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Madagascar, set 400 kilometres off the east coast of Africa, enveloped by the clear warm waters of the Indian Ocean. The large island of Madagascar is know for its beautiful untouched beaches, pristine coral reefs, palm fringed tropical island archipelagos and bizarre but wonderful wildlife. Madagascar's landscape is equally diverse, with lush wet rainforests and dry spiny deserts, lunar landscapes of limestone formations, uninhabited off-shore islands, beaches and baobabs.

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Make sure your visit to Madagascar is as unique as the island is itself on your own bespoke journey. Home to staggering diversity of species and distinct ecosystems, it's like nowhere else on earth and a tailor-made safari holiday is the perfect way to scratch the surface of what's on offer. From wild national parks to pristine beaches, there's plenty of outdoor adventure to be enjoyed and characterful animals to meet. Just let our tailor-made team know where you want to go and what you would like to do and we'll do the rest.

Land of Lemurs
Meet Madagascar's unique wildlife

Madagascar has the highest bio diversity on the planet with an incredible 95% of the species unique to the island, including over 50 types of lemurs - the island's star attraction. The brilliant national parks spread out across the island offer ample opportunity to see this amazing wildlife from the mountainous Isalo National Park to the Special Reserve of Andasibe.

With an incredible bio-diversity, startling range of endemic species, miles of tropical coastline and swathes of pristine jungle and cloudforests, Madagascar has plenty of natural attractions and here are some of our favourites:

Indri lemur in Madagascar - On The Go Tours
Natural diversity

Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Home of the sacred Indri, the largest lemurs on earth, whose mesmerising call can be heard periodically throughout the day, the Andasibe-Mantadia National Park is an extraordinarily diverse region and a big hit with guests to the country. In addition to the various species of lemur that dwell within the park, explorers may also get the chance to witness some fascinating reptiles such as geckos, chameleons and boas as well as over a hundred different types of bird.

Scenery of Ranomafana National Park - Madagascar - On The Go Tours
Lemur research centre

Ranomafana National Park

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the Ranomafana National Park boasts the most important field research centre in Madagascar, dedicated to the complete understanding of lemurs, several species of which reside within the park. If the rampant wildlife in the park isn’t enough to tickle your interest, the varying elevation of the park means that the landscape is as diverse as it is stunning as cloudforest runs down into turbulent white water surrounded by lowland vegetation.

Isalo National Park - Madagascar - On The Go Tours
Jurassic wonder

Isalo National Park

While this park has a number of beautiful animals worth seeing, the real attraction of this park is its fascinating Jurassic sandstone formations that have been shaped and eroded from years of rain and wind. Yet, that’s not all this park has to offer. The grounds are peppered with caverns, gorges and waterfalls, making the scenery of the park some of the most exhilarating in the entire country. With a year-round warm and dry climate, there is never a bad time to check out this national gem.

Antananarivo - Madagascar - On The Go Tours
Colourful capital


This thriving and colourful capital city has centuries of intriguing history, complemented by the scattering of gorgeous colonial buildings that line its streets. Antananarivo, or Tana as it’s known locally, is home to a number of attractions, which make a visit to this city well worth the rather strenuous effort required to navigate its chaotic streets. These include the Zome Market, the Royal Hill of Ambohimanga and the Prime Minister’s Palace.

Ifaty - Madagascar - On The Go Tours
Beach bliss


With perfect golden sands that gently shift with the ebb and flow of the tide, which, in turn, sparkles in the endless sunshine, Ifaty is one of the premier destinations in the entire country for those seeking the ultimate Madagascan beach experience. The shore is often lined with narrow wooden fishing boats, giving the town an authentic feel without making it seem too industrial. The crystal clear water is also filled with dozens of different fish, making it perfect for snorkelling.