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Peru Tours & Trips

The Andes Mountains to the Amazon. Machu Picchu to the Pacific coast. Lush greenery, sandy deserts, and cobbled city streets. Visit Peru with On The Go Tours.

It's marvelling at the Lost City of Machu Picchu and watching the sunset over the Andes. It's exploring the Amazon Rainforest and taking a boat trip to meet the indigenous islanders of Lake Titicaca - the world's highest navigable lake. It's a day immersed in nature and an evening wandering the city.

Peru has it all. And it captures the hearts of all those who travel there. Our escorted tours to Peru take in all the main attractions and plenty of hidden gems. From the historic city of Cusco and the incredible Amazon Rainforest to the northern highlights of Trujillo and Mancora.

Our expert guides will introduce you to authentic Peru. They'll take you to the heart of its history, to captivating cultural sites, and to the spots with the best views. You can learn the secrets only a local expert could share. And you'll leave no stone unturned.

Peru Group Tours

Our Signature Range Peru tours are everything that makes us special. Fully escorted by a tour leader, great quality accommodation with daily breakfast, airport arrival and departure transfers, and included sightseeing at all the main attractions - Machu Picchu, the Amazon, Lake Titicaca, Cusco, Lima, and more.

With our longer Handpicked tours to Peru, you'll also be fully escorted and have plenty of guided sightseeing and airport transfers. Accommodation is of a good standard, and these tours also cover more of South America. So if you wanted to combine your trip to Peru with Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, and elsewhere, then these could be the tours for you!

Signature Range
Machu Picchu by Train Main Image  Machu Picchu, Peru  On The Go ToursMachu Picchu by Train - 9 days Map

Machu Picchu by Train

9 days | FROM AUD $4,295

Discover the incredible highlights of Peru, from the buzzing culinary capital of Lima to the dense bio diverse...

Signature Range
Amazon, Incas & Titicaca Main Image  Amazon, Peru  On The Go ToursAmazon, Incas & Titicaca - 13 days Map

Amazon, Incas & Titicaca

13 days | FROM AUD $5,950

Explore the Amazon, Inca Ruins, Lake Titicaca and much more on this 13 day tour of Peru, starting and ending...

Signature Range
Lima To La Paz Main Image  Lake Titicaca, Peru  On The Go ToursLima to La Paz - 14 days Map

Lima to La Paz

14 days | FROM AUD $5,925

From Peru to Bolivia, Lima to La Paz, we take a tour of some of the regions most fascinating destinations,...

Handpicked Range
Journey Across South America 2020 - main image - RioJourney Across South America - 19 Days Map

Journey Across South America

19 Days | FROM AUD $8,845

Cross the width of South America from the Pacific to the Atlantic coast on this 19 day group tour from Lima to...

Handpicked Range
Peruvian lady and llama - Peru Tours - South America Tours - On The Go ToursPeru Encompassed - 20 days Map

Peru Encompassed

20 days | FROM AUD $7,995

Explore the incredibly diverse country of Peru and three of its contrasting landscapes – the Andean...

Handpicked Range
4-wheel-driving-through-Uyuni-Salt-Desert-in-BoliviaArgentina, Atacama & Andes - 20 days Map

Argentina, Atacama & Andes

20 days | FROM AUD $10,015

From Buenos Aires set out on a wilderness adventure through Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and Peru, taking in the...

Handpicked Range
Iguazu Falls in Brazil - South America Tours - On The Go ToursHighlights of South America - 21 days Map

Highlights of South America

21 days | FROM AUD $11,545

Discover a cross section of cultures and landscapes travelling in style across Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia &...

Peru Private Tours

We also offer a great range of private tours in Peru, which follow the road less travelled as well as taking in all the main sites, just without the group! Delve into the surviving archaeological sites of the Inca Empire, including Machu Picchu. Trek the iconic Inca Trail. Admire Colca, one of the world's deepest canyons. There are also some unique experiences on offer, including a trip on the famous Andean Explorer train, and a luxury Amazon cruise from the jungle city of Iquitos. These trips are a great option for couples, families, or groups who want to travel privately in Peru. These trips can be booked as they are off the shelf, or you can contact us to design a tailor-made holiday.

Tailor-made Range
Into-The-Incan-Empire-Main-itinerary-2-Private-tours-peruInto the Incan Empire - 8 days Map

Into the Incan Empire

8 days | FROM AUD $3,975

This classic journey through the Inca heartland of Peru takes you from elegant Lima to Cusco and its...

Tailor-made Range
Peru & Iquitos Amazon Cruise main image - On The Go ToursPeru & Iquitos Amazon Cruise - 11 days Map

Peru & Iquitos Amazon Cruise

11 days | FROM AUD $10,505

Delve deep into the Amazon Rainforest in northern Peru on a luxury 4 day cruise, searching for three-toed...

Tailor-made Range
Andean Explorer Exterior - On The Go ToursLuxury Peru & Andean Explorer - 12 days Map

Luxury Peru & Andean Explorer

12 days | FROM AUD $14,295

Discover Peru in style on this 12 day private tour which includes 2 night's aboard the luxurious Andean...

