Travel to the land of the Pharaohs on our range of tours or discover Egypt's ancient treasures on that special tailor-made holiday. Be sure to plan ahead with our handy Egypt travel guide.

Home to one of the world’s first great civilisations and more ancient wonders than you can shake a stick at, Egypt needs little introduction. With world famous pyramids, tomb strewn Valley of the Kings and the mighty temples of Abu Simbel, Egypt has attracted travellers since classical times. But there's more to Egypt than pharaohs, mummies and hieroglyphics. Take a luxury cruise or sail aboard a felucca on the longest river in the world - the Nile, or experience world class diving and snorkelling in the Red Sea.

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As a leading operator in Egypt, we offer a wide range of trips from guided group and private journeys that cover the most popular spots to tailor-made holidays and special itineraries that take in the Sun Festival at Abu Simbel.

For the latest travel updates on Egypt and how this affects our current touring arrangements please visit here.

Top Egypt Travel Deals and Upcoming Tours

Trip NameStartsDepartingFrom USDDealMap
King Ramses - 13 days Cairo, Egypt 09 Jun 2018 USD $1,234 was $1,645 25% off King Ramses - 13 days Map
King Tutankhamun - 9 days Cairo , Egypt 12 May 2018 USD $1,271 was $1,495 15% off King Tutankhamun - 9 days Map
Pharaohs Adventure - 6 days Cairo, Egypt 22 May 2018 USD $1,101 was $1,295 15% off Pharaohs Adventure - 6 days Map
Egypt Unplugged - 10 days Cairo, Egypt 22 May 2018 USD $1,271 was $1,495 15% off Egypt Unplugged - 10 days Map
Egypt Unplugged For Teens - 10 days Cairo, Egypt 29 May 2018 USD $1,271 was $1,495 15% off Egypt Unplugged For Teens - 10 days Map
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Egypt Group Tours

Pharaohs Adventure

6 days | FROM USD $1,295

A compact breakaway that showcases the very best of ancient Egypt....

King Tutankhamun

9 days | FROM USD $1,495

Kick off in Cairo and visit the phenomenal Pyramids of Giza and head...

Turkey & Tutankhamun

16 days | FROM USD $1,865

From Ottoman Istanbul, the battlefields of Gallipoli, Roman ruins, the...

Jewel of the Nile

10 days | FROM USD $2,095

Embark on a five star Egyptian adventure. Stay in one of Cairo's...

Treasures of the Nile

10 days | FROM USD $2,995

Discover the very best of ancient Egypt, from the Pyramids of Giza to...

Egypt Unplugged

10 days | FROM USD $1,495

See the best of ancient Egypt, exploring pyramids, temples and the...

Alexandria & Ancient Egypt

12 days | FROM USD $1,995

Join this 12 day tour taking in all the key sights of Egypt from tomb...

Temples, Tombs, Treasury

12 days | FROM USD $2,595

The best of Egypt and Jordan, a treasure chest of ancient sites...

Wadi Rum At Sunset | Jordan | On The Go ToursTemples, Tombs, Treasury 2019 - 13 days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Temples, Tombs, Treasury 2019

13 days | FROM USD $2,795

A treasure chest of ancient sites awaits you, discover the famous...

Pyramids to Petra

14 days | FROM USD $2,895

Discover the best of Egypt and Jordan on an adventure that includes...

King Ramses

13 days | FROM USD $1,645

Explore the ancient Pyramids of Giza, relax on a felucca as you cruise...

Road to Jordan

15 days | FROM USD $2,795

Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Nile felucca cruising & time to relax...

Hatshepsut Temple in the Valley of the Kings | Egypt | On The Go ToursRoad To Jordan 2019 - 16 days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Road To Jordan 2019

16 days | FROM USD $2,895

Explore some of the fascinating history of Egypt by visiting the...

Pyramids, Petra, Promised Land

18 days | FROM USD $4,595

Explore the highlights of Egypt, Jordan and the promised lands of...

Sphinx | Egypt | On The Go ToursPyramids, Petra and Promised Land 2019 - 19 Days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Pyramids, Petra and Promised Land 2019

19 Days | FROM USD $5,145

Take a journey through legendary sights and cities on this 19 day tour...

