Jamal were outstanding. Morocco is a surprisingly diverse country and the tour does a good job covering it, from the High Atlas Mountains to the Sahara to the coast. The tour does have a couple of long drives, but they are broken up with interesting stops along the way. The accommodation was great in general with most of the nights spent in riads.

Tour and guide both get 5 stars.”  

Scott Bell • Submitted 11 Jun 2018

I, like a lot of people, was both excited and apprehensive about going to Egypt, a place I had wanted to visit since childhood. Egypt is a fabulous country and the history and sights are beyond imagination one of the highlights of the trip was a visit to Abu Simbel, I had seen pictures however the reality was something else.

We were very fortunate to be with a brilliant tour guide in Mahmoud, we learnt so much about his country and we were also incredibly lucky to be with an amazing group of people.

The first few days of the tour were fairly jam packed with history, we had opted to do the day trip from Cairo to Alexandria, a beautiful city by the sea and well worth a visit. Words cannot describe how it was to see the pyramids and the Sphinx at first hand.

We upgraded to the Nile Cruise, a highlight for me was sitting on the top deck of the ship after dark as it cruised down the Nile, hearing the calls to prayer and the sounds of Africa as we passed. We saw Kom Ombo and Edfu whilst on the ship until we finally disembarked in Luxor. The final few days of the tour were spent in a beach resort in Hurghada, the hotel was luxurious with a private beach and pool.

I must mention how helpful all the staff were from On the Go or hotel staff wherever we stayed and all we were astonished at how fast we were able to transit passport control and baggage reclaim in Cairo on both arrival and departure. ”  

Elizabeth Ashling • Submitted 11 Jun 2018

Middle East Video

Outdoor adventure abounds
Deserts, dead seas and beaches

There's more to the Middle East than awesome archaeological sites and ancient history - outdoor adventurers will find plenty to entice them from the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea in Jordan to the undulating desert sands of the Sahara in Morocco and the appealing beaches of Egypt's Red Sea and Israel's cosmopolitan city of Tel Aviv on the coast. Find your own outside fun in the Middle East this year.

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