Temple of Hathor within the Dendera Temples complex

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Stretching out over 40,000 sq m, the Dendera Temple complex is one of the best preserved complexes in the country. Its crumbling remains date back to around 330 BC and encompass a number of different buildings, each with its own purpose or dedicated to its own deity. The epicentre of this ancient site is the Hathor Temple, which is generally considered to be the most impressive as well as the most important. Built with sand coloured stone, this impressive structure was consecrated to the wife of Horus, the God of the Sky, and is believed to have been constructed at some point between 30 BC and 14 AD. Inside, the roof chapel is dedicated to Osiris and features a fascinating sun dial and circular zodiac.

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The Temple of the Birth of Isis is another part of this complex that has garnered interest over the years. Another notable structures is the Christian basilica, which dates back to the 5th century and was built by the Coptic Christians that lived in the area at the time. Finally, visitors should pay a visit to the sanatorium, a place that was renowned for its sacred water, which was rumoured to contain healing properties. Pilgrims would travel from far and wide to take a dip in these magical baths in order to absorb some of its power. Located on the West bank of the Nile and a mere 60km from Kuxor, the Dendera Temples are easily accessible and can be seen on a day trip or as part of a boat cruise.

Dendera Temples Tours

Here are some popular itineraries that include a visit to Dendera Temples. Alternatively, if you would like to include a visit to Dendera Temples on a bespoke touring itinerary to Egypt, take a look at our tailor-made holiday planning section.

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