World Wonders Tour

31 days | FROM USD $12,995

Tick off the Seven New Wonders of the World on this 31-day...

Discover the spellbinding sights and rich ancient culture of Egypt on one of our group tours, all escorted by experienced Egyptian guides qualified in Egyptology to degree level. With carefully planned itineraries that cover as much as is comfortably possible, weekly guaranteed departures and 4-5 star accommodation with swimming pools for a spot of downtime each day, we’ve got Egypt well and truly covered. And if you would like to combine Egypt with neighbouring Jordan and Israel, or even Turkey, we have a selection of holidays that offer just that too.

Egypt Festival Tours

Abu Simbel Sun Festival Oct 2018

10 days | FROM USD $1,995

Add an extra special element to your Egyptian holiday by combining it...

Jewel of the Nile Sun Festival

10 days | FROM USD $2,595

Staying in deluxe hotels and cruising aboard a premium 5 star Nile...

King Ramses Sun Festival

12 days | FROM USD $2,095

See the mighty pyramids, witness the spectacular Sun Festival at Abu...

Abu Simbel | EgyptAbu Simbel Sun Festival Feb 2019 - 10 Days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Abu Simbel Sun Festival Feb 2019

10 Days | FROM USD $1,995

Witness the extraordinary Sun Festival at Abu Simbel, visit the vast...

Luxor Temple | Luxor | EgyptRamses Sunrise - 10 days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights

Ramses Sunrise

10 days | FROM USD $2,795

Experience the exciting Sun Festival of King Ramses II in 5 star...

Abu Simbel | EgyptSunchaser - 13 Days MapExciting Days, Comfortable Nights


13 Days | FROM USD $2,095

The Sun Festival for the mighty King Ramses ll at Abu Simbel, sailing...

View All Festival Tours

For a holiday in Egypt that's out of the ordinary, consider one of our unique tours that combine the highlights of ancient Egypt with a special dawn visit to Abu Simbel to witness a true spectacle. Our Sun Festival trips coincide with the birthday (21 October) and coronation day (21 February) of King Ramses II when the temple's inner sanctum is illuminated by the sun's ray. With incredible architectural precision, Ramses II had his entire temple carefully angled and oriented for this precise event. read more

The architectural brilliance of the ancient Egyptians: The original Abu Simbel temple was built in the 13th century BC by King Ramses II. With four separate statues depicting Ramses at various stages of his adult life at the temple's entrance, it’s an impressive monument before one even enters. Carved out of the mountainside, the temple’s inner sanctum also has four statues; three of which - Amun-Re, Re-Herakhte and Ramses the god - are illuminated by the sun’s rays twice a year on the sun festival, whilst the statute of Ptah (the god of darkness) remains in the shadows. But the wonders don’t stop there. In the late 1960s, the shoreline of Lake Nasser was in danger of eroding the temple foundations and damaging it permanently. Engineers relocated the temple further up the bank, which means it now aligns with the sun a day later than it did in Ramses' day.

Egypt XMAS and New Year Tours

Festive Pharaohs Adventure

6 days | FROM USD $1,795

The ideal Xmas or New Year's mini - getaway! We'll reveal the very...

Festive King Tut

9 days | FROM USD $1,945

Classic Egypt at its best - ancient temples, tombs, Nile river...

Festive King Ramses

13 days | FROM USD $1,995

Escape to sunny Egypt this festive season - explore pyramids and...

Festive Road to Jordan

15 days | FROM USD $3,395

Pyramids, Valley of the Kings, Nile felucca sailing and relaxation in...

Discover the delights of ancient Egypt this festive season on one of our special Christmas and New Year holidays. Journey across Arabian lands packed with adventure, exotic sights & sounds and plenty of Christmas cheer. These itineraries are designed so that Xmas Day and New Year’s Eve are celebrated at some of Egypt's top locations either sailing down the Nile by felucca or topping up your tan and snorkelling in the Red Sea. read more

With over 15 years of experience running tours in Egypt including our special Christmas & New Year departures, you can rest assured of a high quality festive holiday in the sunshine with top hotels and local guides booked a year in advance.

