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Bolivia is a land of superlatives - it's South America's highest, most isolated and rugged nation and boasts some of the world's driest, saltiest and swampiest natural landscapes. Add to this one of the largest indigenous populations in the continent and you have an adventurous traveller's paradise. It's also a surprising food destination with a varied range of dishes from the mouthwatering with dark chocolate and chorizo sandwiches, to the somewhat unusual with llama tenderloin and pacay, a fruit that tastes like ice-cream.

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Visit La Paz, one of the world's highest capitals and spend time in world-class museums, haggle in traditional street markets, marvel at the stunning views over the city and meet up with the Ayamara Indian's as you pass through the Bolivian Highlands. Discover all this and more on our group tours departing in 2019 and 2020.

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Highlights of South America

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Machu Picchu & Lake Titicaca

12 Days | FROM AUD $1,415

Discover the heartland of the Incas and the incredible scenery of the...


Atacama, Salt Flats & Gauchos

21 Days | FROM AUD $2,055

Embark on an overland adventure from La Paz to Santiago, taking in the...


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Salar de Uyuni salt flats | Bolivia | South AmericaHighlights of Bolivia - 9 days Map

Highlights of Bolivia

9 days | FROM AUD $5,495

Discover the highlights of Bolivia as you visit the Bolivian...

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The surreal landscapes of Bolivia
See the best of Bolivia with us

Where Bolivia truly excels is in the surreal landscapes of the Uyuni salt flats and the multi-hued Laguna Colorada. Measuring an area of over 10,000 sq km, the Salar de Uyuni is the world's largest salt flat with a harsh beauty that transforms with the sky and offers endless possibilities for perspective-bending photography. This region of Bolivia is also home to a number of dazzling mineral lakes, including the red Laguna Colorada that changes from a rusty brown to blood-red in the course of a day.

The landlocked country of Bolivia is home to dramatic landscapes of high-altitude lakes, surprisingly coloured lagoons and expansive salt pans making it a particularly photogenic travel destination. Here are some of our favourite spots to get you started.

La Paz High 1
High-altitude capital

La Paz

Breathtaking in every sense of the word, La Paz, which sits at a staggering altitude of around 3,500m, is a vibrant hub of activity and commerce with colourful markets and indigenous culture. Houses cling to impossibly steep cliff faces while old colonial buildings and churches stand majestically in plazas across the city, giving it a wonderful mix of culture and natural beauty. Make the most of your time here by strolling through the narrow alleys absorbing the atmosphere.

Uyuni salt flats - Itinerary 1
Never-ending horizons

Uyuni Salt Flats

The Uyuni Salt Flats, or Salar de Uyuni as they're known locally, are the largest of their kind in the world. This natural phenomenon has occurred over thousands of year as prehistoric lakes have dried up to leave a thick salt crust. The flatness of the area alone is striking but what really makes it a place of wonder is how the ground reflects the sky when it is seasonally covered with rain water. This makes for some pretty outstanding photo opportunities.

Lake Titicaca View - Highlight 1
Birth of Inca civilisation

Lake Titicaca

The sparkling expanse of water that is Lake Titicaca is one of Bolivia’s most prized features. Sitting on the border with Peru, there is no shortage of activities here to keep travellers occupied, with boat trips to the lake’s islands, excursions to secret caves and coves and parties on the beach all readily available. Those seeking some adventure should hike up Isla del Sol, home of the Inca God Inti, according to local legend.

Laguna Colorada Highlight - Web Ready
Rainbow spectacle

Laguna Colorada

Also known as the Red Lagoon, the shallow salt lake of Laguna Colorada is filled with vivid red water, caused by red sediment and the pigmentation of some of its algae. It is regularly frequented by vast numbers of James’s flamingos as well as llamas, alpacas and Andean foxes and cats. Surrounded by rugged mountains and tiny villages, this natural wonder should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list.

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