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What vaccinations do I need for Australia?

Consult your local health practitioner for advice on vaccinations before travelling to Australia. Ensure you're up to date with recommended vaccinations for your home country, including measles, mumps, and polio. Consider additional vaccines such as the seasonal flu vaccine and Tetanus. For detailed information, visit the CDC Traveler's Health page.

Is it safe to drink the tap water in Australia?

The tap water in Australia is safe to drink. Embrace sustainability by using a reusable water bottle during your travels to reduce environmental impact and save money on your trip!

What's the food & drink like in Australia?

As a vibrant, multicultural nation, Australia celebrates a fusion of global flavors that reflect its diverse population. But for quintessentially Australian cuisine, you can't miss indulging in a traditional Aussie barbecue, where sizzling snags (sausages) and juicy lamb chops take center stage. You can venture to the coast for the freshest seafood, where succulent prawns and Sydney rock oysters tantalize the taste buds. And no Aussie culinary journey is complete without sampling the iconic meat pie, whether it's a classic beef filling or a gourmet twist with kangaroo meat.

Australian drinking culture is alive and well. Whether you're sipping a flat white in a bustling Melbourne laneway or enjoying a craft beer in a trendy Sydney brewery, the options are endless. And let's not forget the country's flourishing wine regions, producing world-class varietals from the Hunter Valley to the Margaret River. So raise a glass (or a cup) and toast to the flavors of Australia!

Safe eating practices while in the UK

High food hygiene standards in Australia minimize the risk of foodborne illnesses. Exercise caution with undercooked meats or poorly prepared dishes. Stick to reputable establishments and enjoy the vibrant culinary scene with confidence.

Is it standard to tip in Australia?

While tipping is appreciated for good service, it is not mandatory in Australia. Express gratitude for excellent service with a tip, typically around 10% of the total bill in restaurants, cafes, and pubs. In some bars and restaurants, especially in the cities, you will find an optional service charge is added to your bill, so be aware in order to avoid double-tipping. Tipping is also common for taxi rides and hotel services.

What is good to shop for in Australia?

When exploring Australia, there's an array of enticing items to bring back home as cherished souvenirs of your journey. For a taste of the country's unique flavors, consider picking up a bottle of locally produced wine or spirits, such as Tasmanian whisky or Barossa Valley Shiraz. These make for delightful gifts or additions to your personal collection. Indigenous Australian art and crafts offer a window into the rich cultural heritage of the land. Look for authentic paintings, intricately carved didgeridoos, or hand-woven baskets made by local artisans. These pieces not only showcase Australia's artistic prowess but also support local communities.

For a touch of Aussie style, seek out fashion and accessories from local designers. From trendy beachwear by Australian labels to handcrafted leather goods, you're sure to find something unique to add to your wardrobe. And don't forget to bring back some native Australian goodies to share with friends and family, like jars of golden honey from the Outback, jars of Vegemite, or packets of Tim Tams, Australia's beloved chocolate biscuits. These tasty treats are sure to evoke fond memories of your time down under.

Is bargaining acceptable in Australia?

Bargaining is not a common practice in Australia, especially in retail stores and established businesses. The culture in Australia generally follows fixed prices, and attempting to haggle or negotiate the price of goods in standard retail settings is not considered customary. Prices are typically marked, and customers are expected to pay the listed price. However, there might be some exceptions in specific situations, such as in open-air markets, small craft fairs, or with independent artisans and vendors.
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Australia is a safe destination, but always keep your wits about you when exploring large cities like Sydney

Is Australia safe for solo female travellers?

Australia is a safe destination for solo female travelers. The country has a low crime rate and violent crimes are rare. As always, it is important for all travelers but particularly solo females, to keep their wits about them, especially if wandering larger cities such as Sydney and Brisbane at night. Travelers are advised to stick to main streets and well lit areas, stay in groups where possible and take taxis over walking late at night.

What is the currency in Australia?

The currency in Australia is the Australian Dollar. Check OANDA for the latest exchange rates.

What sort of plugs do I need for Australia and what is the voltage?

In Australia the standard plug type used is the Type I plug, which has three flat pins in a triangular pattern.

If your electronic devices use a different plug type, you will need a plug adapter to convert the plug to Type I when traveling to Australia. These adapters are widely available at airports, travel stores, or online, and they allow you to plug your devices into electrical outlets easily. Make sure to check the voltage of your devices as well, as Australia uses a voltage of 230V, and you might need a voltage converter if your device is not compatible with this voltage.

Is Wi-Fi widely available in Australia?

Wi-Fi is widely available in Australia, especially in urban areas. Most restaurants, bars, and hotels offer connectivity.

What time zone is Australia in?

Australia uses three different times zones, Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST), Australian Central Standard Time (ACST), and Australian Western Standard Time (AWST)

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) - UTC +10

Australian Central Standard Time (ACST) - UTC +9.5

Australian Western Standard Time (AWST) - UTC +8

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