Egypt Family Holidays

Pharaohs Adventure For Teens

6 days | FROM USD $1,295

This short and sweet tour of ancient Egypt is perfect for families...

Egypt Unplugged For Teens

10 days | FROM USD $1,495

See the best of ancient Egypt on this timeless tour for families with...

Egyptian Explorer

8 days | FROM USD $1,695

Egypt at its best! A one week family holiday with camel riding,...

Classic Family Adventure

10 Days | FROM USD $1,845

Pharaohs, pyramids, tombs, camel riding, boating on the Nile and a...

Pharaohs and Beaches

13 days | FROM USD $1,995

Enjoy a fun and educational family adventure in ancient Egypt. Explore...

View All Family Holidays

Our family holidays in Egypt cater for parents with youngsters as young as five years old whilst our two with teens trips are perfect for parents travelling with teenagers. Our family-friendly itineraries include a range of cultural, historical and active experiences to captivate children and teens alike, whether it’s riding a camel at the Pyramids, exploring the myriad of tombs at the Valley of the Kings or sailing onboard a felucca in Aswan. read more

Hotels on our family vacations have been specifically chosen for their family-friendly facilities. All the hotels have a swimming pool ensuring kids and teens are kept entertained during free time and allowing parents and guardians time to relax too. All excursions have been carefully planned and there's plenty of free time on tour to take it easy or head off and do your own thing. For a relaxing end to your holiday, our Pharaohs & Beaches and Egypt Unplugged with Teens itineraries include a 3-night beach stay on the Red Sea at Hurghada so you'll have plenty of seaside fun with some great snorkelling around the fabulous reefs too.

Egypt Private Tours

The Pyramids | Giza | EgyptClassical Egypt - 9 Days MapTailored To Suit You

Classical Egypt

9 Days | FROM USD $2,645

Experience the wonders of ancient Egypt in nine intoxicating days -...

Philae Temple | Aswan | EgyptCruise Lake Nasser - 11 days MapTailored To Suit You

Cruise Lake Nasser

11 days | FROM USD $3,945

Cross the Tropic of Cancer, cruising from mighty Abu Simbel on board a...

Abu Simbel | EgyptCairo Cruise & Coast - 13 days MapTailored To Suit You

Cairo Cruise & Coast

13 days | FROM USD $3,095

There's no better way to cap your Egyptian adventure than relaxing by...

Camel Caravan | EgyptCairo to Amman - 15 days MapTailored To Suit You

Cairo to Amman

15 days | FROM USD $5,795

Discovering some of the world's best archaeological sites, we combine...

For a more personalised travel experience in Egypt opt for one of our private journeys, beginning with the iconic Pyramids of Giza and the superb Egyptian Museum in Cairo. From here you can explore the best of classical Egypt from Luxor to Abu Simbel and Aswan. Cruise down the Nile or Lake Nasser visiting ancient sites along the way or simply relax under the Arabian sun beside the Red Sea resorts of Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh. For a short weekend away or flying stopover consider one of our short Cairo city packages.

Egypt Short Stays

The Pyramids | Giza | EgyptCairo Stopover - 3 Days MapTailored To Suit You

Cairo Stopover

3 Days | FROM USD $290

Stopping over in Cairo? Why not extend your stay and explore the city...

The Mohammad Ali Mosque | Cairo | EgyptCairo City Stay - 4 days MapTailored To Suit You

Cairo City Stay

4 days | FROM USD $375

Enjoy a city stay with a difference in Cairo - Africa's largest...

Le Meridien Pyramids Hotel | EgyptPyramid City - 4 Days MapTailored To Suit You

Pyramid City

4 Days | FROM USD $645

Enjoy an exciting city stay in a city that never ceases to amaze....

Visit ancient Egypt's most impressive sights with our perfectly crafted short stays that include airport transfers, accommodation, daily breakfast and a day of guided sightseeing in one neat package. Marvel at the famed Pyramids of Giza and come face-to-face with the bejewelled death mask of King Tutankhamen at the Egyptian Museum. With our range of three or four day Cairo city stays you can opt for a day at leisure to enjoy Cairo your way and choose to stay at a deluxe hotel located a stone's throw from the Pyramids.

