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Welcome to Hakone, Japan

Hakone National Park is well known for its breathtaking natural landscape, which includes wooded mountains, vivid blue lakes, and soothing hot springs. One of Japan's most recognisable sights, the infamously shy top of Mt. Fuji, is its crowning grandeur. As one of Japan's three sacred mountains and its highest peak, Fuji has long been a favourite destination for pilgrims and an inspiration to artists and writers. It has also been a famous site of pilgrimage for ages. On a clear day, the nearly flawless conical top towers over the surrounding area. It is frequently covered in snow.

Hakone, which is less than 100 km from Tokyo, is a well-liked destination for city people seeking a tranquil weekend escape from the bustle of the metropolis. There are a few tiny towns and villages scattered around the region that offer authentic ryokan lodging where you can take in the landscape and relax in the onsen (hot spring), which are frequently connected to the ryokans, so you won't have to travel far. A variety of transit choices are available for exploring the area in a picturesque manner, such as buses, cable cars, and a mountain railway that meanders through the hills and valleys of the area.

Guided tours to Hakone, Japan

Taking a guided tour of Hakone guarantees a carefully planned exploration of its natural beauties and cultural treasures. These trips include specially designed itineraries to accommodate a range of interests, including a combination of outdoor activities and cultural immersion. Skilled tour leaders lead the way, adding to the overall experience with colourful storytelling and imparting knowledge about Hakone's history, culture, and geography. With seamless logistics provided by guided tours—such as transportation, entry passes, and lunch plans—tourists may unwind and enjoy the voyage without having to worry about schedule conflicts or navigational complexities. They also provide insider access to off-the-beaten-path attractions and hidden jewels, resulting in unique experiences that strengthen visitors' bonds with the location. The customised approach of guided tours, which enables guides to adjust to the demands and interests of their visitors, is one of their main advantages. Whether it's modifying the tour's pace, taking impromptu detours, or catering to dietary restrictions, tour guides work hard to create a vibrant and interesting atmosphere where each visitor feels important and heard. In the end, Hakone guided tours ensure an amazing journey through the region's natural beauty, cultural legacy, and art of discovery, providing visitors with lifelong memories and a greater understanding of this fascinating place.

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Explore Hakone, Japan

Geographical Setting and Natural Beauty

Hakone is a nature lover's paradise because of its location inside the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. The park is home to a wide variety of environments, including deep forests, serene lakes, and craggy mountains. An active volcano called Mount Hakone provides a striking backdrop to the town's landscape. Experience the splendour of nature by going on strenuous treks to the top of mountains, taking leisurely strolls along routes through forests, or just relaxing and soaking in the tranquil views from lakeside observation spots.

Hot Springs (Onsen)

Centuries of people have long flocked to Hakone's hot springs, which are regarded for both their peaceful atmosphere and its medicinal properties. It's claimed that the mineral-rich waters encourage relaxation, increase circulation, and ease aches and pains. Hakone offers a wide range of onsen experiences, from opulent private hot spring baths in ryokan (traditional Japanese inns) to public baths tucked away in the mountains. Numerous places provide rotenburo, or outdoor baths, where visitors can soak while taking in the splendour of the natural world.

Cultural and Historical Sites

Hakone's many historical sites and landmarks are testaments to its rich cultural past. Hakone Shrine is a site of prayer as well as a representation of the town's spiritual importance, with its famous crimson torii gate standing guard in the waters of Lake Ashi. The shrine's serene, reverent environment is created by its lovely location among tall cedar trees. The Hakone Open-Air Museum, with its sculptures strewn among verdant gardens and open areas, offers a singular chance to enjoy art in harmony with the natural world.

Transportation and Accessibility

The experience of getting to Hakone is enhanced by the different ways of transportation available. Usually, the trip starts with a picturesque train ride from Tokyo that provides views of the Japanese countryside as it makes its way up towards the mountains. When visiting Hakone-Yumoto, visitors have a variety of transportation choices at their disposal, such as buses, cable cars, and even a vintage steam train. Visitors can enjoy unlimited access to various transit services with the handy Hakone Free Pass, which makes it simple to leisurely explore the region's attractions.


Activities and Experiences

Hakone has a wide range of experiences and activities to meet the interests of every visitor, in addition to its natural and cultural features. The Hakone Ropeway offers thrill-seekers a thrilling aerial flight over the Owakudani Valley, whose sulfuric hot springs and billowing steam vents serve as a reminder of the region's volcanic beginnings. Hikers can explore beautiful paths that wind past gushing waterfalls, through historic woods, and alongside immaculate lakes in the meantime. Indulge in the ultimate pampering experience at one of Hakone's opulent ryokan, where delectable kaiseki cuisine and traditional hospitality await those seeking relaxation.

Seasonal Attractions

Visitors to Hakone have a reason to come back year-round because each season has its own distinct charm and attractiveness. Cherry blossoms arrive in the spring and paint the town in soft pink and white hues as the petals float in the wind. The cool mountain winds and lush scenery during the summertime entice outdoor enthusiasts to escape the heat. Autumn brings a captivating display of blazing red, orange, and gold hues ablaze on the hillsides, drawing in photographers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. And when winter arrives, a layer of snow covers Hakone, turning it into a wintry paradise where hot springs offer a pleasant break from the chill and the possibility of clear sky presents the opportunity to see the striking snow-dusted silhouette of Mount Fuji.

Popular Sites to See in Hakone

Lake Ashinoko

The scenic crater lake is a focal point of Hakone, offering boat cruises with views of Mount Fuji on clear days, as well as walking trails along its shores.

Hakone Shrine

Situated on the shores of Lake Ashi, Hakone Shrine is renowned for its picturesque torii gate standing in the water, offering stunning views of the surrounding mountains.

Hakone Ropeway

Providing breathtaking aerial views of Owakudani Valley and Lake Ashi, the ropeway connects various attractions in the area, including Owakudani itself and Togendai.

Frequently asked questions

What are the best ways to get to Hakone from Tokyo?

The most convenient way is by taking the Odakyu Romancecar train from Shinjuku Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station. Alternatively, you can take the shinkansen (bullet train) to Odawara Station and transfer to a local train or bus to Hakone.

When is the best time to visit Hakone for cherry blossoms or autumn foliage?

What are the most popular hot springs (onsen) in Hakone?

Is it possible to see Mount Fuji from Hakone?

Are there any food specialties or local dishes I should try in Hakone?

Book your next guided tour to Hakone with us

A guided tour of Hakone is an extremely immersive and enriching experience that gives visitors a thorough understanding of the city's peaceful charm, cultural legacy, and stunning landscapes. Experienced tour leaders skillfully lead visitors around Hakone's famous sights, like the charming Lake Ashi and the holy Hakone Shrine, while incorporating interesting anecdotes and background information that bring the place to life.

These tours frequently unearth off-the-beaten-path treasures and hidden gems, offering a broader perspective of Hakone's natural marvels and rich history. Through a guided tour, tourists may experience Hakone's essence and gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the city's cultural significance and calm beauty. When logistics and transportation are handled expertly, visitors may fully immerse themselves in the event and depart with priceless memories.

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