Tailor-made Range
Chan Chan ruins - Peru Tours - On The Go ToursNorthern Peru Discovery - 14 days Map

Northern Peru Discovery

14 days | FROM AUD $7,175

Explore Peru’s less-visited yet archaeologically-rich northern regions in this unique tour. From Lima and...

Tailor-made Range
Best of Peru and Bolivia main image- Uros islands- Peru toursBest of Peru & Bolivia - 15 days Map

Best of Peru & Bolivia

15 days | FROM AUD $9,565

Discover the wonders of Peru and Bolivia on this 15 day private tour which starts in Lima and ends in lofty La...

Tailor-made Range
Colca Canyon - Peru Tours - South America Tours - On The Go ToursPeru, Canyon & Jungle - 17 days Map

Peru, Canyon & Jungle

17 days | FROM AUD $7,425

Discover the treasures of Peru from the spectacular depths of Colca Canyon to the dizzying heights of Machu...

Tailor-made Holidays

We all have a bucket list. And we'll bring your Peru travel bucket list to life. Be it trekking to the Lost City of Machu Picchu. Spending a night under the trees of the Amazon. Or wandering around the cobbled streets of Cusco on a walking tour.

You can choose from our off-the-shelf private tours or a bespoke holiday. We'll expertly craft a Tailor-made Peru trip just for you, designed to match your budget and time frame. Just fill us in on the details, and we'll get to work. Get in touch to start planning your trip to Peru.

Andean Explorer lounge car
Taking the Train

The Andean Explorer

On our private 12-day Luxury Peru and Andean Explorer tour, we take things to the next level. Staying in deluxe hotels, travellers take in all the main highlights of the country, including Machu Picchu, Cusco, Titicaca and Arequipa. But what makes this tour special is the 3-day journey on the Andean Explorer, South America's first luxury sleeper train. Delicious food, a bar, spa and observation deck to soak up the views, plus plenty of sightseeing stops at Raqchi, Titicaca and the Sumbay caves.

Built by aliens?

Visiting the Nazca Lines

320 kilometres southeast of Lima are the Nazca Lines, a collection of geoglyphs carved into the rock face in the shape of a series of animals, such as a spider and a monkey. No one knows how they got there, or how they are so precise, but theories abound that extraterrestrials are responsible. We don't visit the Nazca Lines on our group tours, but our Reservations team can certainly help you integrate them into a bespoke Peru travel itinerary.

Nazca Lines - Peru
Pisco sour cocktail in Lima - peru
Pisco sour, anyone?

Delving into Peruvian cuisine

Peruvian cuisine is based around four staple foods: corn, potatoes, quinoa and legumes. Spanish colonialism brought rice, wheat and meats such as beef and chicken. And yes, you can try local delicacies including guinea pig and alpaca. The native Pisco Sour cocktail is also a must-try. Arequipa and Lima are the country's two gastronomic capitals, and our tour guides will be able to point out the best places to eat the best Peruvian food in every destination you visit.

Frequently asked questions about our touring holidays in Peru

Will I visit Machu Picchu on your tours?

No trip to Peru would be complete without a visit to the Lost City of Machu Picchu, enduring symbol of the Inca Empire. This incredible hilltop citadel is the country's most famous attraction, and all of our Peru tours include a guided tour of the site.

On the majority of tours we take the train to Aguas Calientes also known as Machu Picchu village) and ride the bus to visit Machu Picchu, though there are some trekking opportunities available on some tours - reach out to our Reservations team for more information.

Where will I stay in the Amazon?

We use comfortable jungle eco-lodges near Puerto Maldonado on our tours, with a great range of amenities including ensuites, buffet meals, and bars in which to enjoy a drink. On our Signature tours, you'll be able to enjoy a number of activities at the lodge, including native fishing, and can enjoy boat trips on the Amazon and its tributaries.

You'll be staying within the wild Amazon jungle itself on your Peru tour. So expect to see plenty of native wildlife as you immerse yourself in one of the world's last great wildernesses.

How big are your tour groups in Peru?

We offer small group tours in Peru, with a maximum group size of 16 on our Signature tours, though groups are normally smaller than this, at between 6 - 10.

With our Handpicked tours, the maximum group size is 20 passengers.

What is the standard of accommodation?

In Peru, we use a range of centrally located 3 - 4 star hotels which make it easy to get out and explore. For example, in Lima, we stay in the upmarket Miraflores district, and in Cusco, we stay within walking distance of the Plaza de Armas main square.

We also like to use traditional accommodation where we can, to make your trip more authentic and fun. In the Sacred Valley, we stay in an old monastery, and in the Amazon, it's comfortable eco-lodges.

When is the best time to visit Peru?

The dry season from May - October is generally considered the best time to visit Peru, as there is little rainfall and fewer mosquitos in the Amazon. These conditions are also better for trekking.

You can find more information with our handy online guide.

As a solo traveller will I have to pay more to travel to Peru?

Travelling solo doesn't have to cost more, and solo travellers who are happy to share a room can do so on our Handpicked tours to Peru, subject to there being another solo traveller of the same sex for you to share with. Please book a single room and contact us if your preference is to room share. The cost of the single supplement will then be refunded.