Philae Temple | Aswan | Egypt

Tailor-made Holidays

With a treasure chest of ancient wonders and the beautiful Red Sea, Egypt is a wonderful holiday destination. And what better way to explore than on your own bespoke tailor-made holiday? Whatever your interests, our travel consultants will handpick unique sites to see, things to do and places to stay to ensure your holiday to Egypt is one of a kind. From Nile cruising to hot-air ballooning, we'll make sure your holiday is full of the activities that bring a smile to your face.

Egypt Day Tours and Excursions

Take in the city sights of the capital, admire the incredible Pyramids, snorkel in the Red Sea or explore ancient temples with our day tours in Egypt.

Frequently asked questions about our touring holidays in Egypt

Will I see the Great Pyramids?

You most certainly will. The world's last remaining ancient wonder has attracted travellers to Egypt throughout the ages and we include this must-see attraction on all our tours. You'll also see the famous Sphinx with the option to ride a camel close to the Pyramids and enter the interior of Khufu. The day of sightseeing also includes the ancient necropolis of Saqqara, home to Zhoser’s step pyramid.

What options do you offer to cruise the Nile River?

On our tours that travel as far south as Aswan, we include a two night felucca cruise as standard. Feluccas are traditional wooden sail boats with mattresses on the deck where you'll sleep at night. A support vessel accompanies the felucca with an on-board toilet and shower. There is always the option to upgrade to a 5 star Nile cruise, which offers well–appointed, outward facing cabins with air-conditioning and private bathrooms. Alternatively, our Jewel of the Nile tour features a 5 star, three night cruise as standard.

Is it safe to visit Egypt?

It's impossible to deem a country safe when you have no control over events but our tours have been departing as scheduled ever since the initial travel ban that surrounded Arab Spring. Recent events have not been directed at tourists and the popular sightseeing area along the Nile has no travel restrictions in place. The FCO advises that there is a heightened risk of terrorism in Egypt but that same advice is also applied to Belgium and France. In other words, Egypt is no unsafer than European destinations during these uncertain times. Consult our Egypt Travel Advice page for up-to-date information on the security situation in Egypt.

I want to include a visit to Petra in neighbouring Jordan - is this possible?

If you want to explore more of the region's ancient wonders, we offer a number of tours that combine Egypt with Jordan and even Israel. Ranging from 12 to 18 days, these multi-country combo tours feature the highlights of both countries including the Rose City of Petra, the otherworldly Dead Sea and the remarkable Wadi Rum. Browse our full collection of Egypt tours for more details.

How big are your tour groups and what is the age of your travellers?

Our average group size is around 14 passengers and you'll be travelling with an eclectic mix of English-speaking internationals. You can expect a wide range of ages from those in their 20s to those in their 60s or even 70s. On average though the age hovers somewhere around the early to mid 40s.

What is the standard of hotels on your trips?

You'll be staying in 4-5 star accommodation in Egypt with a mix of modern properties and grand, classical buildings that are well-known. Our hotels have been chosen for their great locations, amenities and comfort.

What sort of transport do you use?

For transfers between our hotels and the local sites we travel by private, modern air-conditioned vehicles. This includes airport transfers too. You'll also be travelling by 1st class overnight sleeper train between Cairo and Luxor/Aswan. For more information on the sleeper train in Egypt, check out our Top Travel Tips page. Between Luxor and Aswan you'll cruise the Nile by felucca for a taste of navigation that has been used in these parts for centuries.

When is the best time to visit Egypt for general sightseeing?

Visit between September and April for the most comfortable temperatures and ideal sightseeing conditions. Between March and August temperatures are high and the heat dry. You could consider going for the bi-annual Abu Simbel Sun Festival, which takes place in February and October each year. Not only is the weather great at these times of year but it means you can also coincide your trip with this special event. For more information see our best time to visit Egypt page.

Egypt tour reviews

Scoring an average traveller rating of 4.86 out of 5 based on 327 recent reviews — See All Egypt Reviews

Egypt has been all dreams fulfilled! Alam is a wonderful, very experienced, interesting and knowledgable guide!! He kept us well informed at all times and the organization was excellent so that we could see a máximum of sights.

