The best time to visit Zambia

Victoria Falls from above Zambia and Zimbabwe
You can visit Victoria Falls year round, but water levels vary by season

Zambia at a Glance: Best Time to Visit

Recommended time to visit: The dry seasons from May to November are better than the wet season for visiting. Wildlife gathers around the scarcer water sources and there is less vegetation to conceal species from you. Specifically, the cooler dry season from May until mid-August offers more pleasant game viewing conditions

Less popular time to visit: Most safari camps are closed from January to February, when the rains are at their heaviest. The water levels at Victoria Falls are on the up, but if you're planning a Zambia safari, you should probably wait a couple of months.

Best time for wildlife: The cool dry season from May - mid-August offers the best conditions but this is peak season, so you'll pay more. For a more budget-friendly Zambia safari, the shoulder months of June and September are mostly dry, with safari camps offering much better deals.

Best time to visit Victoria Falls: You'll want to visit the mighty falls when they're at their fullest from February - May, with March in particular tending to offer the best spectacle. For more detail, check out our guide to visiting Victoria Falls.

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Climate | Lusaka

Temp Min °C1818171411981114171818
Temp Max °C262626262523232529312927
Rainfall (mm)2001908040101010102060110160

Climate | South Luangwa National Park

Temp Min °C242423211816161720232524
Temp Max °C313131312928273033353532
Rainfall (mm)1701476821510011152142
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