On our Signature tours, we offer a reasonably priced single room option, giving solo travellers the comfort and privacy of their own room. The price of the single supplement for each tour is listed on the relevant web page.

Will I get altitude sickness?

Much of Peru is more than 3,000 metres above sea level, including Cusco and the surrounding area. And many of the country's trekking trails take you more than 4,000 metres above sea level where altitude sickness is a real possibility even for those used to these altitudes.

If you have a history of altitude sickness, then we recommend speaking to your doctor before you travel on your Peru tour. Make sure you take things easy when arriving in Cusco, to allow your body to acclimate.

Is Peru a safe destination for travellers from the LGBTQ+ community?

According to the 2022 LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index, Peru scores a C+ rating for LGBTQ+ traveller safety, ranking 39th out of 203 countries.

Although same sex marriage is not legal, there are broad constitutional and worker protections in place for people of all sexual orientations. Hate crimes against members of the LGBTQ+ community are criminalized and 26 - 50% of consulted citizens consider Peru a good place to live for gay and lesbian people. There are no legal punishments for same sex relations and most trips for LGBTQ+ travellers to Peru are trouble-free.

The LGBTQ+ Travel Safety Index is designed to provide a good overall picture of attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community in each country and may not reflect the experience of foreign travellers to the country.

Can I drink the tap water?

The tap water in Peru is not safe to drink and can cause stomach upsets and other illnesses. Stick to filtered and bottled water, avoid ice cubes, and only eat fresh, washed items such as salads in establishments you can trust, like your hotel.

Are there any "must-bring" items on your Peru holidays?

The main things that our travellers sometimes forget to bring with them are insect repellent and sunscreen. Although mountainous and often cool, exposure to direct sun in Peru can cause sunburn. And insect repellent will come in handy, particularly in the Amazon and at Titicaca. Also for the Amazon, a good pair of binoculars can enhance your experience, helping you to see more of the region's abundant fauna.

We also recommend carrying your own toilet roll, as although Peru is developing fast, toilet facilities in some of the more off-the-beaten-path areas (and trekking routes) can leave something to be desired!

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Our trips to Peru unite people through a thirst for adventure. You'll experience Peru with like-minded travellers. You'll uncover new sights together. You'll explore new cultures together. And you'll make life-long memories together.

Talk to us about the Peru you want to see. We'll plan your trip for you. We'll fill in the paperwork. And we'll deal with the logistics. It means we can take the stress from you. It means you can focus on what really matters: making every minute count.

From your first booking to landing back home, you receive the exceptional service we're proud to offer. And you can book with us in total confidence - our trips are ABTA and ATOL protected.

The Best of Peru

A tour of Peru could lead you anywhere: Machu Picchu, the Amazon Rainforest, the Sacred Valley, the legendary Inca Trail. In a country so diverse, it can be hard to find the highlights. So we've pulled out the unmissable destination for your Peru tour.

Inca Trail Trek & Titicaca  Peru  On The Go Tours

Machu Picchu

Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and Peru's unmissable attraction. Built by the Inca Empire, it was never found by the Spanish conquistadors and was lost for hundreds of years until its rediscovery in 1911. The mountain-top citadel will take your breath away. All our tours include a guided walking tour and time to wander around independently to take it in.

A toucan in the Amazon - South America Tours - On The Go Tours

The Amazon

Stay in an eco-lodge under towering treetops. Wake to the calls of macaws and monkeys. Fish and canoe in the forest's rivers. Listen for the unmistakable coughing roar of the mighty jaguar, king of the rainforest. The Peruvian Amazon is a dream for almost any adventurer and a place unlike any other.

Cusco church - Peru


The historic former capital of the Incan Empire, Cusco is a city with a rich past of conquest and change. The result? An enchanting mix of cobbled streets, European-style architecture, and strong Peruvian spirit. The gateway to the Sacred Valley, it's a city of famous ruins, flourishing markets and stunning architecture.

Uros Islands - Lake Titicaca - Peru

Lake Titicaca

The world's highest navigable lake, Titicaca is a picturesque idyll, home to the fascinating island communities of the Uros people, who live on floating reed islands, reachable only with a boat trip. Located on the border between Peru and Bolivia, Titicaca boasts ancient ruins, highland cultures, and astounding views.

The Basilica Cathedral of Lima on Plaza Mayor Square, Peru


Known as the City of Kings, the Peruvian capital is a mix of the new and the old. Found on the Pacific coast, there are reminders of Spanish colonialism everywhere, but this is a modern city leading its own future now. Watch the changing of the guard at the Presidential Palace and explore Miraflores, a trendy part of the city near the coast.

Colca Canyon condor - Peru

Colca Canyon

The main attraction of the Colca Canyon is the gigantic Andrean Condor, which soars effortlessly above this scar through the landscape. Follow ancient footpaths through the Peruvian Andes Mountains and take in the incredible views of the Latin American Grand Canyon, which is the second-deepest canyon in the world.

Need more information? Check out our ONLINE PERU TRAVEL GUIDE!