Egyptian people were so friendly and at no point is there any concern for safety. Definitely a tour and destination recommended.”  

Lisa Luippold • Submitted 21 Apr 2018

My family and me undertook the King Tut tour from the 7th of April to the 16th of April and we enjoyed every minute of it. From the time we landed in Cairo Airport to the time we departed, On the Go was there with us every step of the way. We felt very safe and well looked after during our lovely time in Egypt.

The next day upon arrival we got to meet the rest of our group which was a great mix of people from different countries and age groups and we all bonded very well.

Our tour guide Mahmoud Ramadan was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and courteous along with having a good sense of humour. He took the time to get to know all of us and did not hesitate in sharing his knowledge about the history and local information about Egypt. 

We visited the Pyramids, Luxor and Aswan and saw all the beautiful temples along the way. Abu Simbel was simply spectacular and definately worth the early morning wake up. We visited the Valley of the Kings and got to see some really beautiful tombs. The art work and colors used inside the tombs were breathtaking. We opted for the Nile cruise upgrade and it was a wonderful and relaxing experience and we were able to leisurely enjoy the sightseeing along the way and then come back to the ship and relax on deck. 

St George Sonesta was an excellent hotel to stay at and was certainly my favourite for thia trip. 

The train journey from Cairo to Aswan was alright but not the best experience to have. Perhaps a flight would be a better option for the future

Overall we had a wonderful time and will like to say that Egypt is a wonderful country to visit. It has great history and culture which should not be missed. We felt safe and welcomed by the people there. 

I thank On the Go tours for making all the arrangements and for providing us with such a warm and friendly guide Mahmoud, who made this such a memorable trip for us. ”  

Poojashri Rao • Submitted 19 Apr 2018

The tour was excellent. Our guide, Mr. Ramadan, was superb! His knowledge of the monuments (temples, museums, local areas visited) was excellent. He added a lot to my enjoyment of the sites. If I have the opportunity to visit Egypt again I will definitely request Mr. Ramadan.”  

Thomas Holman • Submitted 16 Apr 2018

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Discover Egypt in 2018
Make this the year you visit Egypt

Discover the remarkable history and incredible sights of Egypt in 2018. From the mighty Pyramids of Giza to the awe-inspiring temples of Abu Simbel, we've got the perfect tour for you with the chance to visit neighbouring Jordan for the Lost City of Petra and the many important religious sites of Israel.

Egypt Map

Highlights of our Egypt tours

With so many ancient wonders to choose from, putting together a wish-list of Egypt's sites can be slightly overwhelming but you'll be pleased to know we include all the major highlights on our group tours including these top attractions.


View on map
The Pyramids | Giza | Egypt

Discover the priceless treasures of the Egyptian Museum, including the solid gold death mask of King Tutankhamun, and visit the world-famous Great Pyramids and Sphinx.

Abu Simbel

View on map
Abu Simbel in Egypt is a real highlight of our Middle East tours

Marvel at the Great Temple and its four colossal statues of Ramses II with a bolt-on to Abu Simbel on any Egypt tour that visits Aswan or opt for one of our Abu Simbel Sun Festival departures.


View on map
Queen Hatshepsut Temple | Luxor | Egypt

Explore the royal tombs of the Valley of the Kings, gaze upon the Colossi of Memnon, visit the colonnaded Temple of Queen Hatshepsut and get lost in the enormous Temple of Karnak.

Nile Cruising

View on map
Traditional felucca boat | Egypt

Spend two nights plying the course of the Nile by traditional felucca or 5 star cruise boat with stops at the temples of Kom Ombo and Edfu, and plenty of time to top up your tan.


View on map
By the beach in Hurghada | Egypt

Spend a few days at leisure in Egypt's Red Sea Riviera with plenty of sun, sea and sand to enjoy as well as a host of optional watersports from SCUBA diving and snorkelling to windsurfing.


View on map

Enjoy a boat trip to Agilika Island to visit the once-sacred temples of Philae, dedicated to the goddess Isis, with time at leisure to shop in the colourful souqs or simply kick back and relax.